Purse Door Wreath From Found Items

This is how the story goes ....

Spring Purse Wreath,

I was vacuuming up dead bugs in our three season porch, now that the snow has melted, and a round galvanized chalkboard thing I made from a broken clock fell off the wall.

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Dollhouse Practice Chandelier

#5 in the dollhouse journal is something I never would have considered making had I not seen photos on line.

Dollhouse chandelier's are a thing, and the ones I saw on Pinterest were made out of bead supplies.

If it's one thing we have around here, it's beading supplies, so I thought I'd make a couple practice ones.

My samples are not so amazing as the ones I saw online.

Practice Dollhouse Chandelier,

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Bathroom Plank Floor Tile, Petrified Coast

I think I have mentioned a hundred times or so by now, we are in the midst of a bathroom redo, but it's really two bathrooms so takes twice as long.

It's a Jack and Jill bath, but not the typical kind where two doors enter one main area.

South Cypress Petrified Coast Bathroom Floor Tile

Ours has two bedroom doors that enter two bathroom areas; the toilet and a vanity in one and a tub and vanity in the other.  So two Jills could get ready for school in the mornings by staggering their shower time by just a couple minutes.

One could do hair in one room, the other makeup, without getting in each others way.

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Vintage Shoe Lasts Thrift Store Decor April

April showers bring May flowers, or at my house April brought shoe lasts.

Vintage Shoe Lasts Towel Holder,

A gloomy day seemed like a good time for a project to rain down, so I made something I could use for the Thrift Store Decor Challenge this month.

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Dollhouse Furniture #4 Clock Upcycle

This week in the dollhouse renovation project I'm going to share the redo of this ugly Goodwill clock.

What caught my eye was the fact that the bottom of the clock had little drawers, so I took it outside and cut it's top off with the saw.

Dollhouse Upcycle, Clock to Dresser,

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Beware Of Dog Sign With A Surprise Ending

At the beginning of the week I told you what happens in early spring with the winter thaw, but you might have missed that tidbit of information because it was hidden in a post about #1 son's awesome guest bathroom vanity.

However the tidbit from that post ties in with this one, so click the link above if you didn't catch the info about the "thaw".

We live rural.

That means we're not on a natural gas line and our gas is delivered via truck to a tank in our back yard that looks like a grounded Goodyear blimp.

The gas is called LP - liquid propane.

Beware of Dog Sign,

The LP guy arrives, pulls the long hose through our backyard, fills the tank, and we are able to cook and stay warm - two things we like.

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Quityerbellyaching Sign, Reader Copy

Last month I wrote a post on a wash stand that I made-over from orange oak to a combination of dark wood with some painted white areas.

A pretty cute little combo if I do say so myself.

But what seemed to have caught peoples attention was the little sign I hung above it.


Quityerbellyaching Sign,

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Rustic and Calm Guest Bathroom

For those of you in sunny early spring locations, I remember well what that means.

In warm Southern California it meant beach weather would soon be heating up and a wardrobe change will take place away from fashionable sweaters that we didn't really need to wear due to cold weather anyway.

But in the Midwest the arrival of spring means different things.

Purple Iris,

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Subway Shower Tile

My fingers are pretty excited as I pound out this post.

Why?  Because the pace has picked up on the bathroom remodel, thanks to the arrival of the shower tile and flooring tile from South Cypress.

{To refresh your memory; this is a redo of a Jack & Jill bath, {here} & {here} which was really a Jill & Jill bath, and is now becoming a Jack & Jack bath while disposing of all the pink and updating the 20 year old fixtures. 

South Cypress Shower Subway Tile,

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Cat Photos Turned Wall Art

A certain five year old princess has moved into her new bedroom and it's full of things that hold memories.

Her bedroom set was given to her by her maternal grandmother, furniture that had stood in her own daughters room.

Above the princesses bed is a positive message sign painted for her and signed on the back by her paternal grandmother with the hope that as she grows up she will take those words to heart.

And then there is the life of the party that lives in her new home..... the orange tiger kitten she named Whiskers.

Framed Cat Art,

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