C.C.C.C.C. (Christmas Crate Copy Cat Challenge)

This post marks the maiden voyage of my new Silhouette Cameo and what better way to christen it than by using it to make my copy cat Christmas craft for the Christmas copy cat challenge at Debbie Doos.

You got that straight?

It could also be known as the CCCCCCC... Candy Cane Christmas Crate Copy Cat Challenge.  So I sailed the 7 C's.

But before I get to my project let me snow show you what arrived at our house this weekend.......

 The above photo is looking out my front door.  Christmas turned white.
See the log reindeer on the right all covered in downy white fur?

So this morning I was up at the crack of dawn with coffee in hand, to finish work on my copy cat, and this was the view from the kitchen table.  I was surrounded by cold white flakes.

Now I'd like to tell 'ya I was up so early because I am very devoted to having something to link for the copy cat challenge but the truth is I needed to get this painted and off my kitchen table.  We ate dinner with it smack dab in the middle last night.

And I am that devoted to the copy cat challenge.

What is it?  It's a three sided bottomless box, what does it look like, duh. 

I wanted to use a big galvanized bin to put our Christmas tree stand in.  But the stand didn't fit.  I wanted to use a basket.  But it didn't fit in that either.  So I asked my wonderful husband who had more than enough other things to do (like shovel or plow the driveway) to make me a three sided faux crate that I could cleverly slide in to hide the tree stand.....

 We put our stand on a red rubber mat so when we over fill the well it doesn't leak through to the carpet.  Not that we would ever do that.

On my shopping list is some fabric for a new tree skirt that of course I found on Pinterest, maybe tomorrow, but till then we are using one we have had forever.  It's a two sided comforter.  One side has green plaid, the other has pine cones.  Nothing special but it has a big wing span to hold fallen pine needles.

Letters all cut out as stencils
Not only is this post the maiden voyage for my Silhouette Cameo, but also for the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint I have had for a while.  I bought mine from Miss Flibbertigibbet.  I like to try all the new paints.  I have quite the collection going of chalk paint colors, and so far I've liked everything I have tried.

This is my inspiration crate.  I pinned it from the talented and inspiring Becky at Beyond The Picket Fence.   So since this is a copy cat challenge, I'm copying it!

Beyond The Picket Fence

I started with a coat of ASCP in old white, then mixed up my tricycle red milk paint and painted over my stencils.  Peeled 'em off, put some dark wax on and just like North Pole magic my crate was done.

Perfect to hide the tree stand.  And I love it.  Thank you Becky for the inspiration.
This was the first project I didn't have to hand paint letters.  I didn't save any time because I had to figure out that machine, figure out what I wanted to write, figure out the font I wanted to use, read more directions on the milk paint, and basically I think this took me 3 days to complete, but I couldn't leave the house due to the snow anyway!

If I get the new tree skirt done then I can move on to wrapping gifts.  Even if I don't get a new tree skirt made I'm gonna have to wrap presents huh?

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  1. Love your cute crate, and that snow ~ you lucky girl! I had to laugh, we're always eating dinner with some project in the middle of our island! :)

  2. Okay, the three sided crate is brilliant! That's a terrific copycat.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh! That is the cutest tree stand cover I have EVER seen! Love your creativity and talent in making it. I would love to COPY you (in a smaller version of some type...don't have a handy hubby). Thanks so much for sharing how you did this. I saw your post over at Debbie Doos'.

  4. Love the crate and tray too. We got some white tuff in No Minnesota too but not as much.

  5. Did you hear me so OMG that is so Flippen cute! Yep, I did super loud. I am so glad you made in time. I like the 7'C name:) Thanks for sharing and joining in on the fun.

  6. Soooooo cute. Sticker stencils? Now, that I think I can use.

  7. I love all of the snow!!! So pretty! The CCCCC (or however many C's it be) looks amazing. What a great idea for around your tree stand. Can you show us a long shot of the tree and stand all together? I know I'm asking for a lot!!

  8. i am trying not to be jealous of the snow. and the crate is AWESOME!!!!!!

  9. What a cute idea! You are awesome!!!

  10. Such a fun craft and great copy cat idea :) We've yet to have our first snow fall but I feel it coming. The temps have been in the high 30's so we are close! Your view looks so peaceful. Enjoy your day .. sounds like you have some festive activities planned. My last day at the office is next Thursday..sigh..

  11. Ooooo... the three sided crate is brilliant!! Such a cute crate and bravo to you on a successful Cameo appearance!! You'll be slicin' up the vinyl like a crazy woman now. Crazy-er. Love the snow pics too. It does make for great Christmas preparation ambience!! :)

  12. If I were truly witty, I come up with a comment that included 7 C's of my own, bu it's too early in the morning for that kind of thinking:) I love the crate, now you just have to fill it up with toys!


  13. love the crate, been thinking of a Silhouette Cameo for myself...the peal stick letters get expensive... i LOVE the little tree stand..


  14. Oh, yours is so awesome, I love it! Thanks so much for the shout out!

  15. I love your dedication to your copy cat link party :). This is a wonderful idea. Hopefully Brawn won't miss eating dinner with it tonight and will appreciate it under the tree. It looks great there!

