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Clyde The Duck Sign

If you have been reading here for a while you probably remember Clyde the duck.

Clyde belonged to daughter #2 and he was quite the character who wandered around the ranch for many years until a vicious racoon tore his head off.  Yeah that's a harsh visual, but it's the sad truth.

When more Peking ducks arrived at our house there was a name that duck contest for Clyde's girlfriends. My daughter picked the name Hazel, and Tina (follow her on Instagram at TLC4wwk) suggested the winning name that my daughter chose, and Clyde's main sidekick was named Clementine.

Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

I affectionately referred to Clyde & his harem as the crapping quackers.

But Clyde was her main bird.

Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

Clyde the duck celebrated his birthday, and was a pretty good sport when my daughter made him numbered hats each year to commemorate the day.  Daughter #2 will always have a soft spot in her heart for him.  A duck, go figure.

Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

But I don't miss Clyde, Clementine and Hazel crapping on my porch and eating my flowers even though they looked cute as they waddled around the yard.  Nothing says welcome to my home like duck doo.

Recently at the local auction house I put a low bid in on a pile of junk - that low bid being $2.50.  Turns out no one wanted that pile of stuff so it came home with me.

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Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

I saw at least one treasure in the pile that made me willing to part with that whole two-fifty, something that was missing in my life.....a rocking duck.

Tots of the 1940's - 50's survived playing in that old duck rocker complete with safety strap, and DHS would probably put me in jail these days for negligence if I dared to put a child in it, but I saw something other than a toy anyway.

I  saw a sign, two signs to be exact once it was taken apart, four if I decided to paint something on both sides, and ducks that wouldn't leave me presents on the porch steps. 

Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

Daughter #2 didn't see the rocker as a whole piece, it was already dismantled when she spotted the duck shapes.

One ducky side was left in the original duck paint job, so if she wants to hang it on the wall in it's vintagey style she certainly could.  She can just no longer put a baby in it to rock.

Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

Fusion Mineral Paint was used on the whole project, combined with a bit of hand lettering and a couple of Old Sign Stencils, and in the wink of a crapping quackers eye the sign started to take on a new personality.

Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

I have a bunch of sample size Fusion paint pots that I bought from a going out of business sale.  The sample pots are perfect to have on hand specifically for lettering and stenciling, since I like to use color on letters, but tend to keep it neutral for the background.

Speaking of background, the duck has a base coat of Fusion Linen, and the letters are Homestead Blue, and Champlain my favorite chalky white.

The process is simple.  Decide where you want the stencil, tape the stencil in place, have an almost dry brush and dab the paint on, sand, wax if you choose, and hang it up.
Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

Old Sign Stencils makes the process fast, and with some added hand lettering the sign gets a personal touch.

I like combining different stencils to create other wording.  For example, Clyde's Farmers Market combines 3 different Old Sign Stencils..."and collectibles" is from the stencil Antiques, and "open 10-4" is from the Bakery stencil.

Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

I looked up if this rocking thing was a collectible, and did see the same or similar duck rockers selling for between $45 and $195, but I didn't look it up till after the alterations.

It wouldn't have mattered to me anyway, giving my daughter a sign to remind her of her prized duck was worth more.  Or maybe it was I didn't want to be bothered with listing the fowl on ebay.  Yeah, that was it.
Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker
The only question left is what will I do with the other duck shape?

Clyde the Duck Sign From Vintage Rocker

I suppose I could incorporate Clementine into Daughter #2's decor, or maybe we could get a bunch of ducks again to chase people around the yard and crap on my porch. They're so cute when they're little, just like kittens and kids.

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  1. HAHA....I love Clyde! This is my first visit I think so my first time reading about him but I understand the poo issue. Ducks, like horses, pigs and other farm type wildlife have NO issues going just wherever! Love what you did with the buy you found. Adorable.

    1. Thanks for stopping in Pam. If you leave your email I always give a personal reply, really... no poo!

  2. I love this Bliss. The story of the raccoon almost killed me especially early morning. I love the colors you chose too. Wish I could paint letters free hand. No luck on that front. The duck poop probably looks better.

    Such a thoughtful mom you are.


  3. I just love reading your blog! Your story telling is the best!
    I am so impressed with Clyde’s hats. Absolutely so fun!
    Darling sign to honor Clyde and his harem.

  4. This was a sweet and thoughtful gift for your daughter, Bliss! Thanks for the heads up on her great IG feed, too!

  5. Awww, the duckies! I was happy to see the ducks today and I love what you have done with the sign. I know you'll do something super clever (yes, SUPER clever...because you are way past regular clever) with the other piece. I do feel that Clementine needs her own sign. It would only be right. ;) The pics of Clyde in his birthday hats made my day.


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