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Don't Toss Your Worn Out Welcome Mat

Welcome to July's
And boy do I really mean the welcome part this month, in fact, I'm putting out the whole welcome mat for you!

Around here summer is full of outdoor projects.

Often we have spruced up an outdoor area that leaves a little something in the dirt as we breeze by it.

Such was the case with our front door welcome mat.

This month I shopped my own house to be thrifty and redesign a find.

The faded mat had seen better days, but really wasn't that old, just that worn.

And I didn't want to spend money on a new one, considering other than looks, there was nothing wrong with the one I already had.

"Home" is written across the front of it along with scrolls and swirls, but the mat had worn out it's welcome on my porch a couple years ago along with its color. 

That no fading claim?  HA!  It barely lasted one season but the mat is still intact - nice and solid not falling apart, just not looking very welcoming.

It was at the toss it or refresh it point.

I knew I couldn't be the only one with a faded non-welcoming welcome mat, so I Googled 'how to refresh a front door mat'.  I kept finding people who had painted their mat with designs, or added their own words to a plain mat.

Just about any color would work, but I played off the faded salmon shade of the background so I didn't have to worry if some background still showed through and so the salmon color would blend in.

With a cut piece of sponge and a plastic lid from the garage floor, I squeezed out regular craft paint in various shades of red, a little orange and some off white, and started sponge painting.

I had no expectation other than it had to look better than it did.

And it does!

It turned out bright and happy and pretty darn beautiful against the also recently refreshed pea rock cement.

I sprayed it with clear sealer for protection, that will hopefully last through this season.  But if it doesn't and starts to look worn I'll just get out the craft paints and dab some more on or reseal it.

Much more welcoming if you ask me.

This month it paid for me to shop my own house to discover a thrifty find.

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  1. Very cheery and bright!! Upgrade!

  2. Love the colors you chose. It definitely looks better now. Better than new!

  3. Beautiful job on the refreshed welcome mat Bliss!



  4. that looks amazing! pretty colors..what a great idea... Happy Wednesday!

  5. So happy you didn't throw out the mat, it looks awesome! The color combo is super fun for summer too!

  6. Now you tell me after I threw my old welcome mat away and I really liked it haha

  7. I would have totally tossed that, and now it looks better than new! Great save!

  8. My mats usually look worse than that when I get ready to toss them, but the past few years I've put them on the paths in the garden. It helps keep weeds from popping up and the possums or armadillos that have been enjoying a nightly buffet cannot dig their holes through the mats. I like what you've done though!

  9. The Power of Paint at work again - LOVE it!

  10. I've always thrown them out...what a great idea, Bliss!

  11. Well I never would've thought to do that! I probably would've just tossed it and bought a new one. I like how that turned out and now yours is one of a kind.

  12. And the owls on my front-porch mat thought they could fade away into the never-never.



  13. So darn cute now. Love how it blends with the stone flooring.

  14. Love something old made into pretty! Looks wonderful Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  15. I love this idea! I’m wondering how the paint is holding up. Have you had to touch it up?

  16. Anonymous11/16/2018

    Can also skip the sealer if you use outdoor garden paints -- come in 2oz bottles like acrylic craft paint. Should be easy to find at craft stores -- outdoor garden paint typically used on plant pots, garden gnomes, etc. but also work great for an outdoor mat refresher. Thanks for posting the pics -- we're redoing our mat but wanted some color ideas & style ideas.


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