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Fusion Mineral Paint with My Salvaged Treasures and Team Sutton Designs

In the past three posts I've mentioned I've got this fever, and quite possibly this fever could last not just for the rest of summer but into Winter and beyond. 

It's Fusion Mineral Paint Fever and I've got it pretty good.

For the end of summer I'm introducing you to blogs who use Fusion Mineral paint just like I do.  These are non sponsored posts, and these gals aren't slackers like I've been this summer.

When it's cold and snowy outside I'm going to be wondering why I didn't paint more this summer while it felt good to be outside.

My friend Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures, has painted a project or two and inspired me countless times - COUNTLESS TIMES I tell 'ya twice because it's worth repeating.

Guest Sign Fusion Mineral Paint My Salvaged Treasures

This guest cottage sign is painted in Fusion Casement.

Champlain and Casement are my go to shades when I make signs, it just depends on the look I'm after since both colors are a warm neutral.

Following the link at the bottom of this post you can be a guest at My Salvaged Treasures but don't leave without checking out Betsy's Etsy shop where she sells repurposed vintage pieces of "stuff" into cool jewelry.  You will discover Betsy is a multi talented lady with tons of great projects and ideas.

Like Betsy, Crystal from Team Sutton Designs showcases her projects on her blog and is using her talent to build an Etsy shop with furniture revivals and household wares for sale.

Twin End Tables Bedford Fusion Mineral Paint Team Sutton Designs

Look how cute these two stylish side tables are, painted in Bedford from Fusion Mineral Paints.

Bedford is a neutral gray, and this summer I painted a garage side door with it.

I'd have to sweep off the bugs and webs to show you a photo of my door, so instead I'll just say I love the color and I'm looking forward to using it on a couple pieces of the hoarded furniture I keep in my shed 'o schidt.

While I have your attention there's something else I want to say about Crystal and Jake - who is her other half of Team Sutton Design - thank you for your service.  Both halves of Team Sutton are active duty military.  I have no doubt they both give 100% to more than just painting furniture!

Fusion Mineral Paint Casement Bedford,

You can be at guest of both Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures and Crystal at Team Sutton Designs by clicking on the links below.


  1. Thank you SO much, Bliss, for featuring my Guest Cottage sign. If I had a cottage that's where it would be, so in the meantime, it found a good home on a big wall in my guest bedroom. Love, love, love the color of those fabulous end tables.

  2. I love that sweet sign and the tales are great, too. I'll check out these two colors as I'm running low on neutrals. Happy weekend, B!

  3. ^Teen Wolf called you a B.

  4. All these great projects are making me want to paint something again!

  5. Those are so cute! I've been doing some chalk painting..haven't tried mineral yet.

  6. Yes, I'm itching to paint something... These are both fabulous. Love that bicycle drawer liner.

  7. Ha! You mentioning that about the door being covered with spiders reminds me that I looked up at my front porch ceiling this morning. I was horrified. It was disgusting! I like that light green in the sign.


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