Laundry Room Flooring, Help Me Pick

Things around the ranch the last few months have been hectic and full of anxiety, not to mention all I remember of the winter is snow and freezing temperatures.

We were just starting to wind down on stuff, like two surgeries and tests, only to have someone suffer a broken heart (not of the medical kind), another one have a mysterious new suitor, and then catastrophe of all catastrophes ......
                                                            the washing machine broke.

There are plenty of appliances, gadgets and technologically advanced things that I can do without in my life, but my washing machine is not one of them.  And you know how it goes in the home of DIY'ers - one project leads to another.

So while we were busy taking out the old machines and putting in the new.....

I got the brilliant idea that it was time to update our laundry room flooring.

Of course the time to do that would of been while the machines were out of the room, but no matter, we can move them all over again.

The floor isn't anything to get excited about.  Back when we installed it, I went for plain white vinyl.

It's directly on cement and someone has a tendency to turn the laundry room sink on and forget about it till if overflows.  Not saying who, but wood or ceramic or anything with seams that water can seep underneath is not an option.

And can someone tell me why anyone would put a pattern-less all white floor in ANY room when they have six kids?  Every speck of everything was there for me to see - all.the.time.

I'd love to say I only made that mistake once, but nope... I put white ceramic tile in the mud room.  What kind of decorating idiot does that? The mud room where a Great Dane laid around and those same six kids took off muddy shoes and left them lay on white ceramic tile.

It's gone now - both the Great Dane and the white ceramic.

Since it's obvious I am unable to make flooring decisions on my own, I'm asking you to help me pick.

I'd like to keep it light and airy because there are no windows.  So right off the bat I said no to the faux wood vinyl floor with a hand-scraped look that I really really like...

 Whadda 'ya think?  Those of you with laundry room dungeons, would that be too dark?  I sure like that rustic look.

And who am I kidding, I rarely see the floor anyway, it's usually covered with clean laundry from the baskets after some naked person ransacked the room looking for socks that match.

The floor below is a combination of a dark and light, and I like the grays with that brown.  But still too dark?  Lint and pebbles have a better chance of not showing, then again so do spiders.

This one might have too many variations huh?  Too busy for a small laundry room?

Then there is the fake stone marble look of the last vinyl, the photo is not so good - the real thing doesn't have that brown tone, so I will include a photo of the sample here with me. 

The color is more accurate in the last photo.  The vinyl is a decent replica of those vintagy ceramic tiles, with lots of grays, yet white to still keep the room light and spiders visible.

The one thing they all have in common, except for the wood, is that they have a stone look.

So help.  They are all on sale right now.

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  1. I would go with a lighter color to make it bright. A friend of mine did their house in vinyl planks but wood look. Looks like real wood and if their is a leak not a problem. No scratches either and looks really nice. They were going with wood but changed their mind and the day after it was put down their washer leaked so it was a good think. Still looks wonderful.

  2. Anonymous4/25/2014

    i like the second choice, browns and greys together. i think you can still see spiders, but not dirt so much.

  3. The last one has my vote!

  4. The last one is pretty. We just installed new vinyl. I put a dark gray and white cobblestone looking sheet vinyl . My son says it's a castle floor. It shows no dryer lint! That was my criteria when choosing. I put it in the kids bathroom too. It shows no hair! I went from light floors to dark floors and I'm happy. I have white cabinets and walls so it's not dark. It feels grounded. No lint, No hair :-)

  5. OMG Bliss - the wood - put better lighting in there - break a wall and add a window - but pick that faux wood - PLEASE !!!

  6. I like the 3rd choice, but there are tile options that look like wood. Have you checked them out? looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  7. The wood. I think it would be great with all the white in there. And if you don't, Suze might expire from the horror of it all. ;)

  8. After having had a similar multi tone floor in my bathroom that I absolutely HATED, I'd say no to that one. I actually like white floors, I know when they're dirty and when bugs are crawling across them... My fave is the last one you showed. have fun! I just did my laundry/mudroom floor and the final touches go on this weekend - then I can blog about it :).

  9. I love the wood look! Seems like if everything else in there is light, the darker floor would look great. My second favorite is the last one :) Have fun deciding!

