A Box Of Fun For Thanksgiving

When my oldest couple kids were small there was no internet.

Well let me rephrase that, there might have been internet but I didn't have a computer, didn't know how to run a computer and I didn't want a computer.

My how times have changed!

Back then I had to dream up ways to be inventive either by something I saw in a magazine at the check out line, or the old fashioned way......word of mouth.

If my ideas were for throwing a kids party of some kind, then I also had to source out supplies for my vision.

I might not have had a computer to get those ideas from, but I did get tons of mail in the way of product catalogs.

Oriental Trading Co. Product Charms,

One such catalog was from the Oriental Trading Company.  I ordered from that catalog for everything from planning birthday parties to doing crafts with Girl Scouts.

Before the dawn of time I had a helium balloon business, and the only place to get my supplies was an hour away, so instead I often ordered ribbon and specialty mylar inflatables from Oriental Trading Company.

Oriental Trading Co. Product Thanksgiving Products,

The fun always started when the box arrived filled with interesting things.

Where else could I get bronze, gold and silver round medals on red white and blue ribbon -inexpensively- the year we had an Olympic birthday party?  Ever need a dozen coconut cups for a luau?  I did.

These days I can simply go on line to find all that and more at the Oriental Trading website, so when they asked me if I'd like some complimentary products to use for Thanksgiving, I said sure.

For many years their stuff helped me pull off prizes and party supplies, for a price I could live with. There are dedicated sections on their web page for all the holidays, Christmas is coming 'ya know.

And so is Thanksgiving.

Oriental Trading Co. Product Thanksgiving Products,

I'll be hosting my in-laws for Thanksgiving this year.  Lest you think that's no big deal, well let me tell you......... Brawn comes from a family of 12 kids.

We don't limit our celebrations to just his brothers and sisters, it includes their kids and these days there are even kids-kids.  Yes I'm Great Aunt Bliss many times over.  I think my mother in law has 16 great grand children.

The minimum number of attendees is never below 35 on the lean side, and 55 on the full end.  Word on the street is that this is a full year, so I should expect about 46.

Needless to say we serve buffet style, I don't do place settings for a sit down meal, just a table centerpiece.  But I do like to decorate a bit with the colors of Fall where the food is all set up.

Oriental Trading Co. Thanksgiving Turkeys,

The first item from the Thanksgiving section at Oriental Trading are these wooden turkey cutouts.

The birds were painted with Dixie Belle Paint products that I won in a contest.  There are 12 gobblers, so half were painted with the color burlap then dry brushed with terracotta, and the other half the base color is the terracotta, dry brushed with burlap.

The flip side on all the turkeys is spray painted with chalkboard paint.  I used chalkboard paint on one side because I wanted the option to use them for future Thanksgivings, so I can just erase the chalk and write whatever my little heart desires.

I also varied the direction the birds were facing, and each one came with a base to stand them up.  The bases are all painted in Dixie Belle Palmetto Mineral Paint.

Thankful, Blessed, Grateful, Family, Love.  Words for more than just on Thanksgiving right?

Oriental Trading Co. Thanksgiving Charms

These little charms can be used as something other than turkey necklaces, but I like the look they give to them.  That's also a nice close up of my dry brushing talents.

Oriental Trading Co. Thanksgiving Charms

I also received a glass jug for beverages.

I have a huge green glass decanter that is nice for parties of 100, but this one is the right size for our gathering and will be filled with lemonade on Thanksgiving.

Oriental Trading Co. Thanksgiving Painted Turkey

These leaves are ceramic and while I like them just how they are I might give them a coat of different metallic paints in the colors of autumn.

Oriental Trading Co. Thanksgiving Ceramic Leaves

I wasn't wild about the bright yellow ribbon, so I took that off, replaced them with two tone jute that will hang from a bare tree branch scavenged from the woods as a centerpiece.

Oriental Trading Co. Thanksgiving Ceramic Leaves

Oriental Trading Company also carries feathers, which it just so happened I was in need of.

Recently I took apart a wall hanging with antlers that was dusty and dirty, keeping the feathers and woodsy things on it.

Feather & Antler mounted on Shutter,

The antlers used to have greenery on them and I took that off for a simpler look, then mounted it on an old white shutter.

I made a mental note to add more feathers eventually.

Oriental Trading Co. Feathers

Eventually has arrived.

Now all I've got to do is climb up there and add the feathers in.

This is a sponsored post where I received products, 
but of course the opinions and the story telling is all mine! 
Thank you to The Oriental Trading Company for sending me a fun box of goodies.

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  1. I was the same way with OTC. I still order from them when I need things in bulk. These turkeys are too cute. 52 people!!!???? Wowzers!! Bowing down to you!

  2. So precious. OTC is great for school teachers. I hope you have a wonderful feast.

  3. Really fun and pretty ♥

  4. I used OTC a ton back when the boys were little. It really is a great place to buy bulk items for parties.
    I haven't thought about them in years! I love what you did with your box of loot!
    That's a big Turkey Day at Bliss Ranch! You'd better rest up, friend. ;)

  5. these are great ideas! i love the oriental trading company! we used them for staging SC sometimes!

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. I think I might be having flashbacks! I used their stuff all the time when I taught preschool!!

  7. Oh- Me, too! My girlfriends and I would get together and place these HUGE orders to Oriental Trading Co. It was always SO much fun to get those big boxes of 'stuff'. You got some GREAT things this time...what fun to see an 'old friend' reappear. xo Diana

  8. I love all of your goodies...the turkeys are such a great idea! I love how you used the charms and the leaves are so pretty, too. You'll get a lot of use from the drink dispenser! Fun post!

  9. Wait a minute. Back up. You have glass jugs?

  10. oh my! I need to go to Oriental Trading Company! I love those leaves. And I need feathers. I kinda didn't even know what they sold.

  11. I used to read the Oriental Trading Company catalog from front to back and then do it all over. I had little page marks for all that I wanted to order and then have to narrow it down to fit the budget. Those turkeys are AWESOME! Bliss Ranch parties must be a blast!!


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