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Recycled Metal Seat Holiday Door Wreath Thrifty Style Team

It's the holiday season, so whoop de do and dickory dock and don't forget to hang up your....... metal stenciled front door wreath.

The original version of the song didn't mention a metal door wreath, but socks are overdone right?

It's Thrifty Style Team December Edition and I've got a feeling when you and I visit the other blogs at the bottom of this post, we're gonna see some holiday thrift'n going on.

So Ho Ho Ho and all that jazz.  I've been decking our halls, making lists and checking them more than twice, but in-between those things I wanted to update both our doors with a little festive style, and I wanted to spend ZERO to do it.

Our front door hasn't had anything hanging on it since I painted it over summer.  I like the simple "welcome" that is on it.  But it's Christmas for goodness sakes, it should have something hanging there, and whatever it is needs to cover up the welcome - so bits and pieces don't show, not because we don't want to welcome folks.

Recycled Metal Stool Seat Into Christmas Door Wreath

Because I tend to not throw anything away (sorry kids) when the round metal seats on our kitchen stools were replaced I saved them.

They weren't broken but one had a screw oddly pushing up through it, so when you slid across the seat it sliced your azz, and your pants.

Not a great way to say sit a spell in my kitchen, and while you're here gouge out a piece of your butt.

So the man with the tools took the metal tops off and put on some wood ones and people no longer have to shriek in pain while watching my cooking skills.

When I looked at those round metal tops I saw an empty canvas, so I gathered some Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black, Fort York Red and White Picket Fence, along with a stencil in buffalo check/plaid from Old Sign Stencils, and this seasons Reindeer Feed stencil.

Recycled Metal Stool Seat Into Christmas Door Wreath

The Reindeer Feed stencil is working hard here .... Daughter #1 made pillows with it and I have used it all over the place along with the Buffalo Check.  I guess I have a theme going on this year with out realizing it.

Recycled Metal Stool Seat Into Christmas Door Wreath

Stenciling is fast and easy and I get cute results.  If you need a tutorial go right to the Old Sign Stencil site.

Because it's cold here, as in the weather took a nasty turn just today and it's only one degree above zero outside, I ventured no further than right out the front door with scissors in hand and wearing my jammies and slippers.  I cut two pieces of the first green thing I saw from the shrub to the immediate right of the porch. 

Recycled Metal Stool Seat Into Christmas Door Wreath

Back in the safety of a warm house, I twisted the greens together with wire, added a cast off seasonal pic from the junk bin, put the hook that use to be on the door back in, and hung the previous junky seat up.

And there 'ya have it - an up-cycled recycled junk-cycled, stenciled metal door wreath.

Recycled Metal Stool Seat Into Christmas Door Wreath

So if I didn't tell you, would you have guessed that this door wreath was once a metal stool seat that got all stenciled up?

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  1. this is such a cute idea!!!!

  2. I love how this turned out, Bliss!! It's a good thing you saved those stool tops! You knew they were meant for great things, lol! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  3. You brave, brave woman going outside in that temperature to snip those greens!!! This looks soooo nice! I adore it! Yup, a theme and it is fun!! I hope you didn't have the offending seat on the stool for too darn long. Eeep!
    All the best to you and your family!

  4. Bliss,

    I love this and these stencils are the best. Love the plaid and I thought about buying them a few years ago and didn't. The looks you can achieve are great.

    Good thing you changed the seats because your azzes would be very sore.


  5. That buffalo check stencil is amazing! What an awesome transformation! It almost makes me wish I had an old stool seat of my own in my already way-to-big junk pile. :)

  6. No, I would never have guessed that your doorhanger was once a metal seat! I really must get one of those buffalo-check stencils. You are creating some awesome things with it!

  7. Very cute AND clever! At least you do something with the things you save!
    I'm thinking something for Valentine's Day would work well too! And July 4th, and Thanksgiving! How many do you have????

  8. Oh my are a genius, and a very crafty clever one at that. I love how this turned out. I am smitten with the stencils you used...smitten I tell ya.

  9. I would have never guessed! So clever and cute! Merry Christmas to you my friend!

  10. This is such a fun idea, had me laughing!

  11. Once again, your creativity has blown me away! Love these layers of stencils and fun idea! Merry Christmas, my friend.

  12. no at all!! super cute idea... as always. merry christmas Bliss to you and your family.thanks for inspiring us throughout the year!

  13. This is so cute! I would have never thought to make a wreath from an old seat but it looks perfect. And I apologize to my kids all the time for all of the things I hang on too. They will "inherit" them all someday, lol.


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