Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa Mantel Party

I've got three mantels.  Yup, it's true.  I have one mantel I usually decorate in the family room and two that I might put some garland on or leftover lights.... if I feel inspired.

I also have a Santa collection that has never had a home.  I scope out a random spot to sprawl them out on and many years I don't even feel like letting them out of their bin.

But this year I have a party to attend.

The first stop is Christmas mantels over at Embracing Change.  I'm embracing change myself just by decorating more than one mantel!  10 bloggers to link up with, ending back at the ranch with me in January.  Got a mantel?  Head over and link 'er up.

At my house this year the Santas are loose.  
Bedroom mantel, meet Santa.

Instead of spreading the jolly old elf all over the place, I put the crew with some unused tree thingy's inside a Howitzer box.  (I do believe Shotgun Shell Santa needs to be here too.)

That's it, nothing earth shattering or amazing.  It's the first time the Santa gang has been corralled and the first time the bedroom mantel looks like I put some decorations on there on purpose. 

My favorite is the bowl full of jelly Santa on the right.  I think I got him when my belly looked the same.

So I stayed in the groove, the Santa Claus is Coming to Town groove.....  because not all the Santas fit in the Howitzer box.  I spied the metal tool box tote, added mostly St. Nick's my kids made, and presto - my normally undecorated bedroom (unless you count wrapping paper and misc. required holiday items all over the floor for a month, as decorating) is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  It's a Christmas miracle of the North Pole kind.

The front Santa is made on a soda can out of some cement like stuff.
He's about 20 years old and I love his crusty self and the kid who made him.

Next up will be the family room mantel and the story of the hand made Silver Bells sign.

Don't forget to head over to Embracing Change and link up your Christmas mantel.  As you can see it doesn't have to be anything elaborate to be a box full of Christmas cheer.

Santa's on his way to:
Embracing Change Christmas Mantel Party
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  1. I love all your Santa's....and the boxes and tins.

  2. Love your Santa collection...and mantel collection :) Three! Wow. How fun!

  3. The Santas look great all grouped together!

  4. Just have to say the crate of Santas is very fun!!

  5. I love containerizing collectibles. Love it, Bliss!

  6. What a fantastic collection! Looks beautiful. Megan

  7. Your Santa's are so cute!! I don't have a mantel. I'm okay with that. But, come Christmas I get a bit wistful. I'll get over it :). Can't wait to shad over to the other parties coming up!

  8. With all those Santas and St. Nicks corralled in your'd better not be naughty in there :)

  9. Heading over to link up!! You have a huge collection of Santas I'm glad they finally have a home..all look great!

  10. Bliss, you have quite a collection of Santa's and you have them beautifully displayed! Enjoy your evening, Gail

  11. Love your collection! Santa's with memories are the best :)

  12. Just went over to link up my mantle, thanks for the heads-up! Your santas are SO charming!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  13. I like how you corralled all of your Santas together! They look cute that way. I don't think I've ever seen such a large and unique collection of them before. Wow! Three mantels is a lot. No wonder you're having a party!

  14. You are so cute, Bliss! Love your Santas! I collect snowmen and you got the big guy in charge - perfect! I love what you created!
    Stacey :o)

  15. Beautiful! Still looking at my unopened boxes!

  16. Decorating mantels is the hardest of all, and you've come up with an idea I just may borrow. I, too, have a large Santa collection that has been neglected in the cave far too long! The soda can Santa is by far the star of the show. :@

  17. No mantels here so I'll enjoy yours! I do think that Shotgun Santa must feel left out about now. :) Beautiful, my friend!


  18. What fun! I love a party....and does it get any better than a mantel party! Thanks so much for all the Christmas fun!


  19. Such a fun post, Bliss! Love your Santas -- and the bedroom?? You go, girl!
    xo Heidi

  20. Hi! Your Santas are darling all grouped together! Great idea :) and you mantel is gorgeous!


  21. Love, love your Santa mantle mania!!! The howitzer box cracks me up. Brilliant my dear! :)

  22. Hey Bliss, I stopped by to say thanks for pinning my Tricycle cabinet and I can't wait to see your MMS Tricycle project. If I ever get my mantel decorated, I'll share!!!

  23. OH forgot to tell you thanks for the comment on my Tricycle cabinet. I had lots of comments on this post and others but some of my posts lost all the comments in my Wordpress move fiasco.

  24. I love all the Santas stuffed in the box! I've got a collection too but this is the first year I didn't take them out. I might give them all to my daughters.

  25. It is a great idea to coral up those santas. I often wonder why there are so many ammo crates out there. Bullets and booze - make up 90% of the antique crates floating around out there.

  26. I love a good Santa collection, but my favorite is the kid-made ones in the metal box. Too cute!

  27. I love Santa's too, though mostly mine hang off the tree, and none of them are as cherished as your home made ones, or as cuddly !


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