Bliss Ranch Master Bath

That cute little brunette is me.  About 25 years ago.  
I lied.  Just in case you are skimming and not really reading, I said...... I LIED!   
I have to confess, I don't want anyone thinking that is me.  (Well really, yes I do).
So it's not me, but isn't she a cutie?  That's Holly from the blog Bella Nest.  
If you want to see some of the Bliss Ranch master bathroom, 
click on over to Bella Nest where I have a guest post today.
While you are there snoop around and see what Holly's got to offer.  
I guarantee she won't be putting a picture of me up saying it's her!

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  1. Just checked it out. Very nice!!

  2. Love your bathroom Repunzel!

  3. I checked it out and I love it!

  4. Gorgeous master bathroom Bliss! You husband is so talented and so are you with all the finishing touches.

  5. I want a hubby with mad skills like that - your bathroom is gorgeous !

  6. I always read every word you write, they are too funny and clever to miss!


  7. That is so exciting Bliss...I'm gonna run right over there!

  8. You are so funny Bliss!! Am going to hop on over because I HAVE to see this.



  9. Hi, Doll! This is so sweet! Your post was a HUGE hit at B.N. Thank you so so so much for everything!!!! Xoxo

  10. 1.your hubby is a keeper,the wood work is way cool the metal ladder
    3. the whole look is so restful looking, calming is the right word
    4.what a great way to start a day


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