Name The Duckens

This post really is for the birds.  

It's all that it's quacked up to be.  All that and a sack of seed.

Nameless new Ducken
One son has chickens and one daughter has duckens.  What is a ducken you might ask?  It is a combination of how a certain 2 year old refers to chickens and ducks; duckens.

And two of them are living at my house.  Two Duckens, not two 2 year olds.

Klous & Clyde as babies
Clyde and Klous arrived last year this time, and this year we have a problem. 

Klous died a couple months ago.

That's not the problem.  Well... actually it is sort of.

That's Klous there on the left in his better days, back when he and Clyde used to plot how to crap on my porch together.

Don't worry I wouldn't really eat them.  There is now a nice duck home and they leave my porch alone.  Well, Klous leaves it alone since he's gone to the big pond in the sky.
The problem is that since Klous has been gone, Clyde has been lonely.  So lonely in fact he has become one with my sons chickens.  Clyde spends too much time with the girls in the hen house and now Clyde thinks he is a chicken.  He mimics the chickens, and I fear this is causing psychological issues with his identity. 

So in effect, Clyde really has become a ducken!  I will probably have to use my vacation money to hire the Duck Whisperer to help him.

Like any good mama bird, I took my 22 yr. old duck queen, along with a 5 yr. old and a 2 yr. old and off to the farm store we went where a fresh batch of baby Pekin's was waiting for us.

My daughters friend met us there with her dad and they got four ducks.  Word on the street is that duck eggs make baked goods fluffier.

I wouldn't know about that fluffy thing, Clyde and Klous never produced any eggs, but I'll tell 'ya my son's poultry is being good to us.....

See that?  Those brown ones there, next to my giant bottle of ketchup, started arriving just after I bought a dozen at the store Sunday morning.  Guess fresh eggs was my Mothers Day gift.  I think I need to learn better quiche making skills.

So in honor of all my fine feathered friends, and in memory of Klous, I turned a bird seed bag into a BIRD SEED BAG.  Did you just roll your eyes on that one?  I said at the beginning that this post was all that and a bag of seed.

I wasn't joking.

Because if feeding chickens and ducks wasn't enough I do like to keep the Robins and Bluebirds happy too.

I walked by the plain sack that already held my bird seed - which mostly the squirrels eat - and 5 minutes later with the help of stencils, black craft paint, and broken pottery as a dabbing tray,  I had a bird seed bag.

I also had bird seed all over my dining room table.

Fastest craft ever.  So fast I was inspired to pick up 3 new canvas bags for a quarter each at a garage sale. 

Anyhow, the two new ducks need names.  The 5 yr. old suggested Scratchy and French Fry.  I offered up PteroDUCtyl, (get it - like the flying dino bird?) and Marshmellow since they grow up to be big white birds.  I also mentioned Kirby and Electrolux. They laughed at me.  Brawns ideas were just as bad as mine, I guess we ran out of good names a few kids ago.

All this bird talk will see me flying the coop.  I'm heading out of town and when I get back the family is gonna vote on names for our own little duck dynasty.

So what say you?  My daughter wants two female names or gender neutral ones, so what would you suggest?  I will add your suggestions to the list we will vote on.  If she actually uses your suggestion I'll have a prize for the winner(s).  Like maybe one of the awesome cake testers she makes.......

Sample of Beth's jeweled cake testers

I mean seriously...... you've read our suggestions.  Your odds of thinking up the winning name(s) are good.

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  1. Those ducks are so cute, but I have a feeling they could be troublemakers...I vote for Thelma and Louise...

  2. Hmmm well there's always Jemima Puddleduck. or Puddlemuck in your case. Or maybe you could mix it up to jemima-dont-u-dare-poop-on-my-porch-duck. Hmmm a bit long though. Rubber would be a good name, kinda gender neutral.

    OK I'm going back to playing on Pinterest now.

    Have fun with your duck naming contest.

    Phoebe & Daisy are cute girly everyday names but my personal fave is Sir Francis Drake. ;)

  3. Daphne and Daisy Duck, oh they're so cute I had a pet duck when I was little.

  4. I like Kirby. And Hoover. But I just may be a tad biased. I want ducks and chickens, but our yard is 10' too shallow. So I have to settle for squirrels who eat birdseed.

  5. Hmmm...they are cute! It's too early for me to be creative so I'll just say Cutie Pie and Sweet Tator. Geez...I need to go back to bed.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  6. The only ducks and chickens around here are on TV :) How about Donald? Ok I know, not very creative....
    Dudley Duck?

  7. I like Linda's suggestion - ducks are troublemakers, or at the very least, poop machines. My kids had ducks when they were little and it never ceased to amaze me that out of our entire yard, they always had to poop right in front of the door so I could step on it every time I went outside.

  8. Hmmm, Laverne and Shirley? Lenny & Squiggy? Regis & Kelly? Moe & Curly? Gilligan & Skipper? Ginger & MaryAnn? This could take a while...

  9. So cute, can't wait to see more pictures. I like Bonnie and Clyde cause I see a lot of trouble (poop) in your future! Ha!

