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Flynn & Malone Blanket Chest

This isn't a post about the process and products used for painting an old pine box and turning it into a blanket chest - if you want the how-to details about paint, wax and wood pieces to make one yourself, you'll have to stop back next time.

Nope, this post is about something more........

Once upon a time in sunny Southern California there were two Irish lassies.

Pine Box Upcycle To Blanket Chest,


Silver Mirror with Fusion Gilding Paste

I've decided never to buy anything new again.

Wait.... I decided that years ago, back when people looked at my creations sideways and probably rolled their eyes when I wasn't looking, as I hung yard junk on our walls.

I guess not everyone finds parts of a wrought iron fence or an old gate all that attractive.


Graphics Transfer With Citrasolv Spool Cabinet

Alrighty now.... for the past week I've been showing you how I transformed a pale yellow toy box into a fool the eye cabinet with fake drawers, and knobs made out of vintage wooden thread spools.

But I didn't show you the graphic that I put on the top.

Vintage Thread Advertisment from The Graphics Fairy
Graphic from The Graphics Fairy


Spool Cabinet Redo - Fake Drawer Fronts

The front of the old toy box that I converted into a better looking front of the old toy box, started out as recessed panels and ended up looking like a vintage spool cabinet.

Fake Drawer Fronts on Toy Box Turned Spool Cabinet,


Vintage Thread Spools Turned Knobs

At the beginning of the week I posted {here} about a blah old toy box I turned into a cute spool cabinet that happens to hold toys.

Toy Box Turned Spool Cabinet with Vintage Thead knobs

Even though the drawers are faux fronts, they needed knobs to lend some authenticity to it.


Toy Box To Cool Spool Cabinet

This project was started about 20 years ago.

All in my head.


Sew What Did I Make?

I don't like to be a tease, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

If you're gonna get all bent out of shape because I don't tell you exactly what I'm working on, then quit reading right now and come back on Monday.

On Monday you will see how these pretty vintage spools of thread.......

Vintage Thread spools


Staining Pine Dark Espresso

I found a task I might dislike more than painting dining room chairs.

Staining pine dark espresso

Staining twelve, six-paned grids and four bun feet.


Wood Spool Clock (s)


Did you remember to Spring ahead and move your clock an hour into the future?

Or are you like me and still falling behind?

Wood Spool Clock Tin Numbers

I've got a couple of clocks to show you that the time can't be missed due to their size.  You also have to have a wall big enough for hanging.


Baking With Bliss, German Chocolate Cake

I will start this post with my usual disclaimer * I am not a food blogger, I am a food eater*.

I cook.  I eat.  And I do plenty of both.

I do not enjoy taking photos of the steps involved to do either of those things, but sometimes when a recipe is worth passing along I've just gotta do it.

German Chocolate Cake
German Chocolate Cake
Not being a food blogger means several things.....


Fusion Paint Brush Cleaner

Scold me if you must, but I'm one of those lazy paint brush cleaner uppers and I don't take good care of my paint brushes.

On a good day I tend to just drop them in a tin can of water that contains other paint from other brushes.

And then I leave them.

Naughty paint brush owner.

Fusion Brush Soap,

If I ... think I might plan on possibly maybe some day eventually ... using the same brush with the same paint, I will stick it in a fold top sandwich bag.

For eternity.


Route 66 Stencils

Three years ago, and three months into my experience with blogging, there was this challenge over at Debbie-Doos blog called the Magazine Copycat Challenge.

I loved it.

The idea was to find something out of a magazine to be duplicated.