Dollhouse Mini's, Week 2

Last week I introduced you to the vintage radio that I am turning into a dollhouse for a certain five year old, and from now on I'll be looking differently at every little thing.

And when I say little, I mean little.

I'll be eyeing up bits and pieces of this and that, anything that can be turned into a miniature "something" for the dollhouse.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

About the same time I read about the Dollhouse Therapy challenge , I headed to do laundry.  About 6 hours later I reemerged.

Not because there was a ton of laundry, but because while I was there I decided to paint the walls.

And I discovered something.

The white wall primer we purchased 22 years ago was excellent stuff.

I know this because in those 22 years the laundry room was never painted with anything but the primer, and the walls seemed to look pretty decent in spite of that.

Our laundry room is a room that is never not in use, so basically the primer went on and that was the end of it.  The pencil marks my husband made to line up the cabinets for hanging were still on the wall.

To paint I had to take down the stuff that had also been hanging there for 22 years.

First to go was an old printers drawer filled with random dusty crap I had no idea what to do with.

I put all the little stuff-izs in a pile and as I heaped it up I made notice that some of it would be of use in the dollhouse I intended to some day make.

At that point I didn't know some day was coming a day later.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

The little crank on this brass coffee mill turns.  I guess I could set it on the dollhouse kitchen counter, or I know, maybe I'll make a mini coffee station, yeah great.idea.Bliss.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

I think the cat on the right is the original grumpy cat, his eyebrows don't lie. 

He's probably mad at the mama cat because under her care one of the kittens lost their little black glass tail.

Maybe it's in the shoe.  The cat family for sure goes into the dollhouse.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

Looks like I have something else for the coffee bar, a mini enamel ware pot and cups.

It also looks like I could have a turquoise color scheme.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

Maybe I can make some mini corks for all the blue bottles.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

The printers drawer held these - sort of faceless - little pewter angels.  I'll save those for the dollhouse Christmas, and the pewter owls can go on the mantel.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

Anyone have a thimble collection?  I don't think I'll be using these in the dollhouse unless I can think of something to use them for.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

More mini blue stuff that I have no idea where it came from.  I'll save it, maybe I'll build the next dollhouse to look like a windmill.  Can you identify the animal on the right?  Let me know what it is.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

I got excited about this pile of little match boxes.  These can be turned into tables and drawers since they slide open.

The old tin of Village Lip Smackers, Vanilla flavor, still had scent and most of the balm.

Why I put it in the printers drawer on the wall I have no idea.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

The little piece of pottery is a jar of Mount St. Helens ash. 

My BFF's brother passed them out to people, why I was a recipient I don't remember, but I think I'm going to make a lamp out of it.

I went to Goodwill yesterday and shopped the junk no one else wants. 

I usually find this sort of crap in the free bins at garage sales, and it never comes home with me.

But that was before I was scheming on what else the crap could turn into, and garage sales are at least a month away from starting here, and I need dollhouse stuff now.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

I picked up this recipe box which is already taken apart and painted.

Dollhouse Miniature Finds,

Can you guess what it will become for the dollhouse?  

You won't recognize it that's for sure!

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  1. love the blue and white china and those bottles. and i love that your mind works like mine... i think i will walk over here to do something oh i should paint that!

  2. What a treasure trove you uncovered!! I'm excited to see how they'll fit into your new space. I'm thinking a bed out of the recipe box but I'm sure I'm wrong!

  3. I am eagerly following your progress on the radio dollhouse. I just know it's going to be amazing!

  4. I love seeing how your mind works, Bliss! I know the dollhouse will be awesome!

  5. Wow, I can't believe you had so much cool small stuff laying around! I am guessing that last box is a chair, rocking chair? A bed? Ok I give up...and that clue.

  6. Hmmm, some of those items, or very similar, are in my sewing room shelves also haven't parted with them in many years. The recipe box would make a great chair by making the lid horizontal instead of at an angle. I'm looking forward to following your doll house project closely. Love it!

  7. I have a recipe box like that and maybe it would make a couch? A Settee? But the first thing I thought of was that the wood would make good shutters. Or a front door. I'm concerned about the turquoise bottles - scale wise. Aren't they a little huge???

  8. I'm going to guess a bed frame! And no idea what that animal is - maybe a lamb?

    I just love miniatures!


  9. I think it would make a great bed....
    I so wanted to join in and make a dollhouse and play with you guys but I seriously can't start one more new thing! You are now in charge of my happiness regarding the dollhouse. ;)

  10. You've got a great collection of stuff to work with for her dollhouse! I remember playing with my Barbie townhouse and finding tiny things to decorate it with. I could spend hours playing with it! I'm excited to see what you make with all of that stuff.

  11. I'm guessing an entry way bench with storage? As for that "animal". No clue but maybe lamb...or cat. Whatever you decide to call it, if you just say it with conviction, no one will argue!

  12. With your imagination, I won't even begin to guess. You already had me when you said those match boxes could become dollhouse tables! Never would have thought of that.

  13. Animal on the right looks like a lamb to me.


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