About Bliss

Welcome to the Ranch.

On any given day hanging out around here are me and the Brawn of the operation (guess that makes me the brains), and a gaggle of offspring ~ six to be exact. 

Marriage and DIY started about the same time for me, with building our first home.  From  digging the foundation ourselves, to nailing on the last shingle, we have tackled every home building task there is.  We have grown out of, and grown into, three new homes of our own, designing and building them around our family.

Bliss Ranch isn't always blissful, go figure huh?  It gets loud here, hectic, stressful and many times it doesn't smell all that good.  In the house.  Large families are funny in all those ways.

I'm not near as stuffy as the serene blog name implies, but I gave up on a clever title after a couple hours - others beat me to all the ones I wanted - and this one was available.

But *Bliss*  isn't a stretch when you read the dictionary definition, and if a ranch can be defined by 25 acres with woods, lake and meadow, a few domestic animals and plenty of uncaged wild ones, well then a ranch this is.  No one ropes any steer at this place (yet) but we do have to round up chickens and ducks from time to time.

So who are the people at the ranch?

There's me of course and the Grand Poohbah - the Brawn of the operation, my hunk-o-burning luv.  He's a master craftsman, and there's nothing he can't make or do.  Really.

I keep adding all sorts of new stuff for him to tackle.  There's a joke around here that if he looks like he's gonna sit on the couch I find something for him to do.  I suppose his friends think I never let him rest, but the truth is that he has been equally involved with making this house a home all of his own free will.  He is his kids' best friend, the best father and husband I know, and he can build anything  ~ he thinks that last part is why I keep him around.

 We've got a new ranch dog that keeps us on our toes, Honest Abe's his name, chewing's his game.

As for the gaggle of offspring, well this isn't a parenting blog so you probably won't be seeing many ~ if any ~ photos of them.  But because I realize inquiring minds want to know...... boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, boy.... all beautiful or handsome, talented in their own right, well adjusted normal human beings.

Me.  Hmmmm.  I find it hard to write about myself.  I'm no spring chicken anymore, and why is age the first thing I think is of importance? I was born in Seattle, grew up in Southern California with all the beautiful people, and ended up living the American dream in Minnesota.  We sort of went from having our own little caboose to the oldest ones procreating starting families of their own, so we've never really been without little feet hitting the floor.

I've been going around to garage sales, antique stores, junk piles and thrift stores since before it was popular or chic.  Chalkboard paint?  Yeah I had a chalkboard wall when it wasn't cool.  Galvanized bucket lamp?  Mmmm hmmmm, my friends just smiled at some of my unusual decorating...  you know, that smile that says bless her heart?

I like to repurpose things, upcycle a cast off, or reuse a vintage item in a new way.  I've never thought of myself as artistic, and I hate to paint.  Just don't tell the furniture that I re-do that part.

Of most importance in my life are the Man upstairs; that other guy I mentioned with the brawn; the gaggle of offspring and their kids; and maintaining a blissful house that is a place they all want to come home too.  Everything else I do, enjoy, or am interested in, seems insignificant in comparison to those things.  But hang around here for a while and you'll discover I can be quick with some wit, maybe drop a couple swear words, and I see humor in just about everything.

I firmly believe ....  
"The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home". 

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  1. In many ways, I could have written this "about" page! Sounds as though we have MUCH in common. And I laughed out loud when I read your comment about "The Grands"! I have but one, at present, but she IS the apple of my eye. There is definitely something divinely special about our grandbabies!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Bliss...I can't believe this. That is a picture of you and Mr.Bliss! Oh my gosh girl you are just youngsters. And you don't look anything like I pictured you in my head. I don't know if we can be friends anymore. I expected you to be older...and a little rough hewn and you are not. You didn't tell me you were drop dead gorgeous. Well you are out of my league girlfriend. I'm old (I don't think I am but my youngest college daughter tells me I am) and I look it. And I'm considered to be in the 'over the hill' group and you are not. And you guys are just these young spunky things. It is NOT fair. Are you sure you still want to be friends with an ol' foggie? (smile)


  4. Dear Bliss,
    I have never been here before, and let me tell you, I will be back!

    A lot!

    Your sense of humor is awesome and I am so glad to meet you!
    Mo looks like a sweetie and I can just tell he has a ton of personality.

    Thanks SO much for coming by and linking up!
    So nice to meet you!

  5. So nice to meet you all. Mo is adorable! And six kids...bless your heart. :)

  6. I so wanna hang out at the bliss ranch ! For now I will be in my bliss two bedroom apartment , but one day I will have my own little blissness somewhere outside of here, maybe by the time I have some grand kids (which better be a very long time from now). Till then I will just stop by and live vicariously through yours, if ya don't mind.

    1. Her description definitely made it enticing right?!

  7. Your grand baby's are too adorable! You have a blessed nest! Hey, I also love that rock-n-roll dresser you did for your son, very cool. I was wondering if he knew all the songs you painted on ;)

  8. I am practicing my skill of staying connected, and I found you from a comment on Joy2Journey's blog. I swing in and out of committed readerships I admire all who are so immersed in the blogosphere.

    While reading this I felt like I could just hear an accent by your writing style. Maybe I'm not the only one with that sense...eh, who knows? Anyways, you are incredibly stylish and I can only say that you should keep doing remarkable things. Whatever is YOU is a phenomenal thing. So, much thanks to the gift of social media!

    Let's keep sharing creativity, okay?

  9. Anonymous1/15/2013

    I heard the accent too! I love reading all about the Bliss Ranch. My husband and I are recent empty nesters in our ranch. But, we love entertaining everyone at our home. So, I understand when you write about the view of the entrance, coming and going!

  10. You added a profile picture to your sidebar. I am impressed. I am not sure why, I pictured you as a blonde but you are a brunette bombshell :)

  11. Great blog and great description! Now that Mo of yours looks a lot like my Pinot... Puggle amiright? :) they ARE full of personality and ours is the sweetest, most indignant dog around.

  12. Anonymous2/24/2014

    I have followed you for awhile . I love your blog. You are so very talented. I have a newborn blog. It looks nothing like this, but you inspire me. Have a Blissful day. Michelle

  13. Anonymous4/14/2014

    What a great blog, You are a delight that is for sure and certain.......I'll be back .......

  14. Good Morning Bliss,
    I want to invite you to share about yourself on my Spotlight Feature I run on Saturday's on my blog. If you have not seen this you can go on my blog and click on the Spotlight Feature button to see the past bloggers that have been spolighted. I have everyone scheduled through November and we take the month of December off with the holidays etc. then resume Spotlight in January. I would love to feature you in January if this is something you might want to do. I think you have all the work done right here in the "about you" on your blog. Spotlight is a more personal feature about you as a blogger. It is unique to you and lets bloggers get to know you on a more personal level. Love your style and love your writing so fun to read your posts. So let me know if this is something you might want to do and I can give you a date. Hope you will say yes. It would be fun to feature you.

  15. Completely wonderful result and, girl, you are cray cray for dragging things outside in that cold! lol ~ Christina in FL


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