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Kreg Jig Winner - Me!

There's a group of six ladies who host a weekly link party titled "Creativity Unleashed", and they also host giveaways.

Who doesn't like to win a prize right?  I know I do.

So when time is on both Mick Jagger's side and on mine, I cruise around to my favorite blogs.  If it happens to be a day I've got a project to link I will include it, and if there is a giveaway I'll follow the rules and enter.

For sure I can't win if I don't enter, so why not throw my name in the hat since I'm already there.

Kreg Prize,

That's just how it went down one day a couple weeks ago when time was on my side and I entered a giveaway.

And I guess more than time was on my side, because I won.

Thank you Creativity Unleashed ladies.

Kreg Prize,

The long package was hid behind a door as I had decided to gift my prize to the man of the house for Father's Day.  But of course like a little kid I couldn't wait till the actual Sunday to show him the Kreg goodies.

Oh no, I had to wait until he was busy changing wheel bearings in the driveway, with his hands full of grease probably not wanting to be interrupted, to give him the gift.

Kreg Prize,

I insisted he stop what he was doing and bring his dirty hands over to my camera, because I had a present for him that he needed to have right that very minute.

If you are fortunate to have someone in your house who can build things at the drop of a pin, then they're probably familiar with Kreg products.

Kreg Prize,

Brawn uses the power tools he has till they no longer work - see the old belt sander post - and he rarely will buy himself a specialty product to make a building task easier.

He just doesn't roll that way, so this really was a nice gift to give him.

As he opened up the packages he commented on each of the parts and told me what they all do and how he will use them.

I just hope he didn't expect me to remember those details.

Stop over and visit the ladies at Creativity Unleashed for fun giveaways 
and great DIY.  Tell them Bliss sent 'ya.


  1. Yay! DL uses a freebie one I got at Haven, but it's just a little basic one. Can't wait to see what Brawn makes!!

  2. Great giveaway win! We have was a big help in making our dining table benches!

  3. OMG I won a Kreg too! All I had to do was enter my credit card number into the secured website, and after they charged me, they sent it! WOOHOO!!!!!


  4. I bet you felt like you were in DIY Vegas. Yay for Brawn!! By the sounds of it, I'm guessing that he has already started using it..?


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