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H is for Humperdinck

Every blogger remembers the handful of blogs they first discovered.  HatingMartha was one of those for me and I'm honored that Janel is here doing a guest post.  All of us are looking for ideas right?  Well for me Janel not only makes things that I love, but that I could actually see myself copying making.  Like the letter H below.  I look at the alphabet every time I hit a craft store and wonder what could I do with one of those?  Thanks to HatingMartha, now I know!

 I am so excited to be here today at Bliss Ranch! I feel young and free hanging out here where I can let it all hang out. Cause Bliss is just so cool that way! Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and lets get started!

I'm Janel and I blog over at Hating Martha. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch about me hating anybody... go read my about me page. You'll get it. My blog is full of crafts, DIY, sometimes cooking, sometimes just nonsense. It's always a good time, always believable, and always bordering ridiculous. Come over some time and plop your self down for a good read!
I have a love for old Industrial signs, letters, and such.
I really do. They make me sigh. 
But they are terribly expensive and out of my budget.
So when I saw this baby I had an aha moment.
The lightbulb glowed bright inside my little ol' brain.
A giant chipboard H. Yep, the things dreams are made of.
First thing was to paint all the edges and corners with silver metallic paint.
This was so that when I buffed some paint off the metallic would show through 
and give the illusion of sheet metal.
Next was to cover the whole letter with Valspar glossy orange paint.
I needed several coats. But, it dried fast.
 Covered in that pretty orange paint.
To give the look of sheet metal screws I used chrome upholstery tacks.
I just put them in on the edges.
Then I took some black paint and rubbed it all over the letter, rubbing it off right
away. Make sure to get it into those tacks. 
A light sanding on the edges for that metallic paint to show through.
I also put a bit of metallic paint on my finger and buffed it randomly in some places.
There you have it...
an Industrial Metal Sign.
From a chipboard letter.

Thanks Janel for the great tutorial and for stopping over at the Ranch.  Your tutorial is understandable enough that I even think I can follow along.  I do plan to make one or two of these letters, so you can look for them in my future.


  1. Thanks Bliss...and thanks for the being so patient with me!

  2. Very that color! I'm off to check her blog out now :o)

  3. Terrific project! Love the look.

  4. visit & follow your blog.

  5. Brilliant, I love it. I definately need some industrial stuff around here - ooh, so many projects, so little time (I still haven't smashed me up any china) !!!

  6. I love would never know what it was before! I have to check out Hating Martha!!


  7. I remember the big M on the apartment wall on the Mary Tyler Moore show. I got an L for my room as a youngster so I could be like Mary. She was so cool with her job, apartment, and great '70s clothes.

  8. Great project! Thanks for guest hosting!

  9. wow..this is way cool. the metallic paint is a great look!

  10. How fun, it's nice to know that there are people out there with an imagination. I would never have thought of that! I need ideas to copy ah...I mean inspire me!

  11. Awesome guest post! What a great idea with a chipboard letter. I am pinning this! Thanks for the inspiration.


  12. Looks great! I love thrifty projects! :)

  13. That's an awesome job!


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