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The Little Engine That Burlaped

Is burlaped a word?  Some wise blogger said that if you write it in blogland it becomes a word.  So mine is burlaped.  Or maybe it should have two p's?  Burlapped.  Sort of French sounding when you say it that way.... buur'lapped.  What ever.  I hate burlap.  I hope to not burlap often.  But I love burlap.  I love everything I see buur'lapp on.  I hope to have it on many more things.  Versatile, quaint, country, chic, all rolled into one adorable fabric.  Fabric of fraying messiness, little fibrous pieces of smelly textile.  I hate burlap.

Coffee sacks.  If you are lucky a few green coffee beans will fall from the seams when you cut into them.  If you are doubly lucky you will have mounds of thread-shred-shed all over you, your floor, your dining room table, and everywhere else the stuff walks off too.  If you are smart you will do this on a sunny day outside.  No comments please about me not being smart, it was a weather issue and you should know by now I like to work on the dining room table anyway.

There is a tremendous difference in the weave, texture and feel of burlap coffee sacks.  For this project (what is the project you wonder?) I wanted to use the lighter colored sacks, which were the looser, coarser variety.  They were all clean and flat when I bought them.  I washed them to get the smell out and it turned them into mangled twisted, sacks of lettered wrinkle.  They didn't even smell till after I washed them.

Draw Straight lines

I do not sew.  I found out this weekend I don't even cut or glue all that well.  Math, forget it, I measure by using from my elbow to my wrist.  Works.  Sometimes.  Usually not very accurately.

Donna over at Funky Junk always has ideas I think I can do.  She makes stuff look "Bliss-able".  Her faux shades were the perfect no sew project for me.  I chugged along, uphill, and got it done.  Chanting "I think I can, I think I can" when I was up to my elbows in math calculations for cutting and lining 5 shades that should of all been of equal size.  For the full tutorial go to Funky Junk and do it the way she says.

Easter weekend I found myself in a farm store staring at a bin of coffee sacks.  $1.29 each, some are two sided, bonus!  I had no intention of making the valances from Funky Junk even though it was love at first sight, but that was because I didn't own any coffee sacks.  Now there they were and I bought 8 of them.  3 have been cut up for five windows above our kitchen eating nook.

 The blank canvas, of which I have five of the same size.

My hot glue gun was crap.  Yes crap.  So I used fabric glue.

The evil, mutant shredder. 

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