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Drunk Monkey

I'll never buy hooks again
 Yesterday I was possessed.  I had 3 projects going, 4 if you count the timely frame hanging tip above using a pop can ring from AdventuresOfOurFamily's new Trade School class.  The days agenda was my magazine copy cat challenge as well as a mantel change. I'm not really liking the mantel but I L O V E my magazine copy project. Brawn walked in to find me dipped in a new color for a picture I had just taken off the wall.

I painted the drunk monkey.  You know the song, Drunk Monkey, that Funky Monkey.  Oh say what?  That's not how it goes?  Well that's the way I sing it.  His frame got a coat of CeCe Caldwells Slate followed by my fav, the Hershey Brown.  Then waxed with Annie Sloans dark wax.  If the two of them got together they could rule the designer paint world.  I particularly like that the frames new coat matches his fur coat.

This is a large picture that belongs by the bar, but about 3 years ago I took down whatever was on that wall and temporarily hung the hairy fellow.  3 years is temporary isn't it?  I hung the chimp back in the same spot, but on a different nail that was there.  Before it was too low, now it's too high.  I'll get around to moving it to a better height.  Hope that doesn't take me another 3 years.

Hairy Before

That Funky Monkey After

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