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Easy Metal Door Update, Thrifty Style Team May

It's May in Minnesota - the birds are chirping, the trees are finally getting their leaves, flowers are starting to bloom, and it's time for the Thrifty Style Team with frugal finds for the month of May.

This month I have done a cheap update to an old, metal, dated dirty door.

Isn't that a song, Dirty Doors, Done Dirt Cheap?

I have mentioned before that we own a small rental house, and I wanted to update the breezeway a little bit and give it some style, free style to be exact.

So today I'm going to show you the inexpensive way I transformed that metal beast with a makeover instead of spending money to replace it.

DIY Etched Glass Metal Door Makeover,
The dirty before
The photo above is a shot of the little side entry as we were working on it.  Some lap siding on the walls and a dark gray stained concrete floor were replacing the old original 1954 steps and indoor outdoor carpet that used to be in there.

Thanks to my husband for sending that photo and asking what color he should paint the door, because when I saw it that's when I knew it needed more than paint.

He was probably fast asleep at midnight when I asked if he could cut the grids out of my moms door.  I still refer to it as her house even though she only lived there for about 7 years, and hasn't lived there (or anywhere else for that matter) for 17.

The grid had remained unpainted for ohhhh, I don't know... twenty four years?  I don't like to rush into anything, and no renters or my mom every asked for it to be painted.

DIY Etched Glass Metal Door Makeover,

Originally I thought I would just paint the door white as well as that slice of window trim.

Too many color decisions had already been made and I had gotten to the point that anything left to be painted was just going to be white so I didn't have to choose any more paint colors. 

DIY Etched Glass Metal Door Makeover,

I wanted to get it done and the closest paint jar wasn't white, it was Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black, so the decision was made.

Black was a good choice, I like the look it ended up having with the whole breezeway, and not painting that grid trim area a contrasting white made the painting go faster.

DIY Etched Glass Metal Door Makeover,

A new favorite product to mess with has been this etching spray.  There are a couple different brands that make similar spray and I had used the one above for Thrifty Style Team February on a First Aid Cabinet mirror.

I figured I may as well try it on the door glass, and if it looked awful I would go to plan B, even though I didn't have a plan B.

DIY Etched Glass Metal Door Makeover,

Sticky vinyl remnants in black and red were used with my machine to cut the numbers, which were then placed on the glass.

I have blocked out the street name so all my readers that are felons serving time can't stalk the people that live there when they get out.

DIY Etched Glass Metal Door Makeover,

The door received three coats of the spray.

Two would normally work but I didn't have a steady hand and the spray stream on my first pass wasn't the proper distance from the glass so it needed all three coats to even it out.

That's the official way of telling you I messed up.

The vinyl stencils were pulled off and the dirty door was done.  Dirt cheap.

DIY Etched Glass Metal Door Makeover,

The lap siding is a half strength color of one of the interior grays that were used.  Just enough color to contrast slightly with the white trim around the doors in this mudroom, of which this small area has four that open in or out of it....the house, the front, the backyard, and the garage.

DIY Etched Glass Metal Door Makeover,

By using everything I had on hand, the black door makeover with the frosted address glass -including the invisible street name- helped turn the little breezeway into a cute area to hang a jacket. 
A very thrifty upgrade.

Notice the Bed & Breakfast stencil on the old window to the right, it's from Old Sign Stencils, and it made for a very quick addition to the window. 

Spray Etch Entry Door,
 See transformations done dirt cheap from the other Thrifty Style Team ladies.
They may or may not be dirty.  The projects that is....not the ladies!

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  1. Love it! I'm getting ready to paint an old door; did you seal it with anything?

  2. Wow! Wow and wow! You would never even guess it is the same door. It looks fabulous in coal black, with the pops of red. Very classy.
    Just like you, my friend :)

  3. Wow what a transformation! It rounds out your entry and really makes it pop!

  4. I just LOVE this! I've been thinking of frosting some glass on our back're giving me the confidence!

  5. Wow, what a difference, Bliss! The door looks amazing! You really are so creative!

  6. "I have blocked out the street name so all my readers that are felons serving time can't stalk the people that live there when they get out."

    Is it bad that this made me chuckle?

  7. Super Fantastic, as always. What a change up. I mean totally new look. And I love it!!

  8. you make me laugh every time. what a great idea for the door.


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