  10. I loved this post, Bliss...too cute I like the Thelma and Louise one too. Good luck!


  11. how about frick and frack--non gender for sure! hahaha

    hope you had a safe trip.


  12. I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious duckie! They are just the cutest things, along with the chickens! I'd love to live where I could have some! I think that Quack and Quark are good names. They are kind of silly and non-gender specific. Of course, if they are going to continue the tradition of pooping on the porch, you may want Quit-it and Quop-that! LOL Good luck and let us know what the final decision is! Hugs, Leena

  13. Mona and Betheune. Why? I dunno. . .those just 'came' to me.


  14. What a funny post! First, I love your project...cute, fast, easy and usable! Can't beat it. As for names...I kind of like Kirby and Blissity...because there's gonna be trouble with those two!

  15. females: penelope and calliope or penny and callie
    gender neutral: duffy and lolly (lolly is our very gender neutral elf... we are not sure if he is a girl or boy)

  16. I like YOUR ideas, I mean a Duck called marshmallow - too cute !
    I also think Danni's idea of Kirby and Bliss is pretty perfect !

  17. They are so cute!!! Thelma and Louise is cute! I love Marshmallow as well. Waffles is all I got......

  18. Wow is that fluffy little one cute or what? And your seed bags make a cute quick project. Let see, for names, I think Babs and Brillo. I have no idea why, but there you have my suggestion. B & B.

  19. Oh, my! The little yellow ducks are adorable! I vote for Zsa Zsa and Eva.

  20. Oh my goodness, all the animals on the ranch are so adorable. Mo is still the cutest, though :). I can't wait to hear what you name your duckens :).

  21. So sweet they make my teeth hurt...I want one!
    I like Daffodil and Buttercup, Emmeline and Clementine and Dixie and Trixie.
    Sweet seed bag, too!
    Enjoy those little fluffies.

  22. I die at their cuteness. Junior's grandparents got him a couple ducklings and baby chickens but he hasn't bothered naming them yet. Mostly he just picks them up by their necks. ~cringe~

    I vote for Harriet and Featherlette.

  23. I'm thinking Quiche, Souffle, and Angel Food Cake! Thinking of all those fluffy eggs, you see ;-)

  24. One is Duck Duck. One is Goose. So when you call them....

  25. My mind is blank on the names right now, but your post quacked me up for sure. You're so lucky to live where you can have ducks and chickens. I wanted a hen house for years, but the powers that be said NO!

  26. Anonymous5/16/2013

    Oh, my goodness! I'm sorry about your duckie passing!

    How 'bout Fluffer and Nutter.

    Have fun on your trip, girl!

  27. Sorry about the loss of your duck! My mom had one growing up, but I don't remember what his name was...

  28. I'm liking Bonnie (to go with Clyde) and Annie Oakley. Going rogue...
    xo Heidi

  29. Pssh, we didn't even name our children til they were days old, so clearly I have no naming skills whatsoever. But I will submit this generous offer to take some of those fresh eggs of your hands!

  30. Well I like Kirby for sure - but Hoover is not very feminine. We don't want to insult the chicks! I kinda like the idea of Bonnie to go with Clyde. But do you think Kirby would be jealous? How about Kirby and Karen?!!

  31. Sweet! We use to have ducks here. I'm sure you will find cute names for them. We had Speedy, Miracle, Dafty, etc.

  32. Too cute. Love your duckies and chickens!!

  33. Oh......they're all so cute! Lucky you to have fresh eggs too. I still have to buy mine at the store. My son eats eggs a good bit, so I always have plenty in the fridge. For girl names, how about Clara and Beatrice? I can't think of any gender neutral ones at the moment though.

  34. Dolly and Reggie!

    This post was too cute!

    RIP Klous!!

  35. I don't know nothing about ducks and chickens, but when my son was about 3 we ended up with a stray dog who kept returning to our home (much to the displeasure of his drunken, loud-mouthed owner) and my son named him Kleenix. Not sure why ... no reason behind it ... but it still makes us laugh to this day.

    And I absolutely vote for Kirby the duck!

    :) Linda

  36. Honey Boo Boo and Glitzy (that's Honey Boo Boo's pig's name). I mean, isn't it obvious!

  37. Turducken and Chichuken. Turducken can serve many people if cooked up :)

  38. There are so many great suggestions above, I won't add any, but what fun to read it all!! I'm still laughing, thank you, Bliss, I hope you are enjoying your trip!! ~ Amy

  39. Lucy and Ethel.
    Sunshine and Buttercup.
    Sookie and Bella

  40. I have nothing :) When I was younger, my brother, sister, and I all received a duckling each. They named theirs Huey, Duey, and I was, of course, supposed to name mine Louey. But no, My favorite all time book was 'Katie the kitten' and Katie was my favorite name. Needless to say they were not happy that I messed up the perfect opportunity to have the best duck names ever! LOL Actually, I am glad that I was an individual! Can't wait to see what their names are ....


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