Fuller House, The Bliss Ranch Way

Full House.

Fuller House.

Not THAT full/fuller house, MY full about to be fuller house.

Fuller yard is more accurate
The trees are just starting to leaf out, the grass is getting close to needing it's first mowing and the crapping quackers are getting neighbors.

Human neighbors.  A family of four to be exact.

Look how excited they are about that.

Once school is out it's never quiet around here anyway, but this summer will see things a bit busier.

I'm not sure if the added activity surrounding me, and more use of my mental abilities, will mean I don't find as much time to DIY or not.
Maybe I'll be a painting machine and whip through all the projects I'm hoarding in the shed and turn out a blog post every day?  Hmmmm...... probably not.
Everyone had to help move brush to prepare a spot for a temporary abode.

#1 son, the first born of my gaggle of six flew the coop a while ago.

First there was college, then the Marines (in that order), and before we knew it a pretty girl had turned his head and the two of them started filling up their house with offspring.

So when they outgrew that place, the logical thing for any son of Brawn to do, was to buy a hunk of land and build his family a house.

Except their current house sold the first week it was listed, leaving them homeless in the coming month, since their new hunk of land was still covered in snow.

Finding a decent safe place to rent in a hurry and short term is not an easy task for a family with kids, so they decided to turn the whole building a house thing into an adventure.

In our front yard.

But I'm not complaining, even if it might take me a bit to adjust, we've got plenty of yard.

I've gotten used to quiet summer mornings.  While everyone else sleeps in I enjoy my coffee in silence.

Of course with six kids it wasn't always like that, in fact most of my life my cup of coffee didn't come first at all.

So for the next three or four months there will be a 30 foot camper parked at the edge of the woods, across the circle driveway in our front side yard, probably 100 feet away from my front door, but close enough to hook up electricity.

The internet arrived at their place today.  Not the usual way they camp, but then again, this isn't camping it's a four month adventure while their house is being built.
With each day there will be more leaves on the trees and pretty soon it will look like a campsite in a lush park.

The adventure starts full time tomorrow.

There will be more bikes and scooters in the yard, more swimmers in the pool, and extra vehicles in the driveway.

The ranch will be fuller.

And so will my life.

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  1. Loved this post, B.
    It's going to be a fun summer. :)

  2. have fun! enjoy it while they are there!

  3. Sounds like a busy and fun summer at your place. Enjoy!


  4. It sounds like a whole lotta fun, maybe you'll get some willing hands to help you paint...........
    or maybe you'll leave the diy for a few months !!

  5. How exciting! Well, I guess now you won't have to drive to go see your son and his family for a while huh? Are they moving close by? I think that would be stressful living in a camper for such a long time. I bet they'll be so happy when they can move into their new house!

  6. That sounds wonderful! It's great that it will be over the summer to get even more family time and memories!

  7. This is a great post! I know your grandkids will have a blast!

  8. It's going to be a great summer. If you post you post. If you paint you paint. If not, well we'll be happy for you anyway!

  9. Yes, your life will be fuller...and memory making. And the four months will be over before you know it...have fun this summer!

  10. Oh wow! That sounds like fun and crazy all wrapped up in one! But you will be guaranteed lots of grandma loving and hugs and kisses, right? :)

  11. This actually sounds like a fun adventure! Enjoy! Hugs, Leena

  12. Make your mind up right are going to have fun! Enjoy every second! ;)

  13. Never a dull moment at your Ranch ... sounds like a fun adventure for them and will give you something to do this Summer. (like you have nothing else to do but sit and drink coffee). LOL
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. This makes me smile. I just read you more recent post about your critic. Your son sounds like a lot of fun :). Enjoy this time with them.


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