Trash To Treasure Nightstand

Yesterday I showed you the free trash to treasure dresser that Eddie the friend of #2 son left behind when he moved, and today I have what is now the matching nightstand.

Trash To Treasure Dresser Nightstand,

These are not fine pieces of furniture.

Who knows for sure where Eddie got them from, but I'll bet he acquired both the same way my son did......somebody's free pile.

And I'll also bet Eddie didn't much care because at least his underwear and pocket change had a drawer.

Trash To Treasure Nightstand,

Because you know.... both the dresser and the nightstand are better than nothing at all just the way they were.

The price was right, and now some of my sons belongings might not end up on the floor.

Trash To Treasure Nightstand,

The nightstand was painted in Ash from Fusion Mineral Paint, rubbed with a stain to create a worn look, and a couple of burlap sack handles were attached by screw and washer.

Fusion Mineral Paint,

No rocket science here, and when #2 son leaves this set for the next person they'll have a bit of personality.

Trash To Treasure Nightstand,

Reused and restyled.

Take some creative chances when you come across a free piece of furniture.

Trash To Treasure Nightstand,

With a little bit of your time and some paint, it just might turn out better than when you found it.

Plus someone you know could then have a place to keep their pocket change and underwear too.

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  1. Perfect, Bliss...this set turned out so great!

  2. That is a great go along piece with the dresser.

  3. I like how you made the nightstand match the dresser. Now they make an even bigger impact in the room!

  4. Somehow, I don't think these will ever be abandoned again!

  5. Nice one. So who gets it . . . Eddie, Son #2 . . . or you?

  6. Love! you are so creative!

  7. too cute! oh wait.... maybe your son might not want cute. so... yeah, manly furniture dude!

    I agree--creative license with free furniture. What do you have to lose, right?


  8. Great project, and love your quippy style too!

  9. Fun piece- quirky and cute! xo Diana

  10. Love the makeover Bliss! Especially the handles!

  11. I love it! Now the fabulous dresser has a mate. Great job.


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