Gentleman's Dresser For Baby

The thing about birthing six kids is that inevitably, one by one, they grow up.

Blink, and a couple are feathering their own nests with a mister or missus.

Blink again and you are converting a vintage gentleman's dresser into a diaper station for the new little man that one is preparing to welcome.

I'm pretty tickled about this, just not tickled pink.

I'm tickled Little Gray Lamb.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

The stork will be delivering a blue bundle sometime in August to the home of my oldest daughter and her husband.

Unlike some DIY that dad and I contribute to their nest, the redo on this dresser needed to be completed sooner rather than later.

Because you know.... babies may arrive in their birthday suit but they don't wear it for very long!  The mound of little outfits is accumulating and in need of some drawers.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

Brawn and I have a tendency to take months, even years, to complete gifts of DIY.

Daughters laundry room makeover comes to mind, and then there are those shelves we gifted her from last Christmas yet to be hung.

It may seem like we move at a snails pace, but like elephants at least we never forget, so the shelves will get done, but the dresser took priority.

On a spring trek to garage sales, the same day that younger daughter picked up a twin headboard to convert into a dog bed, I spied this old dresser.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

The dresser came with a giant mirror that Brawn has plans for in our house, but it did not come with the photo bombing little dog.

Originally I was on the hunt for an antique buffet to turn into a diaper station, but baby's room is baby sized and a piece of furniture that large was not going to fit.

But a dresser on the large size would.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

A gentleman's dresser has a shallow drawer on top that men would drop all their change and do-dads into.

Just the right size for little baby socks, diapers, and do-dads for little men.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

Deciding on a color was easy Fusion Mineral Paint has just launched a line called Tones For Tots, and I received a complimentary jar - perfect timing!

Fusion Mineral Paint Tones For Tots

Seven of the sweetest colors, perfect for whatever gender the stork drops off.

Like all Fusion Mineral Paint the new ones are zero VOC, require low prep work, and have a built in top coat.  No worries to safely paint furniture for baby.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

I chose the Little Gray Lamb for the dresser which #1 daughter also used to paint a crib she hauled out of our shed 'o schitt.

I love working with the Fusion paint brand.  It's that minimal prep part that I enjoy the most.

The top of the dresser wasn't in very good shape, all the do-dads that gentleman had must of took a toll on the top of it.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

Brawn sanded it down before I even told him I was going to re-stain it.  He either read my mind or it was just luck.  We've been married a long time, which of those do you think it was?

I also lightly sanded the fronts of the two large drawers and gave them a coat of stain as well, just enough to revive the finish.

Paired with the Fusion Little Gray Lamb, I think the wood is stunning.

I particularly like the details and when I spotted the dresser at the sale I knew those details would look great painted.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

The carvings on the top drawer and along the dresser bottom received some dark wax to accentuate the nooks and crannies.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

I love the two tone look of the paint with the wood, and I think the Little Gray Lamb is stunning with the dark stain.

#1 daughter wanted a pop of lime green to go with the room, so we decided to add it in smaller doses, like around the simple top Brawn made to keep the pad from sliding around.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

The top will be fastened to the dresser via the metal clips that originally held the mirror on.

I'm working on a shelf to match the stripes, and some other surprises with that pop of green.  The changing pad cover has a nice terry cloth cover in green and also one in gray. 

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

I cleaned the original hardware by soaking in vinegar and then shining it up with a Mr. Clean magic eraser.  I prefer to keep the hardware with a piece if it is original.  More charm if you ask me.

Gentleman's Dresser Converted to Baby Changer,

I'm pretty smitten with this dresser makeover.

When it's no longer holding baby clothes or being used to change diapers it can easily become a dresser for a little man who has grown a bit bigger.

Even one who has grown into a gentleman.

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  1. I'm smitten too. Love the two tone look and how cute are tones for tots??!! I hope we get to see the nursery one day! I'm nosey like that.

  2. Love the wood touches!! That will look perfect for a little boy and something he can use later on. Great job!!


  3. I love this! It's beautiful!

  4. it's gorgeous, bliss! what a lucky little man!

  5. That's the perfect use for that dresser!

  6. I love those sweet little shoes and the color you picked. That hardware is so beautiful, too!

  7. Bliss it is gorgeous! Congrats on the new arrival coming in August!

  8. Beautiful! Congratulations on the impending birth, grandma! :)

  9. So, so beautiful!!! And I love how you weave a story. :)


  10. OH SO beautiful! It will be a wonderful nursery for your new grandson!

  11. What a beautiful piece of furniture! And it's even more beautiful now. I've got to learn to paint like you gals and figure out what all the waxing is about. Somehow I lost touch with you. But reading your post today, I see you're still the same witty character you always were! And I've missed out on a lot!

  12. Wow. Now that's an amazing piece. Great bones and a fabulous new finish. Congrats to you, too!

  13. What a great dresser makeover! I used a dresser with a diaper changing pad on top with my little ones too. I like having a dresser available later on. I love the color you used on it.

  14. That's a great dresser! It's hard not to be smitten with things you make for your grandkids. It's all in the love.

  15. Old dressers make the best new furniture for grand babies. I think the color scheme will carry over and he'll be able to use it for years to come. Gorgeous!!


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