Fuller House, The Bliss Ranch Way

Full House.

Fuller House.

Not THAT full/fuller house, MY full about to be fuller house.

Fuller yard is more accurate
The trees are just starting to leaf out, the grass is getting close to needing it's first mowing and the crapping quackers are getting neighbors.

Human neighbors.  A family of four to be exact.

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Four Vintage Crates From One

Do you follow the Thistlewood Farms blog?

Last year about this time Karianne had a coffee crate in her attic waiting for a redo - and in her post she cut the thing in half to make two crates.

I thought, HEY that's pretty smart, that way both crate ends can be turned into something. 

So I tucked that idea in the back of my mind till it was time for me to do the same.

Turn 1 Crate Into 4 Crates,

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Playhouse Revival, The Clean Out

Winter is over, which for Minnesota in April all that really means is the snow is melted and Spring yard work can start.

Last year that wasn't possible till the middle of May, so I do feel a bit ahead of the game this spring.

Outdoor messes have to be cleaned up before tackling any other projects, because you know the saying - gotta make hay when the sun shines.  Or something like that. Play House Project Speaking of hay....these long packages arrived by my mudroom door last week.

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Goodwill Target Nightstand Makeover

Today's post is all about nothing.

Nothing I made anyway.

I didn't make the project, stage the project or even take the project photos.

I didn't buy the small furniture piece either, but I did supply the paint.

#2 daughter announced she was going to Goodwill with one of her BFF's and I wasn't sure when she left if she was on the hunt or going along as an accomplice.

It was both.  She came home with this brand new Target nightstand thing.

Target Nightstand Makeover,

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Pizza Dog

I didn't think this hot dog idea up, someone else who needed a quick dinner did.

Or someone who likes hot dogs on their pizza..... which would not be me.

But this twist on the standard hot dog in a bun was too easy not to try, besides I usually forget to take photos of the actual great recipes I try and only remember when I'm putting the last fork in my mouth.

So I'm not going gourmet here folks.  Just like the recipe, this post was quick and easy.

Pizza Hot Dog

After I watched the video and read all the snide or funny comments, I decided what the heck I'm gonna make pizza dog's for dinner and then tell you how they were.

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Hidden Cat Food Area

We have a dog.

We have a cat.

About the only thing our dog likes about the cat is to eat her cat food.

Linda Kitty was here long before the dog.  7 years longer to be exact.

Linda (who is named after the lady we got her from) is coming up on 15 years of age and for 8 of her cat lives - the 8 that Mo the dog has lived here - her cat food has been banished to the folding counter in the laundry room.

Protected Cat Food Coral,

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A Birthday Giveaway

Imma gonna tell 'ya about a birthday giveaway today, but don't start sending me birthday greetings for turning another year old.

It's not my birthday, even though it felt like a special day for me.

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is having herself a celebration of the yearly aging process.

And it just so happened that my package arrived on her birthday. 

So to celebrate I opened it up......

Funky Junk Interiors Stencils,

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Paint Details on Pine Blanket Chest Redo

In my last post I got right to the nitty gritty and revealed an old pine chest that I updated with painted memories.  You can read about that {here}.

Today I'll give 'ya the details on the products I used.

I painted the pine box with Maison Blanche paint in chocolate so the letters would be dark.

Pine Blanket Chest Redo

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Flynn & Malone Blanket Chest

This isn't a post about the process and products used for painting an old pine box and turning it into a blanket chest - if you want the how-to details about paint, wax and wood pieces to make one yourself, you'll have to stop back next time.

Nope, this post is about something more........

Once upon a time in sunny Southern California there were two Irish lassies.

Pine Box Upcycle To Blanket Chest,

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Silver Mirror with Fusion Gilding Paste

I've decided never to buy anything new again.

Wait.... I decided that years ago, back when people looked at my creations sideways and probably rolled their eyes when I wasn't looking, as I hung yard junk on our walls.

I guess not everyone finds parts of a wrought iron fence or an old gate all that attractive.

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