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May Thrifty Style Team Wood Box

May flowers have arrived and along with those blossoms the Thrifty Style Team bloggers are blooming too!
You just never know what the other ladies will be thrifting, or how they will redesign an item they already have, so make sure and check out the links at the bottom that point you in their direction.

Some months I might thrift something for my own house, and other months I might  re-thrift something that was thrifted to me, which means I re-thrift a thrifted item back to the thrift-or, essentially going from being a thrift-ee of a thrifty item to myself being a thrift-or.   Clear as mud?

Because I paint old junk, I have friends who always give me their old junk.

Sometimes that old junk is old treasures, and sometimes not so much.  Usually it's just something the person no longer wants and then I feel obligated to do something with whatever the gifted item is, but just like them I usually have no use for it either.

So occasionally I will paint said item and give it back, turning it into an item they didn't know they needed.  They feel obligated to keep it because now I have invested time in it.

This practice slows down the influx of junk to me from people who give me stuff they truly don't want back, and I don't have to be responsible for trashing stuff that belonged to their parents that they didn't want to begin with.

And occasionally friends give me stuff they secretly hope I will update and give back to them but they don't want to come right out and ask me if I will paint it for them.

Fusion Mineral Painted Wood Box

Which leads me to this ugly scratched up little cedar box.

The giver informed me it had been their mothers and they don't want it.  Obviously they were very attached to it right?  Well attached enough they didn't feel right throwing it away, so they "passed it on" to me.

Here's a closer view of the vintage-ness of it.

Fusion Mineral Painted Wood Box

It came and sat on my desk taking up valuable desk-top property as I asked myself the question of how to thrift it. The answer was paint it.

In it's day the flowers on the box were probably very pretty.  In this day on my desk, they were not.

The box had plenty of scratches, gouges, and not to mention it was that glossy kind of cedar on the outside that reminded me of every trinket bought in the 1960's at vacation gift shops.

Fusion Mineral Paint,

I use Fusion Mineral paint for my projects, big or small, furniture or crafting.  Why?  Because I love it and it works on everything I have ever used it for and it works with minimal fuss.

So I coated the box with the color Champlain and reflected on my friend and how she might use it when it came back to live at her house, because I sure wasn't keeping it!

Her menfolk have a quest to sample as many craft beers in their lifetimes as possible, saving the caps of the ones they like and tossing them in a bag.

Bye bye cap bag.  The box is going back as beer cap storage.

Citrasolv Method of Image Transfer,

I used the Citrasolve method to transfer a vintage design to the top of the box.  *There will be a link to a full tutorial on using the method at the end. 

I chose this particular design because I was born in Seattle.  I don't remember Rainier Beer, I was just a tot, and my mom's beer of choice either came from the land of sky blue waters or the neighboring town of Olympia. 

Citrasolv Method of Image Transfer,

The amount of Citrasolv used was a mere capful. This technique is literally brushing on the solvent to transfer the image, just not too wet, and using the back of a spoon to burnish the design in place.

Citrasolv Method of Image Transfer,

Sometimes I'm very careful with this method, like on the cloth napkins I made for the tutorial, but for this box I wanted it to look old and rustic to match all the scratches on the top, so it looked like it had actually been around for as long as it has, so after the transfer I lightly sanded it, removing parts of the graphic.

Citrasolv Method of Image Transfer,

After painting, I like the smooth to the touch feel of using wax, so I applied black wax from Fusion to finish it off.  The black wax went into all the scratches and lines keeping the authentic aged look.

Citrasolv Method of Image Transfer,

And now the updated box is going back to where it came from.

So the lesson is; don't give me your old junk unless you are prepared to have it gifted back to you which will put you in the same predicament as won't really be able to throw it out even if you don't really like it or need it.

Citrasolv Method of Image Transfer,

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  1. Wow what a nice transformation. I'll take it! I visit Mt Rainer as a young teenager. Too young for Rainer beer but I have a wonderful time visiting Seattle.

  2. Bliss this a really cool idea. I think it looks great and to hold those bottle caps better than a bag for sure.

    Thanks for the share.


  3. Such a smart new use for that box! I've never heard of that citrasolv transfer technique so I'll definitely have to check that one out.

  4. This is so much fun and such a great idea for DIY vintage style!

  5. This is such a great piece, Bliss! I love how it turned out! It's great getting to link up with you and the other Thrifty Style Team ladies! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! xoxo

  6. Love this! I've never heard of this method to transfer so thanks! I'll definitely give it a try.

  7. I just love your story telling and perspective. I also love your humor. You get me smiling every time. Not to mention the fact that you are incredibly talented. Thanks for sharing your treasures for retreasuring. :)

  8. Funniest blog post ever!

  9. Ms Bliss; You are so Talented, and I enjoy seeing everything that you make.Please send the box my way; if they no longer want it!!! I am in Love with it, as I have a Passion for Mermaids. Happy Mama's Day to You!!!

  10. That turned out beautifully, Bliss...I'll bet your friend was thrilled to have the box back!

  11. you are so creative....and an amazing friend!

  12. Love the way you see things Bliss! Not just the projects, but the way you look at life! This sounds like the perfect way to stay crafty without crapping up your home! LOL

    I love the look of your friends trinket box, and the thought that you have already solved the "how do I use this" makes so much sense.



  13. You're so right about the glossy cedar souvenirs. I think they're still making them and people like my husband will still buy them, lol. Nice save of an old cedar box. I'll bet she loves the new look.


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