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Thrifting The Thrifty Style Team Way December

December is coming to a close and 2017 is going out in style, Thrifty Style Team style that is.

At the bottom there are links to the people I thrift virtually with every second Wednesday of the month - the gals of the Thrifty Style Team. 

Thrift Store Christmas,

But for this thrifty December trip I'm going to show you where it is I like to thrift, the real life team that I like to thrift with and how I spread around a little of the thrifted goods in my home and theirs.

Thrifty Style Team,

These are my girlies, and this weekend the hunt consisted of myself, #1 daughter, #2 daughter, #1b daughter, and the boss... a certain 7 year old Princess.

Five sets of eyes looking for different things, and believe me nothing gets past the shortest shopper.

Thrifty Style Team December,

Below three of them are scouting out treasures in the cold, but with our weather in the 30's and not windy, it was bearable to look at the stuff outside the shops.

Thrifty Style Team December,

Here in our rural slice of the American pie I am fortunate to have a whole town of thrifty occasional sales close by.

And wineries if I need them.  Really - something like five within 15 miles.  We are a mecca for occasional sales, apple orchards and wineries.  None of that is a bad thing!

Thrifty Style Team December,

The first Thursday of the month the occasional shops schedule to be open together for four days, and the December sale is my favorite.  The shops smell, look and sound Christmasy.

Of course some of the shops are open more often so if I need something I don't have to wait for the once a month sales.

Thrifty Style Team December,

That tray came home with #1 daughter.  #1b was looking for just the handles which turned out to be cheaper if attached to the tray.

I'm sort of stealth when I shop. The Porch is always packed and busy so the last thing I need to do is hold a jumbo camera while being Captain Obvious, sooooo I always call my cell phone camera into duty.

Thrifty Style Team December,

If the day were to come when someone calls me up to tell me they want reprints of my thrifting adventures, then and only then will I start lugging my camera around.  Until that day, you will have to suffer with cell phone shots, sorry, not sorry.

I picked up the handles below at the November sale at The Porch and they are always a hot commodity.  This weekend #1b ended up with the same handles and I have a box/crate she is going to use them on.

Thrifty Style Team December,

Being stealth also means I never take up the owners time with chit chat, but you can find the owner of The Porch working the register and asking folks what they will do with the treasures they buy. 

Those handles below I picked up in November.  The man with the tools made me a cool looking crate/box thing that was nice, but I was looking for more of a tray than a box, so he started over and I ended up with the tray below.

The box/crate one will be passed on to #1b for her handles.  Her handles will be a perfect fit since the other crate/box was made to accommodate them.

Christmas Bedroom Tray,

I'm not sure how many shops there are in the town anymore, but at one point there were over twenty.  I think it's around fifteen now.  We are not able to shop during the week and since the menfolk are usually watching Sunday football, we catch the tail end of the sales.

That can be good or bad I guess, but I never come home empty handed or spend too much.

Sometimes good ideas come from these sales that I make myself.  One such item was this table.....

Upcycled Table, Pallet Top, Fusion Mineral Paint,

I had originally picked this up at a garage sale for #1 daughter who was looking for a side table.  She didn't like it.  So in the Shed 'O Schidt it went for a few years.  At the time she didn't have "the vision".

On one occasional shop outing she was looking for a table she did like, and spotted one for $150 bucks.  I was like DAUGHTER I have one I can make for you, don't spend that money!

So she wandered off to the Shed 'O Schidt and decided she in fact did like that table after all so I went to work on it.  I think she likes the one I did for her better than the one we saw, and the $000 price was certainly better.

We planked the table top with pallet wood and I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Bayberry.

Upcycled Table, Pallet Top, Fusion Mineral Paint,

Every year "the vision" takes hold more in the girls mind.  At first it was hard to look past the ugly of some pieces, but now their creative minds have started to explore the possibilities of how something can be transformed.  They also take more chances with the things they purchase to create their own upgrades.

Upcycled Table, Pallet Top, Fusion Mineral Paint,

I am sort of thinking the three girls should always shop my Shed 'O Schidt before they buy, since it's packed to the rafters with potential projects I will probably never get to.

