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Quityerbellyaching Sign, Reader Copy

Last month I wrote a post on a wash stand that I made-over from orange oak to a combination of dark wood with some painted white areas.

A pretty cute little combo if I do say so myself.

But what seemed to have caught peoples attention was the little sign I hung above it.


Quityerbellyaching Sign,

I've had the sign for over 20 years. 

My mom used to say that to me all the time, usually when I didn't think I was actually bellyaching about anything.

I bought it from a catalog that came in the mail, you know, before the days of internet ordering and making my own signs.............

Dairy Scale Sign,
Folks left comments about the QUITYERBELLYACHING sign and I received additional emails about it, one of which came from a reader we will call Kristy.  Because that's her name.

Kristy asked for help to recreate the sign.  The problem was I didn't make that sign so couldn't give her exacts on it.  I offered a tip or two and she was on her own.

On her own turned out to be a pretty good place - just look at the sign she made for herself.

Quityerbellyaching Sign,

Kristy's sign is every bit as good if not better than the original, and I thank her for sending me a photo and giving me the green light to show her handiwork to all to you.

I just hope the sign works better at her house than it ever did at mine to curb any belly-aching!

Here are a few of my favorite painted signs:

Rock Roll baby Sign,

Baby Gift Sign,
Dirty Laundry Sign,
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  1. I can totally see you making this sign yourself. Kristy did a great job recreating it!!

  2. Awesome job by Kristy! Looks fab!

  3. I love that sign. I'm going to be as cool as you someday.


  4. I confess, I say this to my own kids ALL the time - probably at least once a day to one of the 4 of them! Love your sign and Kristy's rendition of it!

  5. I can't tell you how many times as a kid my mom said this. If only she was still alive I would show her this sign.

  6. Your little boy sign is my all time favorite.
    Kristy has very nice manners and made a very cute sign.

  7. Nice job! My mom never said that. I'm going to call her and ask her why.

  8. I did notice that sign too! Awesome job Kristy! I'm super impressed! Oh, and my mom always said it too! :)

  9. I know a few people who need that sign... including myself. Kristy did a great job too.

  10. Where was that sign when my boys were growing up? They had a new "bellyache" every day. Love it!!

  11. Hah! I had to look really hard at your sign because it didn't look quite right to me. Then I figured it out. At my house it was QUITCHERBELLYACHIN!

  12. She did a beautiful job of recreating. Go Kristy!! As for the saying, it's going to be my new mantra to all of the bellyachers I'm surrounded by on a daily basis!


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