Halloween Party Invitations

Toe Tag Halloween Invites

How to make toe tag Halloween invitations, or, I could very easily start this post out  "It was a dark and dreary day.....".  The sun is not shining, the clouds have gathered and are dropping rain on my parade.

Pisses me right off.

I've got things to do outside and not enough time to do them.

Tape from Target, Scrap-booking isle
So instead I decided to finish up invitations for a Halloween party.

I had the black and white part of the invitations printed at Office Depot - .18¢ each one sided and I had two on a page.  Cardstock.  I needed 55 copies.  This party has 5 hosts, everyone invites friends and family.  Office Depot was better than printing all those copies at home, $10 bucks divided by 5, very reasonable.

And my labor is free, I assembled them all.

Office Depot wanted $1.29 a copy for the tag part, considered "color copy" which has seven on a page.  I needed 16 sheets and decided to print those at home on the card stock I already have.

Cheap.  Yes that is me.

I can't take credit for the whole idea of making toe tag invitations, but I did have my own ideas for how I wanted mine to look.

First find some feet and a helper to make the foot model laugh while they are suppose to be holding still, because even though there are feet photos on the web, I didn't want to pirate them.

I needed authentic Bliss Ranch feet for my invitations.

My foot model will remain anonymous, because you know she hadn't washed and smoothed her piggies and was basically mortified to have photos taken of them.

It was the foot models idea to use one of my hammered tin platters to mimic feet on a cold metal gurney.  I added a black blanket to cover her as well as the headboard on my bed, and an old sheet, then I snapped away.

I ended up with this.....

Because two sided printing costs more, we wanted to keep the lettering and photo on one side, and opted to just fold the info into the inside.  The folds all needed to be "scored" in two places, and I did all those suckers myself, but it was worth it because it creates a nice crease for folding.

I used the exacto knife blade-up for scoring, and blade-down for cutting around the big toe.  I wanted the tags to actually hang on the toe, I like the 3-D effect.

Toe Tag Invites

The most tedious part of this whole process was tying the tags on.  I used dental floss, the waxed kind so it was stiff and easy to put through the tag, then a piece of regular tape on the back side to keep the floss on the toe.

They were each folded and sealed with the tape.

Stuffed into envelopes I picked up last spring at a garage sale that was selling office supplies.  250 for a buck, and I sized the invites around being able to fit in those envelopes.

I like how they turned out.  I stamped on a spider, because I like to use ink pads. Really I do - I like the sound of the THUMP onto the paper.

The tags have info on both sides.  Host names, details on the front, and address and phone numbers for questions on the back.

Toe Tag Party Invites

And "Trick or Treat Smell My Feet"
 is just funny.

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  1. What a fab invite!! They are tooo stinking awesome.

  2. I haven't heard that phrase since my brother was 8 and it cracks me right up! I'm so impressed with how much time and thought you put into your very creative invites! I hope the weather clears up so you can finish your outdoor chores in time for the party. It's cold and gloomy here, too, and it looks like it's going to stay that way until next spring. :{

  3. lol love the smell my feet! You are one clever hostess! Love the invites...great job editing the photo. :)


  4. Absolutely adorable! And who wouldn't want to attend a party with such clever invites! Love it!

  5. OMG too friggin cute Bliss! I love them and ahem... where's mine? LOL

  6. Oh my gosh! This is just genius! I wouldn't be surprised if Martha Stewart contacts you to use this in a future publication. You are SO creative. Who wouldn't want to go to a Halloween party with a creative (not store bought) invitation like that?! You know everyone's expectations are going to be higher now with an invitation like that. LOL!

  7. I thought I smelled something stinky in blog land. :) You are so darn smart!

  8. These are incredible!!! I'm waiting for mine and I do have a lot of friends and family! :)

  9. These are fantastic! The tag looks like it was at the morgue. You are so creative my friend!!!

  10. Inspired Mrs. B, you are so clever !

  11. Love them!! Wish I had folks to party with...

  12. Okay, too much math and numbers and my head is spinning. But I just love, love, love your invites!!! So super awesome and I wish I lived closer so I could attend!

    :) Linda

  13. Well Bliss ... that is the most clever invitation I have ever seen. Your are one smart lady. Guests will really be impress and will be expecting more great things at your party. I am sure they will not be disappointed.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Tresures

  14. Oh Bliss I needed a pick me up tonight and this was just the right dosage. These babies are awesome!

  15. Those invitations are crazy good, Bliss! People are going to love opening them! You are one creative lady...

  16. Best Halloween party invitations...ever! Awesome!

  17. Now this is just plain creative! These are the coolest invitations I've ever seen! Who wouldn't want to go to the party when receiving this? If the invites are this cool, I can't even begin to imagine what you are doing for the party!
    Debbie :)

  18. Clever! This is a party I wouldn't want to miss!
    xo Heidi

  19. These are hilarious! I think "stinking cute" is an appropriate epithet ;-)

  20. Brilliant! Siimply brilliant...and how much fun! I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Honestly, these are awesome! How could anyone say no to an invitation like this!

  22. God, these are good! Those feet are awfully nice for a dead person, I think of that trick or treat smell my feet thing all the time. Guess I'm little silly.

  23. I love everything about these. They are just genius and absolutely perfectly executed. Even putting the metal tray under the feet! SO smart. Thanks for linking up at the Halloween Link Party :) Pinning and sharing!

  24. Bliss, the beginning of this post had me laughing. That is what would happen to me with the rain. I just love these invitations, they are so very clever.


  25. These belong in a magazine..., they deserve a prize..., something, because they are the coolest ever Halloween invitations. What must the party be like, if these are just the invites?? Pinned, of course!

  26. What fun! Of course, that's a given when you are included in any activity. :) Can't wait to see photos of the party! Great job on these ~ very creative.


  27. These are hilariously creative! Who would decline after receiving such a fabulous invitation.

  28. You are a damn genius and I'm completely jealous and just might come after you with that exacto blade for being so much cleverer than me. Love these.

    Still jealous,

  29. Those are fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!

  30. My daughter has a few warts on her feet - think the would ruin the effect?

    P.S. I'm crashing your Halloween party!

  31. That is just pure genius. AND, I can't believe those feet belong to someone from the ranch. Love!

  32. OMG.
    I wanna come!!! lol.
    Those are fan freaking tastic lady.
    I bow to you!!!

  33. These are disgustingly amazing!

  34. Freaking love them! You are unreal.

  35. Models -- even dead ones -- can be so difficult.

    I'd kill to have tootsies as cute as those pre-pedicure. And what a fun (morbid!) party you're going to have.

  36. Those are fantastic. They are better than most of the Halloween invites out there and absolutely look like a pro did them. This is another wonderful project. I love it!

  37. What a great idea for an invitation! Love this!

  38. LOVE THEM! LOL...wish we were closer:( What a partay this is going to be!

  39. LOVE this!! Boy....if I could have a nickel for everytime I went around saying "Trick or Treat, smell my feet...." :)

  40. OH MY GOSH, BLISS!!! I need to poke around here more often! THOSE ARE DA BOMB!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

  41. Martha Stewart is so mad at you right now that she and her staff didn't come up with this FABULOUS idea first. You are a creative genius, and these are so fun! I hope everyone who receives one of these invites realizes how darn lucky they are to be invited!

  42. SO much fun. You gotta love homemade invites on a dime that don't look like homemade invites on a dime. A low five (toes) to the model for her hammered tin platter idea too. Amazing!!

  43. I wish I lived closer because I'd be knocking on your door! These are great and every party you've told us about looks like it's amazing!


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