Jingle Bell Junk Swap ~ Junk Tree

Jingle Bell time is a swell time. 

How come every post I do about Christmas I feel like singing?  Well this time it's because the super groovy blogs on that Jingle Bell Junk Swap button rock.

To ring in the Christmas season we did it our way and swapped junk.  We drew names and sent a small vintage treasure on for the recipient to re-purpose into something Christmasy.  I don't know what anyone else gave or got other than myself, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the groovy gang crafted.

Here's the internet version of the 'lil horse that started the junk repurpose for me.....

It's not THE  exact little horse because I did a blogger no-no....... if  I took a before picture I can't find it.   I *think* I remember snapping a pic when it arrived but where did it go after that?  Mine looked pretty much like these two pirated photos if you mixed them together.  My horse isn't scratching his chin.

The all around groovy chick and super talented Cassie from Primitive & Proper drew my name and she wasn't horsing around when she packed that bugger in enough bubble wrap to mail a priceless irreplaceable fragile tea cup to say.. someone in England (hi Fiona).

Cassie.... FYI, Trigger arrived safe and I have reused all the bubble wrap.  The box too.

Then I did what any good crafter would do.  I spray painted the little filly.  The pony, not Cassie.

I had several ideas how to use the horse, but when the time came it was re-purposed in Krylon silver for the good of the whole.

Whole tree.   

Whole junk tree.

Whole bunch of junking jingling bling.

Mission:  Turn one tomato cage into a blinged out Christmas tree using my little pony as the main attraction.
Couldn't grow tomatoes may as well repurpose it
Christmas Tree Molds
I picked up two of these Christmas tree mold things at a summer garage sale.  They didn't fit together so I'm not really sure what you would mold in them.  I passed one half (6 trees each when cut apart) on to Sarah at The Thriftress and I used the other half on my project along with my pretty little silver filly and any junk I could find......

No, I didn't come up with this on my own.  I pinned the idea a while ago.  If you look you can find that and more inspiration on my Pinterest board.

Here is the inspiration junk tree:
Tree From Curious Sofa Blog

And here is mine. I. Love. It.!!! 
Thank you Debbie at Curious Sofa for thinking of it.

See the horse front center?

The tomato cage tree has all sorts of good junk.  And plenty of Jingling Bling.
Like this vintage ice cream scoop.....

An egg separator....

Some antique tart tins....

My Christmas tree mold thingy's...

An old egg beater......

A cross of nails that one of my kids made....

Lots and lots of old cookie cutters.......

And of course the pretty little filly that started it all........

Thank you Cassie, it was fun and without this horse I don't know if I would of raced to get my inspiration tree completed.  I think I will put this in my kitchen just in case I need to separate an egg, then I can think of you when I wash dishes.

Make sure and stop over at these other great blogs and see what they received and how they repurposed it.  I'm looking forward to seeing how Sarah used her half of the tree molds.

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  1. You made junk look divine! I love it!

  2. So cool!! I love how it all comes together in the shiniest of ways! The tomato cage is genius!

  3. Love it! What a great idea and I love how it turned out.

  4. Well how much fun was that??!! I love your tree and I'm thinking maybe I could do something with all those old ornaments that I don't want to use anymore. This is awesome!

  5. Get the hell outta here...I simply LOVE this Junk Tree! What the What? only you..bliss only you and I LOVE IT!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! It's so so coooool Bliss! I love it :) It all started with a horse :) Great job!

  7. I Love this! Next year, invite me to the party! I promise I won't send anything inappropriate.

  8. That is adorable! Another great job Bliss!

  9. Now that is one of the cutest junk trees I have ever seen! You have done it again Bliss...awesome job!!

  10. First off...I am now singing Christmas songs after reading your post:)!! I really love, love the junk tree!!! And your little silver philly fits perfectly! Great job!

  11. Andi is right!!! WOW! What a gorgeous pile of Junk! You rocked this one, my friend...

  12. so fun!!!! what a unique, clever, and shiny idea! :) that filly looks happy and shiny! shiny happy fillies holding hands.....

  13. Seriously?! That is amazing - and now I want one! You must stop doing this to me!

    What did you do with all that bubble wrap - are you planning a bubble wrap tree?!

