50 Shaded Questions

Kirby from Kirb Appeal and Andi from Delusions of Ingenuity, are now on the top of my list.

You know what list that is right?.... my schmidt list.  

Not because I don't like them, I do, they are a whole lotta funny.

They are on the list because they've obviously got my number and know I won't say no.

So, because I am such a gosh darn good sport, I'm going to answer 50 questions that I was tagged in....twice.... that have nothing to do with painting or recycling furniture.

That is twice as in I was tagged twice.  You're welcome -  I won't be answering them twice.

1. What are you wearing?
My birthday suit.  With a jammies chaser.

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$2.00 Box of Wood Hangers

I mentioned in my last post that I had picked up a box of mystery items on the same day I brought home the pine box that I painted with French Lime paint.

The mystery box contents are two dollars worth of wood hangers. 

Some vintage, some with advertising, including some of the short grippy wood ones that hold *slacks*, and some unfinished ones that are a blank canvas for me. box of vintage hangers

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Pine Box with French Lime Paint

I don't want to act all goofy and giddy, but Maison Blanche sent me a new paint to try out, and well, I LOVE IT!

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint

Maybe some of you have painted things like the Sistine Chapel or Italian Frescoes but not me, I'm small pahtatas in the world of art.

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Microwave Corn on Cob Complete With Husks and Silk

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears......

Corn on Cob in Husks for Microwave
I suppose by the time I get around to doing a post on a tip I saw - and tried -  that you've all seen and tried this on you own?

Oh well.

I'm gonna write sort of a corny post anyway (as that joke proves to be lame at best).

And I'm also gonna make sure I type the word corn and corny correctly each time.  They are the kind of words if I type them wrong, spell check won't catch - and it will take this post to a very dark place on the internet with stalks stripped down to their golden bits.

At the beginning of August when the sweet corn harvest was bountiful around here, I saw a little video on cooking corn, husks and all, in the microwave.

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Pillows I Can't Make

Well howdy-doo everyone. 

Imma gonna partake in just a slight Bliss Bashing.

Quit reading if you can't fathom that thought.

When I started this blog I announced for God and everyone to read that I. Can't. Sew.

That was no joke, and then I went on to make some coffee sack pillows which was agony for me even though I was pleased with the result. 

Here's my coffee sack version of a burlap bolster with added doo dads for bling. Coffee Sack Pillows

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Wow an Appealing Post of Other Peoples Stuff

My friend Laura over at Top This Top That has a weekly feature she calls *Weekly Wows*.

My friend Kirby's blog, Kirb Appeal does a *What I Found Appealing* feature highlighting things that appeal to her - get it... Kirb Appeal.. Appealing?

And I'm sure there are a million other blogs that highlight and feature awesome projects from around the web. 

So I'm gonna be a million and one.  At least for today.

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Willie Nelson's Armadillo

Yes you read the title of this post correctly.

Willie Nelson's Armadillo.

Sounds like a new paint color, but sorry - no - I'm not painting a dresser Armadillo Gold.

I was scrolling through my photos looking for a DIY project that was already completed but that I had never posted.

I found a couple past project pic's and they didn't excite me anymore now than they did when I made them.  So not posting.

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Bean Bag Toss - Yard Art

I've been gone.  Gone, as in I have not been home.

First we took a few day trips over the past few weekends.

Then we went on vacation.

Often we have stay-cations and play at home, so all these little jaunts so close together are not the norm.

But while I was home for a couple days I did a little painting with some new outdoor paint from Maison Blanche.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

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Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Deep Fried Recipe Edition

Anytime I post a recipe I have to quantify it by saying, I am not a food blogger, I am a food eater.

My thighs don't lie.

Thank you to my son for being my hand model.
So while I'm gearing up for a couple of paint projects after I return from a quick vacation, I'm gonna share one of those secrets to having thunder thighs, the food that gives me the courage to paint, the sustenance to forge on with my paint brush.

Cheese.  In fried curd form.

I do not advocate eating cheese curds on a daily basis.

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Wisconsin Beer, Cheese and Fireworks

As I travel on with Midwest week, I'm gonna write about beer.

I realize some of you might be wondering if I've hung up my paint brush in favor of hitting the road.

Yes, I'd much rather travel around than paint.  But this wanderlust is only temporary.

I toured around St. Paul in part 1 here, and part 2 here, and now I'm heading across the border to Wisconsin for contraband. 

New Glarus Beer, Wisconsin,

Beer, cheese, and illegal fireworks to be exact.

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