A Bee in my Bonnet

This is one of those posts that isn't really written for my readers.  No photos or DIY, just something to poke fun at.  If you are a blogger, you will get it, and if you have a pet name for anyone in your life, you'll get it too.

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet.

Now doesn't that sound nicer than saying a bug up my butt?

That's just what this post is about, people getting bugs and bees in places that make them talk smack.

And that really sticks in my craw.

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The Family Votes on Laundry Room Flooring

Back home here on the prairie....
when last I wrote.....
I asked for help deciding which flooring I wanted to update the 20 year old laundry room floor with because, well.... I suck at picking flooring. 

Without a doubt most of you picked the wood look vinyl.  This narrowed it down so next I brought in the experts who have suffered of my poor flooring choices in the past.

The family.

I gave the family the choice of the wood look vinyl.....

Or the next popular choice, the vintage hex tiles in gray tones....

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Laundry Room Flooring, Help Me Pick

Things around the ranch the last few months have been hectic and full of anxiety, not to mention all I remember of the winter is snow and freezing temperatures.

We were just starting to wind down on stuff, like two surgeries and tests, only to have someone suffer a broken heart (not of the medical kind), another one have a mysterious new suitor, and then catastrophe of all catastrophes ......
                                                            the washing machine broke.

There are plenty of appliances, gadgets and technologically advanced things that I can do without in my life, but my washing machine is not one of them.  And you know how it goes in the home of DIY'ers - one project leads to another.

So while we were busy taking out the old machines and putting in the new.....

I got the brilliant idea that it was time to update our laundry room flooring.

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Seed Starting

Over the years we have had many gardens - some a sorry excuse, some quite bountiful.

Our very first garden we had a bumper crop of cantaloupes.  Dozens.  There were only two of us back then to eat them all.  The last time I planted cantaloupes we harvested 3 the size of a dolls head with 6 people wanting to eat them.  Many went hungry.

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Winner Winner Ducky Dinner

Clyde the Birthday Boy
Winner winner, ducky dinner

Ok, no.... not a duck dinner, or a duck winner, 
but I do have a winner and news from the land of duckens.  

In case you don't know what a ducken is, 
that's what you get when you are a 3 year old little girl.......
 and you put the words duck and chicken together.
Halloween '13, but appropriate for this time of year

So we don't have chickens and ducks here, we have duckens.

Last year I held a name the new ducken contest.   
If daughter #2 picked one of the suggested names the winner received a cake tester.  
Tina from What we Keep won with her suggestion of Clementine.

Now a year later I am happy to announce that Clementine, Cleo, and Hazel 
have started laying eggs - just in time for my Easter basket.  
So in addition to the two chickens laying eggs for us, we get up to 3 duck eggs a day. 

Duck eggs are suppose to add extra "umph" to baked goods.  
I haven't made a cake yet, but I did make a duck egg asparagus quiche.

Anyway.... Clyde the original duck and keeper of the ducken harem, had a birdday
and in honor of his second birdday 
I thought I would let him announce the winner of last weeks cake tester giveaway......

Enjoy the Easter weekend, we'll be having ham.... the duckens are all safe.

P.S. If you want to enter the giveaway for the big burlap coffee sack, go {here}.

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Junkers United Barn Wood Window Cabinet

Welcome one and all and thanks for stopping in if you're visiting from one of the linked blogs.  I'm Bliss and you're at the ranch, where I redo junk and try to make projects for little or no cost.

This post is filled to it's junky little rim.... with a party and best of all links to the other Junkers United Team members and the projects they created specially for this party.

Barn Wood Cabinet, Bliss-Ranch.com
For my junk project I've upcycled one of the gazillion old windows I've accumulated.  It's not an earth-shattering-never-before-seen project, but for us it solved a storage problem......

the storage problem of where to keep the toilet paper.

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Black Purses

Today I have a tale to tell about purses, JC Penney, and a random act of kindness I received.

~ The Purses ~
Now I am not a purse snob in any way shape or form.  I can use a $10 purse just as easy as a $100 one.  I've got Gucci and I've got Garage Sale.

It always comes back to features for me, so in that way I am a purse snob, I like what I like for comfort and ease.

I don't like to fiddle around looking for my phone when it rings, in fact I don't like to answer my phone at all so there is a good chance I won't even if I can find it.

I need a certain kind of handle to fit comfortably in my small hands.  Not too long so it drags on the ground, and in the perfect purse world the handles would be just long enough to also wear on my shoulder.

Notice the rounded handles on all those retired purses.

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Cake Tester Giveaway & Moo Cards

It's that time again when I raid my daughters pretty baubles and decide I should give a cake tester away, compliments (unbeknownst) of her.

Cake Testers Blis-Ranch.com

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Plates, Plates, and More Plates

This post contains a things that some of you might not want to read.  It's probably going to provoke death threats and suggestions that I have an exorcism, as surely the devil is making me do what I do.

The threats will be a kin to what happens when someone paints a vintage piece of furniture and the crowd goes wild, and not in a good way either.

They don't like the message or the messenger at that point.

Plates for Mosaics Bliss-Ranch.com

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Alberts Barn Burn

This post is not for the faint of heart.  Or at least not for those who see a decrepit old barn and want to load all of it's wood in the trunk.

(Now that would be funny - someone trying to fit a whole barn in their trunk).

Alberts Farm Bliss-Ranch.com
Old Alberts Farm

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