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Some Honey's From Hey Girl

It's time for the Hey Girl Valentine link party features.  The party will come to a close on Sunday.  Participation has been so wonderful we wanted to give people a few more days to link.  Believe me, we'll be reading them!  I have to say I'm sad to see it end.  Each morning with coffee in hand,  I start the day with a smile reading all the links.  Next week will be so boring.

 They were all good.  They all made me smile.  

Babies, husbands, pets, and celebrities.
Sweet ones, touching ones, funny ones.
A few bare chests.

Each one Hey Girl'd with love.

I had a hard time picking, so I went with what spoke to me at the moment.

Wills Casa
 I stayed in my jammies and read blogs.  Because just like the photo says, those blogs weren't gonna read themselves!

Brawn would come home at night and I would want to tell him all about my day in blog land. 

Redoux Interiors
I knew I couldn't feature all 166 and counting links, so I wrote some of them down.

The Charming Zebra
 First I had the top 32.
"32 is still too many Bliss".

I had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the computer trying to pick.

Grasping for Objectivity
Even a cute baby can't deliver the truth any less harsh.

I got those 32 down to 10. 

The Backyard Bungalow

And the more I read, the more I wanted to add more.  And more.  And more.

It All Started With Paint
And I made an observation......... all the hey girl men have the most excellent smiles.  Young or not as young, they really all looked like the nicest guys! 

Debbie Doos Hey Girl'd By Me, Myself & I - Bliss Ranch
I should add Miss Doos did not endorse this photo,
nope I think Mike framed it instead. HA!

Some were so true they were absolutely profound......

Renew, Create, Restore
And clever, oh so many of you were clever.

I'm Sharon With You

Speaking of paints, I mean pants... just what is that coming out of those jeans?
Gemini Vintage
That one just made me laugh, and it wasn't the saying.  Gemini Vintage didn't notice the wayward "thing".  Leave it to me to point it out.

But at the end of each day I kept coming back to one.
One that made me giggle each time.

Only a dog could upstage all those handsome men and cute babies.......

Decor and the Dog

Thanks to everyone who linked up at one of the host blogs
Bliss at Bliss Ranch
Chelsea at Two Twenty One
Michelle at Decor and the Dog
I hope you all had as much fun reading as I did.  
Hands down one of the funnest link parties ever!

Happy Valentines Day to My own Hunk-of-burning-love

And how about a great shout out for Bliss Ranch from iVillage.... they have a whole Valentine thing going on for all the pregnant mama's out there and included a link to our Hey Girl party.  If you need some more laughs check it out, some pretty hunky model guys Hey girl'n expectant women.


  1. oh my gosh i love the baby one!!!!! ha ha ha!

  2. Excellent features, Bliss. I could not have narrowed it down. So many were so funny. I had a rating scale from spritz to PMPB (peed my pants bad)! Bottle of champagne had me running and laughing!

  3. These have ALL been so much fun to read! I have laughed till I cried on some of them. The one with the pipe looking thing sticking out is HILARIOUS! I can totally see why you chose it. The one that said "Can I get in your paints" sounded like something my husband would say. LOL!!!

  4. Excellent choices! I laughed at that first one every time I thought about it for a whole day.

    Thanks for a fun party. It was so good to get out of the house and socialize. :)

  5. Laughed so hard - almost crying! You picked some great ones!

  6. These are awesome! I laughed so hard. ;)

  7. Love the features! Some very clever people out there!

  8. This is crazy. Almost 200 posts, hundreds of memes and you picked about four that were identical to the ones I wanted to feature! :) I'll spread the love around a bit. This party has been SO FUN. Like, painfully fun and I'm SO sad it's over. We need to find a way to keep this alive next year. Thanks for jumping into this ridiculous party with me. It's a direct result of our silly emails back and forth. :)

  9. I have to agree with Kelly must do this again next year...but would be so fun to come up with another fun way to use the idea....congrats to you two for finding away to create so much fun and love...thanks

  10. ....let me get in your paints...Still laughing! haha

  11. Very creative! I wish I had sent one in! I love them all!

  12. So much fun and creativity! Love it!! I noticed the wayward thing right away too. What's wrong with us?

  13. Anonymous2/14/2013

    Ha - loved that!! Thanks for putting that all together in one place, it made me smile.

  14. These are hilarious...great party, Bliss!

  15. Ike will be flattered. I'm not telling him until later. I'm worried about having to deal with his giant head the rest of the day.

    Love your picks! I had the same problem. I had like 180 favorites. So I wussed out. Sort of.

    If nothing else came of this, I got to know you better. Awww, blog love.

  16. Modge podge in the cleavage and let me get into your paints were my favorite! I have been laughing all morning. This was Such a great idea!!!

  17. Thanks so much for hosting! I laughed until I hurt!

  18. Great party Bliss! I haven't had time to read all of them yet, but these are great ones. Mr Quirky went out of town for 3 weeks to avoid this whole party.

  19. Thanks for the feature! I'm glad we can all relate to pjs and blog reading! Thank you so much for hosting! It was a lot of fun!

  20. It was the greatest party ever! I had so much fun making my hey girls and reading the others. What an amazing turnout too!

    :) Linda

  21. Let me get into your paints! LOL

  22. You know... I didn't catch that one before - with the errant, uh, thing - until you pointed it out. And then I laughed until I wet my pants. Thanks.

  23. You picked some great ones. I love the I want to get in your paints...hilarious!!!

  24. I vote for a monthly "Hey Girl" party! Maybe I can get around to participating :) but I have enjoyed everyone that I've read! I need to read more!

  25. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!! It was such a fun party. I had a great time visiting the links :) Thanks bunches for hosting!! Mwah ;)

  26. This was so much fun! Thanks for hosting!

  27. Hey girl - you are so right. Those blogs really aren't going to read themselves (I type while sitting in my sock monkey pi's)!

  28. Love them darn cute. Can relate to every single one.

  29. Bahahahhaahahha!!!! Burlap dust ruffle... Hilarious. This was the most fun linky party EVER!

  30. I am laughing so hard right now! I love all of these! My favorite is the one about putting a burlap dust ruffle around the bed of his pick up truck - ROFL!! I never did make mine. Maybe I can get around to making one before the link closes. SO much fun! Thank you for all the great laughs! Hugs, Leena

  31. Love all of them! This was by far my favorite link up party!

  32. Love that pajama one! Not because I am currently in my pajamas or anything... ;)

    1. I had to get dressed today, I hate when that happens.

      Liz, you are a no reply blogger. If you want some help fixing that drop me a note and I'll help you.

  33. I feel SO HONORED to be included in this round up. There were some laugh over sideways funny posts. Mark was THRILLED he made the cut. My favorite is the first one. TOO TRUE! You must do this again next year. Oh my, this was shared everywhere through Mark, and even my entire family actually read and commented on this. SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Thanks for the laugh!! I love the dust ruffle around the bed of the pickup truck one especially!

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  35. I'm so surprised you were able to narrow it down at all...they were all so amazing, I had the best time reading these! Thanks for a fantastic party!!
    Debbie :)


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