  16. How cute is that crate....I love it!! I want to sell my Cricut and buy me a Silhouette Cameo. I don't think Santa will be bringing me one even though I been good this whole year. Hope you're having a wonderful day, Gail

  17. Cute! Cute! Cute!
    Did you see the little glimpse of my tree skirt yet! Can you guess what it was in it's former life? :)

  18. Look at all that snow! It is barely cold here.

    Turned out great. :)

  19. Oh, my gosh, this is PRECIOUS!!! Love, love, love -- now get to wrapping!!
    xo Heidi

  20. The crate is ADORABLE. Love it! Now get your priorities straight - wrap first cause nothing bums the buzz like a Walmart sack, decorate second and cook last (cause there's always take out!). Yup, learned that lesson a looooong time ago!

  21. Oh you clever girl! Love the tree stand box. I think you might start a trend with this one, Bliss.

  22. AHHHHHH!!! I love this! I seriously looked high and low for a metal bucket or some sort of basket or crate to put my tree stand in. Genius!!!

  23. Only 3 days to figure out the new gadget?! I'm impressed! That's why I won't buy one. I'm afraid it would be in its box forever because I couldn't figure it out. But you did, and you created a magical box for your tree! Bravo!

    You got more snow than we did!

  24. I LOVE IT!!!! I can not believe that you made a 3 sided box! I just commented on someone's Christmas tree crate today saying I loved it but that I already decorated mine and I would need to make a 3 sided box to slide under my tree! I can not believe that you have on e on your site today! I'm telling you Bliss... we'd be good friends in the real world! I love the way yours came out .... perfect!

  25. I love it! What an excellent idea for covering up the tree stand! I never would have thought of that.

  26. Okay. First.....HOLYWHAT! Where is all that snow?
    And two....You have me in a panic! Two different addresses for Santa?!?! And neither address matches the one I currently have on file!....hmmmm so maybe it's not my behavior all these years...

  27. So much snow wow, I love the look of you 3 sided creat.

  28. What a GREAT idea Bliss ( well you copied it so I can't give you all the credit lol ) And I can't believe the snow - we got some this week but nowhere near as much as you have!!!
    I need snow to get motivated for Christmas - just love the first snowfall, always!
    It's the one's after Christmas I can't stand lol

  29. I am certainly going to have to research this Sillouhette thing. Your crate turned out great. I love the red too.

  30. I love it! Plus, the snowy pictures are gorgeous! Hugs, Clydia @ Three Mango Seeds

  31. Genius - I could have used this when I shoved my tree into a galvanized tub, strung lights, decorated it and stood back to admire ...

    it tilting!

    Tree was too heavy for the tub to hold it so ...

    took down all the ornaments, removed it from the tub, put it back in it's original stand and redecorated!

    Whew, I'm exhausted just typing this!

    So what I'm trying to say is I need my own little candy cane box (or a giant glass of wine)!

  32. Hi Bliss ... love your snow and your "box tree skirt" is wonderful. I have been thinking of a different tree skirt, but may just sit the tree in a box. Artificial, so not worry about water. I mentioned to "Santa" that I might like a Silhouette Cameo
    but they may be way out of his budget.
    Christmas Blessings.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  33. Thought about you, when I heard your area got dumped on. We only had an inch and the rain/snow mix melted it before early afternoon. Calling for more tonight, but not much. Lucky you! All that snow gets me in the Christmas spirit! Love the idea for the box! Hmmm... I think I have one in the attic that I can pry a side off of. LOL! Love it, girl!

  34. I like this. Just one question. Why do you need a new tree skirt if you use the 3 sided crate? Oh yea, did you like using the milk paint over the chalk paint? did you sand the chalk paint before you did the letters?

  35. This is so darn cute. I am seething in jealousy over here. I have had a Silhouette Cameo for a month now, and I can't figure out how to get the stencil stuff (vinyl) off the cutting mat without it all pulling apart on me. Do you use a thicker vinyl? Share with me your knowledge, I am begging oh wise one!

  36. Bliss, I love this!!! I am thinking I am going to have to copy you! I was just telling Mr. Man that we needed something under the tree like a basket to hide the underside.
    Now wrap those gifts missy! :)

  37. I LOVE this and I have been wanting to make one as well. Your turned out fabulous and I'm guessing you did Miss Becky proud! I have a Cricut, but I heard from one of SantA'S ELVES that I'm getting a Cameo for Christmas. : :)

  38. Your crate turned out SO cute, Bliss...sounds like you are having some fun with your new toy!

  39. First project with the cameo thingamejig, brilliant Mrs. B, I love it.
    Mr. B is such a gem too, for catering to your every whim !

  40. I must say I like your copycat better ... not go wrap some presents!

    :) Linda

  41. Bliss your 3 sided crate turned out super cute. I love it!!!


  42. Love this...and I am so jealous of all the snow!

  43. Bliss,
    That turned out so cute! And what an awesome idea to a)use stencils and b)to use milk paint OVER chalk paint. Brilliant! I can't wait to try it now. Although my effort will have to be after Christmas, as all the surfaces in my studio are currently covered with something that needs to be put away. I'm sure you understand.


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