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Welcome to the April edition of the Thrifty Style Team, where I try to prove that I have an eye for rescuing some cast off or worn out piece of junk from a garage sale or thrift store.
Thrifty Style Team With

For April I have updated a pair of rescued twins.

Twin lamps.

Valspar Milk Glass Painted Ginger Jar Lamps

The twins started out as a pair of large brown ceramic ginger jars lamps, standing 27 inches tall to the top of the shades.

$5.00 for the set.

Allow me to amaze you with my mathematical genius.... that's $2.50 per lamp.

The price is why they came home with me, as well as the color - I have a lot of chocolate brown around here, which is probably why I constantly want a Dove bar.  The treat, not the soap.

Valspar Milk Glass Painted Ginger Jar Lamps

The thing with the twins was they didn't have shades.

I figured I would buy some new shades, that is until I spotted two ancient shades at a different garage sale.

The shades were a buck each.  No one would want them, the fabric was old and yellowed, but the shape was nice underneath.

Valspar Milk Glass Painted Ginger Jar Lamps

It was the shape and not the fabric I was after.

So I removed the old fabric (which if you have ever tried to do that you know it's not as easy as it sounds) and the twin brown lamps went on the bedroom dresser to stay just like that.

Valspar Milk Glass Painted Ginger Jar Lamps
Doily to protect fresh white paint from getting on dresser because I'm impatient.
But I never intended to leave the lamps brown.

Valspar Milk Glass Painted Ginger Jar Lamps

In the home improvement store last week I saw this "Milk Glass" spray paint so I decided to give it a whirl.  It must be more special than regular white or off white spray paint with a fancy name like that right?

Valspar Milk Glass Painted Ginger Jar Lamps

I don't know if the paint was special or not, but I like how the lamps turned out.

I primed them with a lighter color primer so as not to use up all the more expensive Milk Glass paint while covering up the brown.  It still took three coats of the Milk Glass spray to give them a uniform look.

Valspar Milk Glass Painted Ginger Jar Lamps

I used one can of paint between the twins.

I also gave the metal shades a coat of a light industrial gray color to freshen them up.

Valspar Milk Glass Painted Ginger Jar Lamps

Not everyone that passes by the master bedroom "gets" this naked shade look.

I happen to like it because I can see the Edison bulbs which look cool at night.

If you are keeping track on the cost of these large lamps, let me help you out..... including the spray paint I have invested roughly $5.50 per lamp for a total of $11.00 for the pair.  Much less than just one lamp shade.  I think that's a pretty thrifty April redo!
Thrifty Style Team With

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  1. Off to see a couple of these links. Have a great day- xo Diana

  2. Gorgeous! Love white lamps!!

  3. I am in love! Your lamps turned out beautifully! The shades are gorgeous the way they are and that milk paint....I did not know that existed. I must buy some....I don't know what I'll use it on but it's something I have to have....are you happy? You just contributed to my compulsive buying "issue". Hugs ;)

  4. Absolutely love how those lamps turned out and in awe of your mathematical genius! ;-)

  5. You had me at MILK GLASS PAINT. I'm pretty sure I need summa dat in my life! These lamps turned our GORGEOUS and I am one of the ones that definitely GETS that fun naked shade lamp's so beautiful!! The edison bulbs are the cherries on top.

  6. I thought I just saw you in the reflection of the brown lamp and you looked like you had a towel on your head 🤣 I had to zoom in and it wasnt you, but it was funny. These look great!!!! As always happy to have you on the team!

  7. Back to the towel on the head thing that Julie mentioned above, when I looked at the first picture of the lamp painted white, with the gray bag tied around the top, I went straight for Aunt Jemima.

    These will forever be the Jemima lamps in my eyes.

    Even tho they don't look like Aunt Jemima anymore.

    I have no idea how to end this comment.

    I love the lamps.

    Love, Uncle Ben.

  8. Fun DIY project! Love how your lamps and shades turned out. I have a friend and she left her naked shades naked for a while, then, she decided to glue on pieces of lace/doilies. So... if you get tired of the current look, there's another idea. :)
    Enjoy your "new" babies!!
    Barb :)

  9. Awesome. Didn't know there was milk glass paint!

  10. I love these, Bliss! I made a couple of 'naked shades' and DL didn't get it, either. But they were for the shop and the lamps sold right away. I am slowly chipping away at any doubts he has.

  11. Really pretty Bliss. Don't you just love that one time when you find the perfect thing to go with something you already have!

  12. I love what you did with your lamps! The white looks beautiful and those naked lampshades are perfect!

  13. Your lamps are awesome and I DO get the naked shade look! Hugs!

  14. oh my...the twins look fabulous. milk glass paint? never heard of that. PS- save some Dove bars for the rest of us!!

  15. Great makeover, Bliss! I hadn't seen the paint before...looks like it would be fun to try!


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