Subway Shower Tile

My fingers are pretty excited as I pound out this post.

Why?  Because the pace has picked up on the bathroom remodel, thanks to the arrival of the shower tile and flooring tile from South Cypress.

{To refresh your memory; this is a redo of a Jack & Jill bath, {here} & {here} which was really a Jill & Jill bath, and is now becoming a Jack & Jack bath while disposing of all the pink and updating the 20 year old fixtures. 

South Cypress Shower Subway Tile,

You're going to be hearing about the wall and floor tile through the rest of this bathroom redo, so let me start by thanking South Cypress for providing the product for it.

Seriously, just go to their web site and look at the flooring selection they have.  You'll find popular styles if you want to keep up with trends and you will also understand why I had such a hard time deciding on floor tile.

The color, the quality, the customer service. All of it makes for a great start to this project.  And I do not get paid to say that!  I also don't receive anything but satisfaction if you click on the South Cypress ad on my right sidebar. 

My usually rustic taste in style was easily satisfied while visiting them on the web, but here's a spoiler - I didn't choose a rustic floor!

Shower Subway Tile, Smoke Glossy 3x6 South Cypress,

But this post is about the subway wall tile, so you're going to have to wait to hear about the flooring.

And maybe for the first time in my life, I picked the perfect color the first time for something on a wall.

Yes, that is some sort of a record for me.

South Cypress Shower Subway Tile,

The shower tile is called 5th Avenue, Smoke Glossy, size - 3x6.

I ordered several samples from South Cypress so I could see the colors right in the bathroom we are working on.

I didn't want an accent tile, but my husband couldn't resist a little something something, so he made an accent row of the same tile by standing them upright for a subtle pattern change as an accent. 

South Cypress Shower Subway Tile,
Waiting on grout and a new Pfister Faucet install.

The tile is the perfect shade of gray with just a slight tone of beige so it's a warm gray not stark, but really I loved them all especially "a" - the glass tile.

South Cypress Subway Tile Grays,

More importantly my color choice got the approval of the males that will shower there.

The grout will be a light gray and hopefully happening next weekend.

South Cypress Shower Subway Tile,

In my opinion what makes these tiles extra special as far as installing them, is the little raised nubby bump out ridge that makes lining them up a breeze.

I'm sure there is an official name for the protrusion, but all you need to understand is that because of it there is no need to use any of those little white plastic tile spacers, and that makes installing the tile go faster.

Not every brand has that feature.

South Cypress Shower Subway Tile,

I realize those little white tile spacers can be a necessary evil, but around here we refer to them as a pain-in-the-azz, so not needing to use them to keep the lines uniform also prevented anyone from going insane.

And I don't know about you, but when doing any DIY, preventing insanity is a top priority for us.

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  1. I love raised bump nubby things. Our subway tile in the kitchen had those and it made the job SO much easier for me! Well, actually, the fact that Phil installed them made it SO much easier for me, but you get my drift. Bathtub is looking awesome and sanity preservation is a major plus.


  2. I never heard of those raised bumpy nubby things but how genius! This is looking amazing!

  3. LOVE that color! LOoking good!
    xo Heidi

  4. OH that is GREAT looking...and I love the way it eliminates spacers!

  5. Those bumps have got to be called spacers. I mean that's what they do. Or maybe, built-in spacers. I'm so happy that you feel good about the color. Tile isn't something that you want to regret. I don't want you living with regret.

  6. Your shower is coming along nicely. The grey will probably be easier to keep clean too. I never knew that some tiles had that little bump out on them. The guy that installed our tile in the kitchen had to use the spacers that you don't like. Ha!

  7. Loving how it's coming along (and I'm not jumping ahead). I used to work at a tile shop and have never seen those little nubby things (automatic spacers?), but after watching many a tile being installed, I'd have to say, move over sliced bread.


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