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Shabby Chic Headboard that started it all....

This morning I posted pic's here of what I do to relax... smash china.  But it wouldn't be complete without the story of what started it all, my first cracked, hammered and smashed project 9 years ago.

If someone would of told me someday I'd want to smash plates with 22 carat gold rims I'd of thunk.... ummmm no...

The story goes like this..... 
Oldest daughter moving in at college (9 years ago).  
Sad after dropping her off so we stop in to visit friends on the way home.  
Friend is making a very detailed mosaic table.   
Me- What is this mosaic thing you are doing?  How do you do that?  Smash stuff?  Glue?  I can do that! 
Friend - Thrift store is having a Labor Day 50% off sale Monday, wanna go?   
Me -  If they have plates... YEAH! 

At the time we were re-doing daughter #2's bedroom and she needed a creative headboard.  So at the thrift store's 50% off sale I buy everything in pink and black.

I wanted to make it personal and added a couple of these lipstick cases.  My mom had given them to my girls to play with and smear all over their faces and my carpet.  I wanted that never to happen to another child in my home again, so I immortalized the lipstick in cement.

This horseshoe is special.  Brawn and I bought it 32 years ago to hang on our wall for good luck.  Did you know you should always turn horseshoes open end up?  Otherwise your luck runs out.

By that night Brawn had made me a form, (because I said NOW and meant it - I'm in the zone - the ready to craft zone). 

Using the pool table as my craft area, I smash everything I bought and bark out orders to the family - "don't anyone talk to me till I finish thisYou want to eat?, make your own... and bring me some". 

Glue, smash, glue, smash.  BRAWN... I NEED MORE BLACK STUFF WHAT 'YA GOT???  Old marble tile?  SURE!

24 hours later the headboard was ready for grout.  The size is about 57 inches wide and almost the same tall.  Two days after grouting it's hanging over daughters bed and she loves it.  After that I was hooked on smashing plates.  I amassed a plate collection of about 200, so many Brawn had to vacate one of his new shelves in the garage for my stash. 

My friend has hundreds more.  Years later I borrow a couple hundred additional plates from her and serve up a wedding using mis-matched patterns for daughter #1.  I also never use paper plates again when company comes.

I grabbed whatever was around, like mugs and cups.  I left the handles in tact.

My plate collection gets around.  I have rented them out for receptions for brides who also want miss-matched plates for a shabby chic look.

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