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Rubber Boot Door Wreath Easy Inexpensive

Back before the gnats and mosquitoes hatched, and before our Minnesota weather was stable enough that we could say Winter was actually over, I decided to whip up something to hang on the side door.

I wanted a little color since the trees were not yet in bloom and by the time April arrives, Winter usually has left us in a sea of brown till everything greens up.

I also didn't want to spend much money.

Bliss Ranch has a pin board with tons of beautiful door wreaths, centerpieces and porch deco's, and some day I might make one of the eye popping ones that make a person gasp before knocking, but this was not the day.

And tell me, does a wreath have to be round or is it simply something hung on a door?

When Daughter #1 found out I was looking for some little rubber boots, she gave me a pair of ripped black age two toddler rain boots that were heading to her trash.

Since I am completely out of tiny feet that wear little boots, this was the perfect example of one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

Rubber Rain Mud Boot Door Wreath

I have seen some door decorations made from really cute colorful rain boots, and that was my inspiration, done inexpensively of course, and without the colorful boots since the ones that were now mine are basic black.

I gathered the supplies I needed - a very short list - and not more than 15 minutes later I was hanging the boot wreath on my mudroom door.

Inexpensive Rubber Rain Mud Boot Door Wreath
Supplies; craft wire, scissors, the boots, some twine, flowers clipped off their main stem, and fishing line not pictured.
One of the boots was ripped along the back, and the pair needed to stay together, not randomly dangle, so I poked a hole with a pair of scissors through both boots and simply stuck some crafting wire between the two and twisted them tightly together.

The wire was not poked dead center on both boots as I didn't want them to hang completely uniform. 

Inexpensive Rubber Rain Mud Boot Door Wreath

I picked up a clearance bunch of flowers for $3.00, clipped them apart, and arranged them inside the boots along with a couple dried pokey things that were remnants from a front porch decoration that no longer exists.

This wasn't rocket science, and there is no reason to over complicate the whole process with a tutorial.

Inexpensive Rubber Rain Mud Boot Door Wreath

I could have spray painted the boots a bright spring color to give them that colorful look of the other boot wreaths I have seen, but I'm sort of an impatient crafter.

When I'm ready to work on a project it's because I have time right that minute, and right that minute I wanted the stuff off my desk without waiting for spray paint to dry.

Inexpensive Rubber Rain Mud Boot Door Wreath

Our side door is where we all enter and the door gets slammed more times than not.  I didn't want the boots to go flying and slap against the door each time, so what you can't see is that they are held in place by a loop of horizontal fishing line.

I use fishing line because you can't see it.  Like the twine used to hang the wreath, the fishing line slips under the grids and is tied in place from the back of the boots.

Inexpensive Rubber Rain Mud Boot Door Wreath

Some would say this is a Spring wreath, but the odds are that it will hang here until the snow flies, so at my house that makes it a Spring, Summer and probably Fall wreath.

Quit thrifty at three bucks.

Inexpensive Rubber Rain Mud Boot Door Wreath

Other folks like to change their wreaths with the season, and on occasion I have done that.... just not all in the same years worth of seasons!

Some of my favorites, inexpensive or free.....

Old Purse Door Wreath
made from found items around my house
Pool Noodle Hanky Red White Blue Wreath
Pool Noodle, hanky tied, patriotic wreath

FREE made from the previous years candy box and literally junk!

Vintage Ice Skate Winter Wreath

None of the mudroom door decorations I have made cost much if anything, basically I see what I've got around here that I can transform to easily hang on the door.

I like having something on the side door and I know whatever it is doesn't have to last forever.

The front door is a different matter.  That also received an update, so stay tuned.

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  1. Love your boot wreath, Bliss! So cute! The gnats are horrible this year!

  2. Bliss I love this and I like the black boots. Looks great against your door. Heck they were available at the time and I think it's perfect.

    I can't get over how far behind your seasons are from NJ. I can but when it comes for us to move from winter to warmer weather you guys go slammed this year with winter.



  3. I had a pair of ripped rubber boots. This would have been a great idea for them. Nice save!!

  4. Oh my gosh that is too cute! I love those little rain boots. (Maybe I could steal a pair from one of my 50 grandkids) I love this Bliss!

  5. So so cute and I love the bitty little boots, precious


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