  14. that is so stinking cool!! I want into your brain for just...a minute?? think of all the treasures I would see!!! Love this!

  15. Wow. If only you could reveal the makings of your mind. Too cool.

  16. Omigosh! That totally ROCKS. Who knew that combining large quantities of junk results in something that looks so UNjunky?!

  17. Wow! I'm blown away with this piece of awesomeness Miss Bliss! The silver horse in the middle of all the vintage goodness is perfect. Luv the idea!

  18. BRAVO! WELL DONE! A MASTERPIECE!!! This is quite an undertaking and takes time to acquire but you did it. Good for you. Now lets see how it will patina over the years with wonderful rust and age. Congrats!

  19. You are just so gosh darn creative and talented. I never ever would have thought of this and it is just so cool!!

  20. love love love fun

  21. This is a work of art. Send this on to bigger and better places, like Apartment Therapy! You are on to something here my friend.

  22. Oh my gosh! I love it! What a great idea!!!

  23. So darn cute! Love it! What a great idea to send each other something and stir up the creative bug.

  24. I never saw a junk-y tomato cage Christmas tree before! Love all that good junk!

  25. A junk I have seen everything. Had someone told me I would be admiring a junk tree this year, I would have told them they were crazy...yet, here I am admiring a junk tree :)

  26. What a terrific idea. I pinned it.

  27. How fun! I would just enjoy looking at it and finding all the treasures!

  28. My Christmas wish is to become an antique tart! I picture myself with saggy, baggy skin and a slinky red fringe flappers dress. Oh, and can't forget the long cigarette holder! Bet I can find these on Etsy!

  29. You are too clever Bliss. I love this cutie pie. Thanks for sharing.

  30. This is really something, Bliss! I love how the silver unifies all this random stuff into something totally COOL! yes, keep it in the kitchen -- you may want to make cookies, beat eggs, gaze at a filly while cooking... who knows?
    xo Heidi

  31. NOW THATS TOO CUTE. What a fantastic idea. You know there are a lot of us who are going to borrow your idea. I know I have some of these tomato cages. I have a cross made of nails that I have hanging on my mirror in my car--love it. Your horse looks great there.

  32. Love it! Actually I love anything made into the shape of a tree - especially junk. Perfect!

  33. Well, I think you were handed the ultimate challenge! I'm sure Cassie was laughing the whole time Trigger was traveling to the Ranch.

    You met that challenge head on and made a fun, glitzy tree that will make you hum "Happy Trails" as you wash the never ending stacks of dirty dishes. :@

  34. Oh, my gosh! That is SUCH a fun tree!

  35. That unique Christmas tree looks right at home at your place! I love anything Curious Sofa does, so this one is a keeper. Your tree looks just as good! It's so unique. I've never seen one like it before.

  36. Hi back !
    I.Love.This.Too !
    I'm going to go all American and say that this is such a neat idea and your tree turned out awesome !!
    (I've been putting some kitchen stuff up at work, as Christmas decorations, but it's not nearly as cool as this - I reckon (!) you'll definitely be thinking I live in the US now !!)
    Luckily Kirby's been here already because I love me some exclamation marks. x

  37. SHUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( and please send that to me immediately ) thanks very much!
    Seriously Bliss? You blow me away - absolutely gorgeous beyond words,

  38. I love this! I just read this project on Hometalk and I see you are a fellow Minnesotan.

  39. That's great!! What a neat idea. I always love your stuff but this is really adorable!

  40. Ahhh! You've out-blinged {blissed?} yourself on this one!! Awesome!!

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  41. LOVE it! I would definitely have this in the kitchen...and maybe keep it there. Such fun my friend!


  42. What a wonderfully junk filled delight!! I had horses like those as a kid. My Barbies rode them :) Memories... ahh :)

  43. You are so amazingly creative!!! I just love seeing what you'll come up with next!! ~L

  44. Well if this isn't amazing! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday..


  45. Love your junk tree! I picked it as my feature from last week at Throwback Thursday. Stop by and pick up an "I Was Featured" button. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree!

  46. Too cool, as always Bliss. Love it ~ Amy

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