Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chicken Wire Light Shade Covers

I've got a new joke for you.....Did 'ya hear the one about the blogger and the dining room chairs?  No?  Well I'm not telling it to you either.  Lets just say things are not going well with the chairs and my attempt to recover the chair backs.

So far I have hammered holes from the tacks into my kitchen counter, and burned a pillow case with the iron.  Not only did I burn the pillow case, I also pulled up the wax and wood grain design from my dining room table top.  Don't. Ask.

If anyone needs to make a faux wood grain on Egyptian cotton, just ask, I'll be happy to share my technique.

To divert attention from whatever chair-redo hellll that I currently live in, I decided to finish up the dining room light fixture.

Before - typical little off white shades.  I think there are 9 of them.

My son helped by taking off the shades.  He thought he was taking those shades off and they would be put back on in a day or two.  Seriously, doesn't he know me better by now? 

I decided it couldn't be that hard to rip the fabric off.  Ah ha ha ha ha ..... was I wrong, what a pain in the asss that was.

For those of you keeping track, so far that is two misspelled swear words.

I forgot light shade manufacturers use some super powered glue made by NASA to hold the nose of the space shuttle on.  Can I use another swear word?

After helll froze over, the little shades were finally free of their fabric.  I wanted to reveal silver metal, I got white.  The industrial sort of vibe I was going for didn't materialize.

I left them alone while I waited for the next great idea for shade covers to pop in my head.  Except for this lone shade that I put back on to see if I wanted the bare white metal look.

It stayed that way, with one shade on for months.  Only one guest asked why.  The same one that asked why I have old door knobs in a basket in the bathroom.

No, I didn't like the bare look and no I didn't like the white.  So after a decent amount of time went by - 7 months according to the time stamp on the photo - I spray painted them a bronze color.

making Chicken wire shade covers, Bliss Ranch

I gathered the needed supplies, chicken wire, and pliers that would snip the chicken wire.

I wanted the shades to match the plate racks Brawn made that have a chicken wire back.

Chicken Wire backed plate rack, Bliss Ranch

Really I didn't give a rat's behinder anymore about matching anything, I just wanted one freaking project to be done in the dining room before Thanksgiving, which in case you haven't checked your calendar is next week and I'm six chairs short of a load.

making Chicken wire shade covers, Bliss Ranch

I pretended to measure the shade to chicken wire ratio, but actually what I did was just pulled it tight.........

making Chicken wire shade covers, Bliss Ranch

.....clipped off the extra, and bent the chicken wire in place.

making Chicken wire shade covers, Bliss Ranch

When I was done - and I timed it, two hours later - I liked how the shades turned out.

Chicken Wire Light Shade Covers, Bliss Ranch

I need to get some cute bulbs since I can see them.

Chicken Wire Light Shade Covers, Bliss Ranch
For now I like the rustic look, and when I get tired of them I can try something else knowing all it cost was my time.

Chicken Wire Light Shade Covers, Bliss Ranch

The rest of the family walked through the dining room all evening and no one even noticed the shades.

Maybe they won't notice when they have to stand to eat turkey next week?

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  1. Oh you make me laugh and feel better about my fiasco yesterday. I'd stand for dinner if you fed me those chocolates you were making last week. Love the shades. :)

  2. Well, those shades turned out great! I love how you had one shade on the fixture for months...makes me feel like my house just follows your great style. And you might have invented a new transfer technique with the iron/melted tabletop design! We are at the point that if we don't finish the dining area...we are buying tv trays...

  3. Perfection can't be rushed you know, and I'm sure it's a bloggers right to take time when creating !
    Your new shades look fab and are very Bliss Ranch and as I have a chicken wire project in mind, I'm glad to see the stuff up close and in use.
    I'd love to come help with the chairs (not that I'm a great upholsterer but I hear your pain) but it's a tad too far, so good luck x

  4. Copy me and throw a couple of Christmas balls on them. Then they'll notice. After all, you can't have too many balls.

  5. Ah, the trials and tribulations of a DIY diva. hehe I love the industrial look of the shades! As for the chairs, I've got an idea for you. Do you by any chance have 6 ugly Christmas sweaters? A dealer in a local antique shop pulls a sweater over each of her dining room chair backs, with the sleeves tied in back. The added bonus is that if her guests get cold, they're welcome to wear the sweater on the back of their chair! Just a thought. :)

  6. I've been afraid to ask about the iningday oomray airschay......
    Those chicken wire shade covers are the bomb digidee lady!! Lurve 'em!! Do they give a cool shadow glow on the walls? They are a total upgrade!!

  7. I'm so glad to see that you aren't rushing to get things done for Thanksgiving! These are really cool and I kept looking up at my chandelier that I took the shades off of 6 months ago and have done nothing with. Pinned this so maybe they'll only look like that for another 3-4 months.

  8. Oh, Bliss ! That was terrific ! Loved the wittiness of the post. You answered my questions as I asked them. I thought the wood grain on the fabric looked FAB and you may have hit on something, then you offered the tutorial! Ha ! Guest who commented on doorknobs.... she doesn't have "the sight." Love these cute quirky wired shades... you're ahead of your time, fershur! I wondered how they would look painted in the same bronze. But you can't undo that if you don't like it. Love what you're doing! Happy Turkey Day.

  9. Your bliss loss, our bliss gain. Your Bombeckian commentary delights your followers more than you could know. Embellish the cover with the iron stain to look like a turkey and make that a chair of honor. Eleventh hour heroics always have a way of shining.


