Choosing South Cypress For Tile

One of the hardest things for me in decorating has always been picking colors.

You too?  Well I've done the legwork for 'ya on choosing a tile place. 

It doesn't matter what it is - carpet, wood, tile, walls, counter - the color selection agony doesn't change for me.

Putting patterns and colors together does not come naturally to me.

I've gotten it wrong as many times as I've gotten it right, and it is not a wonderful thing when you choose the wrong tile only to make that observation after it's glued and grouted.

South Cypress Subway Tile
Or painting dining room walls four times in three days because you are SURE the color is perfect.... each time.

Yes that really happened, I'm surprised my husband even lets me pick paint anymore.

It's also difficult to decide in-store what will look good in-home and I hate running back and forth to return samples.

An added dimension is I prefer to shop online anyway - my mall of choice is my computer chair, in my jammies, at any time of day whenever I want.

I've been known to walk the laptop picture right to the spot in the house that I've been researching something for, just so I have a visual.

Throw into the mix of shopping on line the fact that I have to read ten thousand web stores till I'm sure I've found the one with the best product for the best price.

I'm relentless in searching Google.  In 15 years of shopping online, doing my research IS something I have got right more than I've gotten wrong.

So now that my in-store and online search has ended, I'd like to tell you where I landed.

If you are in the market for a wide selection of tile, great customer service with the best prices I found in store and online, South Cypress should be your choice.

Let me back up for a minute and tell you where my search started....... at a local nation wide huge tile showroom.  I've shopped this chain for over 25 years and noticed that as their popularity and showroom size grew, so did their prices for the same tiles I found elsewhere for less.

I was also put off by their sales team, but I won't get into that, suffice it to say I'm big on customer service.

I was looking for a good selection of basic subway tile to pick from for the new tub walls in the Jack & Jill bath.

Since I promised my better half that this redo would not cost an arm and a leg, no frill subway tiles that cost in excess of $9 a square foot and glass subway tiles that cost more than $15 a square foot, wasn't an option.

I realize the glass subway tiles are more expensive, but I wasn't looking for the glass ones.  The prices at the local place for basic subway tiles seemed crazy to me since I'm old enough to remember when subway tile wasn't popular and places practically gave the white ones away.

Knowing there had to be an affordable option to fit this bathroom budget, my internet search kept returning me to South Cypress.
South Cypress Subway Tile

I'm very familiar with my color challenged self, so I opted to order samples from South Cypress in the shades I liked in the price range I wanted.

Then the agony began again.... I liked all the samples when they arrived.

Each shade of gray tile had a hue I liked.

South Cypress Subway Tile

I think it is important at this point to tell you I am not being paid for this information, nor was I solicited by South Cypress to write this.  In fact, it was I who solicited them after I ordered and received my samples, because I was so impressed.

It may just have been the follow up email I received from South Cypress customer service asking how I liked my samples and if they could help.  They didn't leave me hanging, and I felt like they actually wanted my business.

So back to choosing the subway tile... the logical thing to do next was to settle on a floor tile and see which of the subway tiles compliment the floor tile the best.

The selection of floor tiles with South Cypress is also excellent.  Seriously, they have so many that I like, my head has been spinning trying to make my decision.  

South Cypress has all the floor tile options I am considering, in the colors and patterns I had settled on using, so to narrow down flooring it made sense to get samples of those as well.

My favorite subway is the one on the left.

South Cypress Subway Tile

I lean toward greige in my decorating.

Sorry to you bold, color loving decorators, I suck at using color so I've learned to stick to what I know.  Besides, I like gray and beige combos, those neutrals please my eye.

And then there is the issue of this bathroom going from a Jill & Jill, to a Jack and Jack......

Animal Print Torso Wallpaper

Remember what happened when I tried to use pink?  I got full figured scantily clad animal print torso wallpaper.

No one approved that wallpaper but I'm happy to report that my tile choices have been Jack & Jack approved.

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  1. You do greige well, while I would fail miserably. I like the tile selection. I think you just need to go with what is more timeless and you will never want to change it again!

  2. Good grief...I can see all of them working. I am of no help. Go with whatever makes your heart sing. Which one is it? That's the one. I'm leaning towards A for some weird reason- I don't do gray, but i'm loving that one for the striking difference.

  3. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  4. What I like is that you know how to use beige/gray/white/greige in a way that isn't boring! (Plus it makes for better photos) And even though I like a little color now and then, I like your tile selection.

  5. oh man...did you have to show us the wallpaper again...and confuse us!

  6. So pretty... the tile, that is. ;-)
    xo Heidi

  7. I'm a neutral tile gal myself. I bet the bathroom will look great.

  8. I'm trusting that you will do what works for you. I assume that you are viewing these against the concrete. I think I might go white here.


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