#1b did just that when she recently switched jobs to work from home.  Needing a desk and chair she and #1 Son shopped the shed.  Coincidentally the chair she chose came from her new next door neighbor.

This trip #2 daughter was on the hunt for nightstands and #1b was eyeing up a stack of lockers.

I don't know what the price was on the gray stack she was checking out, but another sale she wasn't along at had a double set in black.

Thrifty Style Team December,

As far as nightstands, I picked up a set a few years back but daughter is too late to snag those in the shed, they have already both been repurposed.

A little pink play kitchen was made for a certain then 4 year old.....
Play Kitchen From Night Stand,
.......and a Lego table for a then, I forget how old, maybe 8 year old master builder.  (Master Builders Incorporated is from the Lego Movie.)

Lego Table From Night Stand,
I have used thrifted items as gifts around the holidays or for special occasions, but not everyone really "gets" those kind of gifts, or likes them.

Prune Crate,
I picked up the above prune crate over the weekend because it has graphics on all sides. Two years ago I gifted #1 daughter with four crates from one for her laundry room by taking the original crate apart and making new sides for it.

Prune Crate,

I think my offspring has learned to appreciate those thrifted kind of gifts, the ones that time has been taken to craft or update.  Items chosen specially for them.

The problem for me is that sometimes my "vision" for a thrifted item doesn't happen till too close to Christmas, and by that point more often than not there isn't enough time to accomplish the upgrades the gift might need.

Thrifty Style Team December,
In that case, I have to resort to gifts that are complete and only need me to wrap them.

Like this adorable mini wrought iron tree stand........

Mini Wrought Iron Christmas Tree Holder,
Isn't that just the cutest little thing, no one needs?

I bought one, when I wanted six, and I'm keeping it for myself.  It's the perfect size to hold a little green next to the computer where I'm stuck typing.

Mini Wrought Iron Christmas Tree Holder,

And since our tree these days is a metallic shimmer of copper, golds, and bronzes, I also bought myself three of these reproduction ornaments.....

Reproduction Vintage Ornaments Orange,

I know what you are thinking, you're thinking Bliss, it seems that weekend occasional sale trip resulted in you buying yourself things.

And you would be correct.

Merry Christmas to me.

Thrifty Style Team,

I was going to include a gift guide in this post with some of my favorite homemade or thrifted gifts, nice things made with a little time and lots of love.

But right now I've got plenty of the love but seem to be short on the time part.

Thrifty Style Team,

However if you click on the links below and visit the other Thrifty Style Team members, I know they are going to be on top of their Christmas to-do list and I'll bet they've come up with some great gift giving ideas.

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  1. What a fun read Bliss! I'd love to tag along on one of your thrifting adventures!! You have found some real treasures...and your Shed 'O Shidt made me snort out loud!

  2. So many awesome finds! I want to come thrifting with you!!

  3. Occasional sales, orchards and wineries? I'm coming to visit and I won't miss shopping at the Shed O' Shidt either!

  4. Sounds similar to the area I live in. You should come for a visit!

  5. Loved this post and love seeing all of your awesome finds. That tiny tree/stick stand...absolutely adorbs!

  6. Love your finds. I have the same sunesweet prune crate.

  7. I have always been in awe of your creativity. If I ever make it to the other side of the country Im coming to visit so I can take a peek in the Shed 'O Schidt. Love it! Merry Christmas!

  8. Hello beautiful daughters! Looks like a fun girls day. You always make the coolest stuff. And clearly you have found the coolest thing ever- the tiny tree stand!

  9. You're a great storyteller. I'm riveted the whole. I'd be shopping your shed so much you'd kick me out


  10. LOVE the tiny tree stand !! Where did you find it ??? I'm glad I'm not the only one with a building stacked to the rafters.

  11. Do you live in Buffalo, Minnesota? I thought I recognized some of the shops in the photos. My sister and I shopped there one weekend and loved it!

  12. Oh, if I could go shopping with you. You have the best eye and so do your girlies. So many adorable ideas!!

  13. Well, as per usual I'm a day or two late and a dollar (CDN) short. Love every little thing and your shopping assistant... it's good to train 'em whilst you can. The wee tree stand is the cutest thing I've ever seen and your crate magic is brilliant. :) xo


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