  10. I enjoyed your play by play with this project that I'm sure I will NEVER try myself! LOL!!!!! It sounds like A LOT of work. I'm not a patient person, so the ripping of the fabric off fiasco would've put me so far over the edge that I probably would've hurled those shades out the front door and then needed to take a Xanax to calm me down. And, uh, by the way, they sell ironing boards ya know so you don't permanently RUIN your table when you need to iron something. I knew you were a slacker! Teasing.............OF COURSE! I think your chandelier turned out great. Maybe you can serve your Thanksgiving meal Indian style around your coffee table this year since you don't have any chairs to use. Indians WERE part of the original Thanksgiving feast ya know. It would be like a lesson in history for your family too. See? Problem solved!

  11. Standing while you eat Thanksgiving dinner gives you more room to pack the food in! Tell them you did it so there will be fewer leftovers.
    The chandelier looks great!

  12. I dig these shades. I'm on an Edison bulb kick right now, they'd look fabulous with a chicken wire shade.

    I, too, have a friend or two that will ask why? about the jar of door knobs. I just feign hearing loss.

  13. I am really liking those shades. I have been wanting to try something similar on some of the bigger thrift store shades I seem to be addicted too.
    I prefer the misspelled swear words, then they are not technically swear words and I can laugh really hard and not feel like I am laughing at a swear word.
    I really do think you are onto something with the wood grain burn mark on the pillow case, just expand it and repeat all over, it could be really cool and the next new thing on the blog.
    Regarding chair shortage. You simply have too much family. Start by voting some of them off the island now, or the ones that are voted off get sent to redemption island, which is the folding table set up in the kitchen, you know, "The kid table". Which my 16 year old is hoping she has graduated from this year.

  14. I love the lampshades! I am mega addicted to chandeliers & light fixtures, they just have so much potential and ways you can take them. This is the first I've seen with chicken wire, I love it! It opens doors to all the different kinds of wire.....

    .... hmm..... I wonder if someone sells mini drum shades for chandeliers... might be cute with a square wire... kinda modern.

    Anyway - looks great! and for bulbs, I personally love the clear round ones :D

  15. Just make everyone sit Indian-style on the floor. It'll be fine.

    Those shades? All lit up? Gorgeous.

  16. Oh Bliss! This is so beautiful!!!! I'm a little all about chicken wire, too....but lampshades....pure brilliant my friend!

    Happy, happy weekend to you!

  17. Bliss, you are a riot!! Sorry the chairs are really giving you a problem. My guess is we won't be seeing them anytime soon. Don't blame you, sometimes when it gets frustrating, a project that should be enjoyable turns into a nightmare. The lightshades are really cute and creative.


  18. I really like your shades..Turned out great!!!!

  19. Winner... winner... chicken dinner.

    Well, Chicken Wire Lamp Shades in this case.
    Still a winner!
    And... written while I am boiling chicken for the tonight's chicken and dumplings dinner!

  20. Faux wood grain on fabric, it's kind of catchy and cute. Love, love how your chicken wire chandelier turned out, too cool!! I hope the chair situation works out bu Turkey Day... pulling for you!!

  21. You are hilarious and brave. I LOVED the lamp shades. I'd do it if I had a fixture to do it on. Standing to eat with our plate in hand is old hat here since we moved from a big house to a small one and can't even find the table and chairs yet. Happy Thanksgiving. You made me laugh and I love it.

  22. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shades! I hate cutting chicken wire but for that look - totally worth it! Gorg!!!

  23. I like the chicken wire shades very much. Great job, well done and finished.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  24. LUV!!! LUV!!! They turned out beautifully. Pulled my off white shades off the chandelier a few months ago. This is a look I can embrace.

  25. These turned out really well! I love how they shine when the lights are on! If you ever get tired of them, you can always strings scraps of fabric or old doilies from them or just crystals! I think you'll be loving these for quite a while, whether the rest of the family notices or not! They're always so oblivious to what's going on my house too! Hugs, Leena

  26. you, my dear, CRACK me up! I'm sorry to be laughing at your expense, but without totally knowing you I think if I had been there helping, I would have been laughing WITH you! I really, really LOVE the shades--and I know how hard chicken wire is to work with.
    I hope you find something to sit on for turkey dinner! lol

  27. Bahaha! I felt like you all weekend with half finished projects all over the place. It's so easy to get distracted and sometimes seems easier to start a new one before finishing an old one. Sigh. I had to laugh that no one noticed the new chicken wire lamp shades. I am sure you'll figure out something to do with the chairs by Thanksgiving. Sometimes tells me you work best under pressure :)

  28. You crack me up! I love how they turned out! But I love them even more because it took 7 months for them to get finished, makes me happy inside!

  29. Completed project? You deserve a trophy. I can't believe no one noticed your handiwork. Surely they noticed the bleeding hands and the flesh mutilation from the chicken wire?
    I like Vickie's idea with the Christmas sweaters...hilarious.

  30. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!
    jeux de mario

  31. Hahaha...cute AND funny. :P You've got it all going on chickadee.


  32. I think the shades turned out amazing -- such a cool look!

  33. 7 months - easier than having a baby!

  34. You finished the chairs by thanksgiving, didn't you? I just KNOW it. I have total faith in you. Despite all the odds. :)

  35. I love these, Miss Bliss ~ featuring them tonight at this week's Project Inspire{d} and pinning! Thanks for joining the party.

  36. I love this idea. I have half a roll of chicken wire left over. Been wondering what else I can cut my hand on to do! These are cool Bliss!


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