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Slat Box Project & CeCe Caldwell Paint

I would love for everyone to stop over at the blog HatingMartha where I am doing a guest post today on my project below.  If you haven't already met Janel you will love her wit -  she's a hoot, and no she doesn't really hate Martha.  Snoop around on her site, she has great ideas you can copy.... err I mean that she's willing to "share".

The Project.....
I scouted around the house for an item to transform. Last summer I collected any size and shape wood container with the intention of painting or crafting.  There in my kitchen window was the subject just waiting to be transformed. Sitting empty hoping to be discovered.

I'm the type person who likes true crime.  I need to know who dun it?, so I read both sides and make up my own mind.  Now it's the same with paint.  When I found out there was another paint out there besides Annie Sloan's I thought hummm, I better try it.  It's a bit cheaper and they had a great brown color that caught my eye.  The name Hershey Brown might of also caught my taste buds. The paint is CeCe Caldwell.   It arrived in the middle of my Valentine's Day stomach flu, so in celebration as I painted, I munched on saltine crackers and not chocolate.  I'm also going to try my hand at making my own paint eventually too.

I grabbed this old sign from my junk bin that I've had for 30 years - thinking I'm gonna attach it to the side of the slats.
 I set up on the dining room table- no one was home to see once again I was too lazy to go to the garage.  The thought of getting caught out there in my Leopard print jammies toting a bucket and saltines seemed like an odd sight. The Caldwell paint is not as thick as ASCP, and the Hershey brown color was right on the money with a Hershey bar.  The paint was smooth and covered great on the first coat.

Dry Brushed Old White
I dry brushed on some Annie Sloan Old White, sanded, applied clear wax, applied dark wax, buffed it up, or something like that, I don't really remember the order I did that stuff, but I do remember not really knowing what I was doing.  I like how it turned out with the rustic worn look.
I would use the Caldwell paint again.  I don't know that I liked it any better or less than Annie Sloan's chalk paint, but it was every bit as good.  The cost savings isn't that substantial, so in the future I will probably pick the brand by the color.  I hope it wasn't some sort of sin to use Annies wax over CeCe's paint.  

Below is an armoire in our bedroom.  It's been with us for 23 years.  It is an Amish piece and the maker dated it with his initials, which makes it a piece of furniture that I would not paint.  It was made in August of 1988, the month and year my 3rd child was born, so I guess this piece will be his someday.  It's a catch all for anything I can set on it as I pass by.
Complete with mess

Dated by the Amish creator.

First but not final arrangement

I cleaned off the top (just made piles on the floor and considered putting it back up after the photo) and took the flowers outside and beat them on the side of the house to dust them.  The bin was fine, but wasn't quite right.  So I went down to the depths of Hades-the under stairs storage room-to retrieve a couple suitcases.  How cool is that airplane, I love it.

I piled the two suitcases on top of each other and stacked the bin on top.  I'm not sure that's how it will stay, but for now I'm not moving it.  The junk I took off the top is still in a pile on the floor.  Maybe I should open a suitcase and toss it in?  Hmmm......
Why did I have these cool suitcases under my stairs?  Don't I know it's fashionable to display them?

I have some more suitcases out in the shed that were my parents.  Before I ever thought about painting them or using them, I set some other ones (avocado green) out at the end of the driveway for someone to take.  And they did.  Was it YOU??

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  1. I can not believe that you had those puppies under the stairs! They are wonderful. And, if I lived by you I would have taken those green ones from your trash.

  2. morning Bliss ... love what you did to the slat box. Displays nicely with the old suitcases. I have a slat box waiting for paint so thanks for the great tutorial. I just mix my own chalk paint, but will try others some day.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment on my old pitchforks at FJI farm tools party.
    Audrey Z. at Timeless Treasures

  3. Love how the paint turned out. Cute display, with the adorable suitcases.

  4. If I had seen them first--I definitely would have taken your suitcases ;-) Glad to hear your "take" on the paints. Still haven't tried either one! But maybe someday...

  5. I am so impressed! That turned out fabulous!

  6. Great projects! I had no idea there was another chalk paint out there!!!

  7. I have never tried the chalk paint although I would like to someday. Your projects turned out great.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  8. commented on a post I did a few weeks ago about waiting on your chalk paint and now here you are painting with it! AND I just learned about the CeCe's paint this week and your painting with it already!!!!! I was really curious about the cost/ THANKS! Glad I was nosing around your site!

  9. It makes me feel SO good that you too have a pair of leopard jammies! Mine was a gift from my very funny neighbor and close friend for Valentines Day a couple of years ago. You can't tell by looking at them in the daylight but they have glow in the dark tiny hearts all over them. They are hysterical at night but oh so warm and comfy. I always wear them in Feb. They are quite the site at night.

    Have not tried the chalk paint as yet but I really like what you did to your wooden container thingy. And on top of the suitcases is darn cute. And your update to the sign on the box is a definite plus. Love it. Girlfriend, you're a better decorator than you give yourself credit for. And I bet you're kicking yourself all over the place that you actually put the green suitcases out to be taken. I love the new rage of painting them don't you. (Please don't answer that if you don't agree with me. Smile) Have more to say. Something funny in the middle of the night. No its not what you're thinking but I want to tell you about it. You'll have a laugh. But I'll email you.


  10. Hi Bliss! I'm not much of a DIY'er (yet) so I haven't tried chalk paint. Your project turned out yummy tho! Great paint name! But I LOVE your white suitcases! I love the logos too! Glad you have them out now.

