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Two Sided Railway Sign, Thrifty Style Team July

It's time for a summer Thrifty Style Team post but why does it look like Christmas in July?
I promise I'm not getting a head start on my December 25th decorating, nor did I just leave holiday decor laying around that never got put away, although that is the better possibility of the two.

No, I re-purposed the back side of a Christmas sign with a little thrifty style, and it happens to be July.

Barn Wood Railway Sign

Last year I made a Kringle Coal Company sign on an old piece of red barn wood and hung it above the bed.  After Christmas when it was time to take it down, the space looked empty to me even though prior to the sign there wasn't anything hanging there.

Instead of storing the Kringle sign with the rest of the holiday decorations, I opted to flip the sign over and paint it into something that can stay put all year long till I flip it back over for Christmas again. 

Barn Wood Railway Sign

I put on my thinking apron and lined up some Fusion Mineral Paint on the dining room table, along with the reverse side of the barn wood Christmas sign.

I stared at it for a bit whilst some inspiration meandered through my brain.

Then I heard the train a coming, thanks to Johnny Cash.

Barn Wood Railway Sign

The train brought some simple block letter stencils and it took less time to make the sign then it did to have an idea chug through my mind.

But there is no Minn - Cal Railway.

I made it up to commemorate my mothers hitchhiking trek from Minnesota to California when she was a teen.

June was a rebel child, or as she put it, she wanted to get out of her small town where everybody knew your name, and your business.  Or at least they thought they did.

Barn Wood Railway Sign

So at 18, June along with a friend, put their thumbs out and made their way west across the USA to Cal-eye-for-nii-aa where her oldest brother was stationed in the army.

The fictitious railway went both ways when years later her own daughter made the east bound trek from California back to Minnesota.  I used a car though, not my thumb.

Barn Wood Railway Sign

The wood has a combo of dry brush on the background and lettering using the Fusion colors Champlain and Chocolate, and letter shading in Picket Fence.

The board is fragile, but heavy due to it's age.  Sort of like me.

Barn Wood Railway Sign

Now in December I can flip the sign over for an easy start to some Christmas cheer.

The railway/Kringle sign isn't the first two sided sign I have done.

I like the dual-use idea and less stuff to store that this option provides.

U Cut Tree Sign,

The above U-Cut Tree sign goes on the mantel in December, and the rest of the year it's an inheritor coordinates sign in a hallway.

What's an inheritor coordinate you ask?

The sign sports the first initial and birthday coordinates of the six offspring that someday will inherit all these dam signs I am making!

Inheritor Coordinates Sign,

Just like the signs, this post has a dual purpose..... 
the Thrifty Style Team also has some coordinates for you to check out, 
and if you get any inspiration or ideas, it will be a gift like Christmas in July.

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  1. We love the way you spin a story...and create such unique and beautiful decor. More importantly this sign has so much meaning and personal history. Great job!

  2. Love your sign, and the great story that inspired it!

  3. So glad to hear you used a car for your adventure! The sign looks fantastic and I love the idea of making it reversible. This would save so much space in my attic. ;-)

  4. What a fun story and sign! I heard that HL already has Christmas stuff out!

  5. I love your sign and the story that goes along with it.

  6. We live behind railroad tracks and I love anything railroad! And I love the story behind it - it gives it that much more meaning! :)

  7. I love how this sign looks! The two-sided sign is an idea I use, much more useful than storage! I love the story, too...our family has made many Minnesota/California moves, too!

  8. Great sign and story. You may have just given me an idea for my Etsy shop. Would mind if I used the double side idea?


  9. I love how your projects always have a story behind them. Love the double sided sign idea and, of course, this sign!!


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