Updated Mudroom Faucet With Pfister

20+ years ago we installed the hardest working faucet in our house in a tiny mudroom wash and go area.

I say it's the hardest working because in those 20 years it was the faucet that saw the grimiest of hands, and it was the first place of rest when anyone ran inside in a hurry, if you know what I mean.  PU!

Hands working hard in the garage, out in the yard, and the faucet that six kids delivered their dirtiest paws too.

Oh, and it saw animal paws as well.

My family put the mud in mudroom.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

As a blogger who participates in offers from Pfister Faucets, often I get the perk of making a selection from a group of faucets.

So when that opportunity was presented recently I looked around at the old homestead with the eyes of someone who might be seeing my faucets for the first time so I could decide which one maybe needed more TLC than I could give it anymore.

Old Faucet

It might be hard to see in my photo, but most parts of the above faucet were no longer able to shine.  Years of hard water and calcium deposits could no longer be cleaned. 

I would love to say that all those years ago the faucet was the cutting edge of design, but the truth is that it was what we could afford in a style I liked. 

I still like those handles, but it was time to update with something that didn't look like it had seen over 20 years of use, and the folks at Pfister Faucets agreed and sent out the Auden center-set faucet in polished chrome.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

The new faucet is pretty sweet, and a huge difference in the nice shiny chrome compared to my 20+ faucet.

Sleek, modern, shininess.

There are other sinks around here that have brushed nickle faucets and I like that look too, but I think I prefer the polished chrome - for me chrome seems to be easier to clean water spots from.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

If you are a handy woman, or have a handy man, a faucet replacement is a fairly easy task for a do-it-yourself-er.  That is of course when everything goes according to plan.

What I thought would be an easy take-the-'ol-faucet-out-stick-the-new-faucet-in update wasn't quite how it went.  Of course right?

Something unseen always complicates matters, by no fault of the new faucet, that's just how it goes when you are uninstalling something that has been in place for that many years.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

The unseen issue was that the faucet didn't want to release from the sink underneath, so the whole sink had to come out so the old faucet could be removed. 

Brawn has been talking about a total sink update for the mudroom, and it seemed a good time to start work on it with the sink out, but I wasn't up for that game.

So instead it gave me the opportunity to do a very thorough cleaning around where the old faucet had been.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

Taking the whole sink out wasn't anything difficult for the man with the tools, just more time consuming, and time is a very valuable and elusive commodity around here.

The most difficult part was fitting a man with long legs into a room without space for  such a thing.

After dark he set out to replace the faucet but only got as far as taking out the sink before bedtime arrived.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

The next day I had places to go and people to see. 

Since the install was talking longer then he predicted and I had to leave, and being the considerate man he is, he took a couple cell phone pictures for me without me even asking.

Sink Faucet

He was pretty proud of himself setting the faucet on the sink and being all blogger like taking pictures. 

If you look on the faucet spout you can see his reflection.  I'm just glad the reflection didn't capture him in his underwear, but that would have been funny.

Sink Faucet

I'll have to tell him when he stages photos to remove the cracker bin from the counter next time. 

I'm not sure why his phone shows the sink in a matte finish, it's a regular bright white glossy porcelain sink, and I think my phone takes better photos then his new fancy version.

When I returned home I was happy to see a new, un-pitted, bright shiny Pfister Faucet resting happily in the resting room.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

Have I mentioned this room is small and that it doesn't have much light for taking photos?  Well both those facts make it difficult to take decent photos, which is a shame because I don't feel like I've captured all the nice shiny beauty of the new Pfister Faucet.

But it is..... nice and shiny that is.  I love it.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

The new faucet won't see as many grimy hands, as many muddy paws, or as many kids delivering the dirt, which just means it will live a longer cleaner shinier life and handle the remaining paws and palms well into the future.

The field stone counter might not stick around however.  Brawn wants to replace it.

I happen to love it and so far I keep winning that argument.

Pfister Faucet Mudroom Bath

Just look at that new beauty.  Pfister knows their stuff.

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  1. It looks shiny...and perfect in the space!

  2. Loving all that shiny-ness! Good job Brawn! And I love that he took some photos for you too. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks! :)


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