  11. Love the way your crate turned out. Very nicely done! Love the suitcases. I have my grandparents but they are brown and a couple of train cases that are white. Maybe I should get those out and do something with them.


  12. I've been reading about this paint - so glad you gave it a try!!! The bin is perfect!! (I think next time you'd better include the pic of you galavanting in your jammies! hee hee!! ~L

  13. Oh I wish it was me - I would have scooped up those avocado green goodies in no time flat (you would have smelled burning rubber as I peeled away)! Love those suitcases and they are perfect for displaying your fabulous new crafty bin. I had my own version of Hades but cleaned it out last month and I'm sure I parted with things I'll regret but since I couldn't walk down there ... Following in GFC & Linky.

  14. The finish on that looks great. I did a project with that same color. Not sure I like the paint as well as Annie's. Ce Ce's seems to be a lot runnier and gritty.

  15. Oh, I do like the way that paint looks, especially on the sign. Your suitcases are way too cool to be hiding away under the stairs.

    I have leopard print flannel jammies, too. Must be a blogger thing. I'm sure most of our neighbors have seen me sneaking back and forth to the garage in them. You know, running. Like that's gonna make me invisible.

  16. It sure did turn out awesome Bliss. I could not make a fair assessment on Cece's, I only used it for a small project. I did love the color and it did a fine job. I would be curious on a larger piece. LoVE your project. Cute display too.

  17. Oh that is so funny that we were both talking about suitcases today! You would not believe how many suitcases I get from driveways. Your suitcases win, OMG they are gorgeous, the airplane detail is fabulous. Love your old chippy basket. I have never tired chalk paint, I'm sure I will someday...I am just so cheep!


  18. If I had seen them, I would have picked them up! Always looking for old suitcases! Love the project..loveitall!

  19. I love the new box, and it looks great in the stack on top of the armoire! I am getting ready to try some chalk paint on an armoire of my own, so I'll look for the CeCe Caldwell brand too. I'd love it if you'd share this project at my Show & Tell party, going on now @ the Delectable Home. And thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Your slat box turned out great. It's amazing what a little paint an do!
    I'm your newest follower and hope you'll stop by for a visit.
    Mary Alice

  21. I think you are actually enjoying painting. And you said you and paint don't mix. Could have fooled me.

  22. Looks really great, awesome job!

  23. Yes, I was going to call you out on combining CeCe's and Annie Sloan's in a single project ...

    ... and I want that suitcase with the airplane! I must track down some old suitcases ...



  24. Great transformation. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  25. Anonymous2/21/2012

    Hi! I recently found your blog and love it! Especially your vintage mailbox towel holder! Noticed you already have the liebster award, but I thought I would pass it on to you anyway! Enjoy!

  26. You sure is popular, and deservedly so. Glad your secret blog is bringing you lots of attention !
    More painting, I bet you're loving it now ! The box looks great on the suitcases and no wonder you don't want to paint the armoire - it's fab !

  27. Love the finished project. It always amazes me what some paint and a good imagination can accomplish!

  28. Love the way it turned out! I never used chalk paint...maybe I should start!!

  29. Ah rocked this project!! And those on earth did you leave them hidden? So glad you corrected that...they are great! Thanks for hanging at my blog, hang out more often!

  30. I didn't know anybody else made chalk paint! I guess that's good to keep the prices competitive. I like how your project turned out. I also like how you used it on top of old suitcases too. You're lucky to have those since they're so popular right now.

  31. Oh my! What a great idea to put these 2 together! I just finished one of these boxes too, but you've given me an idea to add something to it! =) Thank you for your advice on my doors. I'm your newest fan!

  32. Oh, it looks so nice on the suitcases! It wasn't me at the end of your driveway, but I wish it was! I'd love to have you share your post at WIW, too. You are always welcome!

  33. Cute project and love those suitcases!

  34. Greetings,

    Wonderful transformation...your flower arrangement looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Hope you will visit Magnolia Cottage.


  35. I've been waiting for a review of Cece's chalk paint - thanks! And the crate turned out GREAT!

  36. That is very cute...pinned it.... ….I'd like to invite you to share this @CountryMommaCooks Saturday Link and Greet Party starts(Fri.6pm.ct-Sun.)…..have a wonderful day:)

  37. I love the old suitcases....I have three stacked ones at the top of my stairs.....

  38. It looks great! I love the chocolate chalk paint. Must try it! The suitcases are such a fun find! I wish I had some laying around my house, too. :)

  39. Your box came out great! I love the color... I never use more than one color when I paint, obviously I need to try this technique! I love the plaque too! Nice Job!

  40. Great finish on the box! I'd love to have that armoire piece. Perfect combo of drawers and doors. ...and as a girl that lives just outside St. Louis, I'm TOTALLY jealous of your suitcase. What a find!

  41. Oh I love those white suitcases.....and the box looks great!

  42. Just subscribed to your blog, found you thru FunkyJunk Interiors. so glad I did. I am loving that chest you redid for your son and this little crate container. I am so inspired I'm gonna be digging out in the shed to find something to make over.
    I keep seeing all these great vintage suitcases so now I really need to go thrift shopping to find at least 3. doggone it anyway, daughter took one from our yard sale, duh why in the heck did I put that out with yard sale stuff? It had old faded travel labels on it, sheesh. Wonder how high I can kick myself (doggone it). I do have 3 or 4 vintage train cases tho. Yeah I know not the right size or shape. THX for all the great inspiration.

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