Vintage Bucket September Thrifty Style Team

There's a hole in the bucket Dear Liza, Dear Liza.....

Well not really.

The vintage enamel bucket below is very solid with nary a hole and I'm giving it an update for the September Thrifty Style Team, along with a second update using the inside metal cylinder from an antique ice cream maker.

You will find links to the other Thrifty Style Team members below, so stop in and see how thrifty they are this month.

Vintage Enamel Bucket Planter,

We are fortunate to have an auction house about thirty minutes away, where we can bid on estate sales or other junk online in the comfort of our jammies, then since it's local, go pick it up the day after the auction closes.  But many times the auction house will group things together, so if there is something specific in the photo prompting a bid, you have to take the whole lot when you arrive for pickup whether you want it all or not.

You might ask, why not just leave the shitola you don't want right there at the auction house?  Well, because they have your credit card for the online bidding and they will charge you a hefty disposal fee for anything you won at auction and leave behind for them to get rid of.

Sometimes when the junk I might not have been bidding on gets home - lets call that stuff the tagalongs - I look at it in a different way, and occasionally it isn't so junky.  Such was the case with this old bucket that tagged-along in a box of other tag-alongs. 

Vintage Enamel Bucket Planter,

The bucket landed in the garage and every time the word bucket would cross my mind that old song crossed it too, and each time I walked by the bucket I found myself singing 'there's a hole in the bucket dear Liza'.

The lettered bucket now puts a song in my heart (is there an emoji that rolls it's eyes, like Oh Brother? If so picture it here).

I hoped people would get the humor in it, but I might be the only one, which is ok because it cracks me up!

Liza's thrifty redo cost about a buck.  A buck-et.

And what about that other planter to the right in the background there, the Route 66 one?

Vintage Enamel Bucket Planter,

That started out as the center of a wooden antique ice cream maker.

A tall heavy metal cylinder with a lid that had a metal/wood churning paddle inside.

Vintage Enamel Bucket Planter,

In spring I planted some cilantro in the cylinder and promptly killed the cilantro after the first harvest, which means only one batch of salsa was made from the cilantro plant.  I'm obviously no green thumb but I don't think that's how it's suppose to work out.

The ice cream thing turned planter then sat in my kitchen window with nothing but dirt, till now when a nice little container of purple mums fit right in.

Vintage Enamel Bucket Planter,

When I planted the cilantro I used the wood and metal churn part as a trellis - that part was like brand new, so not sure if anyone ever made ice cream with it.

Fusion Mineral Paint,

Fusion Mineral Paint was used in Casement, with Ash for the letters.  Fusion paint holds up great outside.  Since I will be spraying water from a hose at these planters on thirsty plant days, I did put a clear spray over the paint for extra protection.

Vintage Enamel Bucket Planter,

Both Liza's bucket and the center from the ice cream churn-turned Route 66 mum holder- sit on the steps by my mudroom door.

The black ash bucket at the bottom, mostly out of view, was also a tag-along from the auction sale and I'm still thinking on painting that, but for now it's holding a spider plant I never got around to putting in a larger pot.

Vintage Enamel Bucket Planter,

Feel free to copy Dear Liza's Bucket. Although I could not find another Dear Liza's Bucket out there, so it might be an original.  If you see it at Target or Hobby Lobby remember you saw it here first.

What is on the list (bucket list?) from the rest of the Thrifty Style Team?  Well I don't know either, so lets go check out their thriftiness.

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  1. Girl - You are beyond hysterical...and super creative and talented!!! Love Liza's bucket and your inspiration story. The Route 66 bucket is equally fabulous!

  2. These both turned out perfectly, Bliss!! I love that the buck-et (bwahaha!) put a song in your heart, lol! I mean...Who could say no to that?! What great finds! You always have the neatest ideas! <3

  3. Ha! I will definitely be singing this for the rest of the day! Love that little bucket! Such a great find, even if it wasn't on purpose!

  4. Living right off of Route 66 my whole life, I think I need the buckets Yes, both, just because I was in a play in elementary school and we sang "There's a hole in My Bucket." Looks like you have written this post just for me :) I think we are kindred spirits.

  5. Haha, love the Liza's bucket; they're both fantastic!!

  6. Bliss you always make me smile. These are awesome and creative. I never would have thought planter with the cylinder.

    Off to visit the others. Enjoy your weekend


  7. Gosh! I used to have one of those hand cranked ice cream buckets with the center cylinder. After seeing what you did with yours, I'll be on the lookout for one. By the way, I find cilantro hard to grow. It will do well for a short time but them it peters out quickly when it warms up.

  8. Love this! Such a creative way to repurpose an old bucket!

  9. I love your bucket and are so creative...but you already know that and I always get excited to see what you've put your hand to. As far as the auction house, that sounds like fun. I went to an auction on a rocking chair and loved it. I think I was about 20 years old, had no clue what I was doing but I just went for it. Maybe I should try it again especially after seeing some of the great things you do with your buys.

  10. Well that's the best looking shitola I've seen in a while, and if Target copies you Imma be the first one to tweet this shitola and call them out.

  11. oh bliss you are always the one I can count on for a good laugh ...and such creative projects.

  12. Cilantro is the hardest herb to grow (keep alive). It gets leggy quickly.

    Cute porch!


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