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TV Trays To Patio Tables

Last week Daughter #1 sent me a text asking if I wanted some old TV trays, and I don't think she thought I would say yes. She was cleaning out a closet and if she didn't have a use for them why would I?

But her text was timely, and I did have a use for them.

TV Trays Upcycled To Patio Tables with Old Sign Stencils Bliss

When I was a kid tv trays were made of metal, and in my mind I can still hear my mom's set clanking as they would hit each other on the stand. These days the trays are wood and I don't think they are called trays, the youngsters call them tables, but to me they will always be tv trays.

So a few days after the original text the six tv trays and their stands landed on my front porch.  I knew what I would use them for, and I knew I would paint them but I did have to think on how I wanted them to look.