Thrift Store Decor Lettered Sock Bin

March has arrived and with it brings this months Thrift Store Decor, where 10 bloggers breath new life into a castoff item from the thrift store.
Thrift Store Decor Team,

My project was fun and pretty fast, unless you count the hours it took me to sort through socks so I could implement my new sock mating system.

Matching socks was easy when I knew every little pink sock belonged to one of my daughters, or when each of my sons wore different sizes.

That's not the case any more.  The 6 male feet seem to be the same size and wear similar, but not identical, socks.

Because wearing the same sock style and color would be way too easy wouldn't it?

And then there is the issue of washing and drying a pair of socks, but only one makes it out alive.
Thrift Store Decor Metal Stenciled Sock Bin,

This white lidded metal bin was only a buck.  In it's previous life it was a dog food container of some kind, according to the label on the side.

I grabbed my Antiques stencil from the Old Sign Stencil line by Donna from Funky Junk Interiors.

But for this project I didn't want the "s" in antiques, or the "s" in collectibles, so I just left those off and the words on the tin now read antique and collectible.

No s's.

Thrift Store Decor Metal Stenciled Sock Bin,

Stenciling is a fast, easy way to get a unique look on something without spending all day working on it.

Black paint, the stencil, a small brush, let it dry, and then seal with a clear spray.  It actually took me longer to decide what lettering I wanted on the bin than it did to do it.

I used individual letters for the word socks, because Donna's stencil was for Antiques and Collectibles, not Antique and Collectible Socks.

Based on how long some of our socks had been in the old sock baskets, they could be antique or maybe they have become collectible?

Thrift Store Decor Metal Stenciled Sock Bin,

After I purged and mated two baskets worth of socks, I also implemented a new sock sorting system.

Thrift Store Decor Metal Stenciled Sock Bin,

Mate-less socks now go in the bin loose, then when the other one finally makes it out of the dryer I don't have to dig through baskets to find the mate.

If the sock mate is not among the loose socks in the bin I check the ones in rubber bands.

At the end of the year any socks remaining in the rubber bands have not had a mate in at least a year and it is probably not ever coming out of the dryer, so they will be sent to the rag bin in the garage.

Because what happens in the garage, stays in the garage.

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  1. Love it! Maybe those mateless socks meet up again in the rag bag?

  2. Cute! I love stenciling since I can't even freehand a good stick figure. I also love Donna's stencils!

  3. we all MUST have a system! I have one small drawer set aside for all the lost socks... then when I'm out of socks in my regular drawer, I head to THAT drawer to find two that match. hey, it works for me!
    Love your thrift store project for lost socks Bliss!

  4. Gail is right. We must all have a system. A "Sock System"! I use a basket to collect ALL THE SOCKS as they come out of the dryer. Then when it's over flowing it's my girl's responsibility to fold them (I am so mean). I must admit, I have a hard time throwing away the singles. I can't do it!!! Love your new sock bin!

  5. Living the dream, Bliss! You know those socks are lost forever in the great abyss. You are in good shape though with that bucket....IF they return. ;)

  6. Love it! I just stash all the extras in Barry's sock drawer, towards the back. He never looks back there ;)

  7. This needs to be sent to my house STAT! Even with only two men in the house now, I have more missing socks than I care to speak of. I blame the dog now.

  8. Love it!!! I need to make one now! Pinning!

  9. That's such a cute bin you made for socks! I bet you do have that problem with a large family.

  10. If you left the "s" off of socks it would have been just like the dry cleaners here in Chicago (and I'm sure elsewhere too) where the signs say things like "pant" and "dress" and "shirt" like you can only dry clean one of each item at a time! :)

  11. This is so fun, Bliss...and who doesn't need one?

  12. This is a household necessity and your's is by far the coolest I have ever seen!!

  13. I love this idea! It turned out beautifully. I really need to check out Donna's stencils!

  14. We are the absolute worst with losing socks! I love this idea- it's adorable!

  15. Both your sock sorting system and your Antique and Collectible Socks bin are brilliant! Funny, my single and holey socks end up in the garage too. Thanks, Bliss for sharing your fabulous project with us at Talk of the Town.

  16. Man are you going to have a lot of free time when all the boys are gone except Brawn. No sock doubt whatsoever. I like your can. Leaving the s's off was such a great idea. You're a clever thing you know.

  17. Fantastic idea! Our single socks just sit on a dresser in the laundry room until I find it's mate, or I decide to toss it. I'm featuring your project at the Talented Tuesday Link Party this week, thanks so much for sharing!


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