  10. I'm not one to give advice...I just popped in because you are so damn funny. I would say got for a medium toned color that doesn't show dirt. We have linoleum I say's easy to clean and we rarely entertain in there.


  11. If it were me I would have a hard time getting away from the timber look. If colour is a prob, maybe a lighter version? Otherwise, the last one..... all the best!

  12. Another hen for the wood. Looks like you may be outnumbered. Let's just say this...if you go with darker, get the wood look.

  13. I love the wood. Its similar to one I picked for our house when we finally remove the carpet in the living room. I love rustic wood floors with white walls.

  14. Anonymous4/26/2014

    I love the wood look, I have it in my kitchen, its a breeze to clean...... love your posts. Sylvia

  15. all of them are but I like the wood or the bigger squares the best. I have slate down on my floor but your right...can't see it anyways. i say go for the subfloor and call it a day!

  16. Well, I say the wood too.... it's so great and so you. :)
    if not the wood, then the one right below it.

    I sure hope things turn around for you very soon. I'm sure it's tough to be totally calm with such a large family but y'all deserve a break!


  17. Well, it sure looks like the majority is for the wood...and I like it too. Have fun.

  18. I'm loving the hexagon tile look one. Where did you find it? It might work in my laundry dungeon too!

    :) Linda

  19. My mother always said, "Buy flooring the color of dirt." I think you are a wood person. On all my high traffic areas I have wood tone Pergo, which, I can't 'see' the dirt, I just know it's there. Get the easy maintenance that you like, so you can free up your time for what you love.

    La Verne @hopeandsalvage

  20. My vote is for the last one, by the way I just put white floors in my lounge, lucky I only have 5 kids and no Great Dane ;)

  21. The first and last are my two favorites!!

  22. I like the last one! I laughed when you said it was light enough to keep the spiders visible!!! They do like moist dark places, so that's something to think about! LOL!

  23. I like the wood look too!

  24. I guess I will go with the last one as the colors are soft enough that it does not look busy. I sure love the wood pattern. Now you have so many suggestions ... will be hard to make up your mind.
    Good luck,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  25. I really like the wood, but I agree, it might be too dark if you want light and airy. I like the light grey small tile look, but it's a lot like the white and may show everything. May I suggest going with a 16 x 16 tile in the brown/grey combo style? I used to work at a tile store, and one of their tips said that larger tile size expands a room and cuts down on that busy look. My sister in law did a small room that way and pow!! It looked great.

  26. I'm for the wood! You have a lot of white going on in there and the wood floor would definitely warm it up without making it DARK.

  27. I do really like the wood the most. Your laundry room looks pretty white so the contrast would look nice and would it really darken it too much ?
    Perhaps you should lay something dark in there, like a rug or a few bits of wood, or even a few dark clothes that need washing, to see if the dark floor feels right or wrong.
    Second choice would be the last one.Good luck choosing !

  28. I will go for the wood too. Its style and design and unique, the accessories in your laundry room will definitely fit in the dark floor. It’s usual that a wood is attractive, and that makes your laundry room more beautiful!

    Sebastian Chuter

  29. Since I just did the wood-ish looking one in my kitchen and laundry (only in barn wood grey) I have to say, it went down like a dream and looks great! Good luck girl...I am so tired of making choices that I'll be happy to see someone else make some!

  30. The pretend wood. I trend dark and rustic, though, so maybe I can't be trusted!

  31. I love the flooring in the 3rd picture; the faux wood vinyl. We have something similar in our laundry room. We have 3 dogs and it has help up very well with the constant mopping from their muddy paws.

  32. Am I too late? I like the hexi. But I will add that I put a dark floor in my tiny, window-less laundry room and I like it just fine. :)


  33. You've probably already picked your floor by now. The faux wood one looks a little like what we put in our kitchen & bathroom, but a bit darker. And we love it, but there is a lot of light in those rooms. I'll have to keep an eye out to see what you chose!
    Debbie :)

  34. How did I get so far behind on your posts? I checked like 3 times last week and now all of a sudden you have like 50 posts. You don't even need my help here. You already made up your mind. Somehow I feel like I let you down....

  35. I love the wood one! My MIL has some flooring like that in her kitchen and it looks really great.


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