White Ikea Bin Turned Dog Food Container

I'm a fan of the bins at Ikea.

I've had a bunch of Ikea galvanized tubs for 15+ years that I bought for toys, and those are still keeping the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head parts corralled.

When we had large dogs -as in Great Dane and Rhodesian Ridgeback size- we kept a full size trash can in the garage filled with their kibble.  The local chipmunks appreciated that and their offspring are probably still eating from the stash of dog food that their ancestors hoarded.

The previous spoiled puggle had a wooden half barrel bin that he knew how to open, and it wasn't quite big enough for a 20+ pound bag of dry dog food.  So when the girlfriend of #3 son wanted to go to Ikea it was perfect timing to pick up a new dog food bin for Honest Abe the 8 month old ranch dog.

Ikea White Trash Can Dog Food Bin Fusion Mineral Paint Old Sign Stencils

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The dog food brand I buy for Abe comes in a 28 pound bag which fits perfectly in this 11 gallon bin.  Pure luck as I didn't do any actual ciphering before hand, just eyeballed it up on the Ikea showroom floor.

Once home, I thought the bin needed a little something something, so I looked through my Old Sign Stencils to see if I had anything I could use to designate the new white trash can as containing dog vittles.

The closest I came was the BAKERY stencil and I thought I could change it up to spell something dog-ish.

By simply taping off the K then filling that spot in with an R, I could spell BARK-ERY, right?

Ikea White Trash Can Dog Food Bin Fusion Mineral Paint Old Sign Stencils

Wrong.  Don't visit with me while I'm painting, I don't pay attention to you or to what I'm doing.

In my excitement to finish the project, I left out space to put the K back in, which also would not have been centered, so my new dog food bin now had letters on it that said BARERY.  I don't think that BARERY would tell anyone what was inside the bin.

Ikea White Trash Can Dog Food Bin Fusion Mineral Paint Old Sign Stencils

I didn't want to start over, so to make amends with the letters I formulated plan B and dug out a K from some cardboard letters I have.  The K was larger than the Bakery stencil letters and since the Bakery stencil was centered, the K fit perfect in the middle, and looks like I intended it to be that way.

Ikea White Trash Can Dog Food Bin Fusion Mineral Paint Old Sign Stencils

Adding the pop of color with metallic Fusion Mineral Paint was the way to go, and now only you and I know that it was ever messed up and that I didn't come to that design on purpose.

Next I used a dog-bone shaped cookie cutter that you can purchase here, and traced the shape under the letters then filled it in with paint and Abe's name.  In case the chipmunks come back to steal his food they can clearly see it has his name on it and isn't meant for them.

Ikea White Trash Can Dog Food Bin Fusion Mineral Paint Old Sign Stencils

For the painted parts, sample pots of metallic Fusion Mineral Paint were used; Brushed Steel and Copper, both favorites when I want to take something to a new level.

Ikea White Trash Can Dog Food Bin Fusion Mineral Paint Old Sign Stencils

Abe doesn't know that his nose could easily push off the lid of that can and he could eat himself silly. But like plan B with the K, lets not tell him.

The dog food bin is kept in the mudroom which is also where Abe's big comfy built-in kennel is located so he can always keep an eye on things.

And nobody gets in to see the wizard, not nobody not nohow.... without barking!

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  1. I'm surprised any critters would make it pass Abe to knibble on his food! What a cute idea. I need to do something cute for our dogs instead of the stylish bags food comes in.

  2. Very cute Bliss

    Hope you enjoyed Halloween. I know you enjoy the holiday


  3. Very cute, I love you "mistake"..


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