The Green Grass of Home

We have a yard and "areas".  A few yards really, and we refer to all the areas around here in various ways so we know just the spot we are talking about.

There is the back yard, the bottom back yard, the front side yard, the front yard, the yard on the side, the far yard, the down the driveway yard, the back shed, over by the basketball court area, the big field on the hill, the dry marsh, the woods, over by the chickens, the garden, and the back field.  I can use these terms and usually direct Brawn to a specific area for whatever the need is.  The kids I might have to draw a map and physically take them to where I'm talking about if it involves working.

Little Shed
Bird Houses on Post

In the backyard we have this little shed, not to be confused with the big shed in the back or the potting shed in the front side yard.  In the little shed we park the lawnmowers, bikes and sand toys over winter.  Next to it are a couple birdhouses on some old deck posts that are inhabited every year.  Everything is due for a painting, and I will probably just use something I already have.

I would love to turn my little shed into something like this.........

Or this one over at Thistlewood Farm that Kari calls her Art House....
I would love an art shed.

The hostas next to the back yard shed got off to an early growing season.  I hadn't even got rid of last years long dead parts before the hostas were huge.

Also in the back yard is a patio and pond area where the hostas thrive.  Some of them were scheduled to be removed before they got too big.  Hmmmm, I think we missed the timing on that.


A few years ago I was sitting on the patio looking around and I wondered what I could do to hide the big 'ol ugly air conditioning unit.  We had a pile of old deck posts, so Brawn whipped me up a form with two panels and I smashed some china and stained glass along with some mirror and made a big mosaic to hide it.

Mosaic Air Conditioner Screen Cover

In the front side yard we have what used to be a play house.  Five years ago I turned it into a potting shed, but there is no longer anything that resembles potting or garden supplies inside.  Brawn has taken it over for work supplies.  I am serving an eviction notice to his supplies.  On my to-do list is turn it back into a playhouse for The Grands.

 What you can't see hanging on the left side is a potting ledge where I inconveniently pot plants.  Most of my plants in pots are in the back yard, the potting shed is in the front side yard.  Also on the to-do list is make a potting bench that I can keep on the back deck.

Potting Shed
This old tiki torch oil lamp is by the pool in the back yard just waiting to light up some fun summer nights.

Easy Care Landscape
In the front yard is this area between the two entries to the house.  The tree is a dwarf Japanese Maple and the long tall spikey things will soon be sporting beautiful stargazer lilies.  I bought 6 bulbs for .99¢ a few years ago and needed a place to plant them.  I stuck them in the ground here and this is where they stayed.  There used to be a beautiful birch tree in this spot but it got too big for the area.

Front Porch Gone Green
 My front porch flowers were just planted and consist of ferns, marigolds and impatiens.  The pots were in need of paint.  They used to be pale yellow.  Gwen at The Bold Abode painted some pots which gave me the idea to paint mine.  First I tried pastel blue, not at all right for my porch, so the other color spray paint I had was green.  I wish the storm door could go, but we get some nasty weather in the winter.  Tomorrow I will take out the window and put in the screen.
Old Metal Junk Becomes Porch Flower Vase
I have a lot of other "yards" and "areas" to take pictures of.  Today I noticed some of my wild roses are blooming.  Seems early to see those and they look real healthy.  As of today our garden is planted.  There is always a never ending list of outside chores.  I have flowers on my table that need to be planted.  Tomorrow?


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  1. I love your photos and your yards are beautiful.
    The houses on our lane are close enough together that we can almost reach our arms out of our windows and touch hands. Not that small, but we certainly don't have many homes with yards the size of yours. How DO you keep it up?

  2. Beautiful yards. They all look so perfect. Thanks for sharing. Nice to have you back.

  3. So pretty! I love all the green. Our yard is pretty small and it is so difficult to keep up with!

  4. Bliss! I've missed you!
    Our roses were early, too, and more blossoms than ever. I think it may have been the mild winter.
    I am stealing your air conditioning idea, if we have room. Our unit is in the side yard and no one can really see it. Plus, it's close to the side path, so there may not be room. If we in any way infringe upon our next-door neighbor;s property, we will hear about it---probably through their attorney. They are those kind of people.

  5. genius with that air conditioner cover!! We are simliar with our never ending yards and the abundance of work that needs to get done outside of our 4 walls!

  6. Oh My Bliss, everywhere you look is just beautiful! I love your mosaic air conditioner cover.

  7. Your yard is looking so summery already. You've got a lot of yard to take care of at the ranch! I would love a little potting shed like yours. Very cute with the watering can hanging over the window box.

  8. Just gorgeous Bliss. Your front porch is very welcoming. I was drooling over the sheds, I want one like them instead of the big bulky ugly plastic one we have. Oh well, can't have everything. Have a great day.

  9. WOW...looks fantastic! I dream of taking my potting shed (mostly filled with SOMEONE ELSE'S things too) and turning it into a dreamy art space.
    Love everything! {sigh}
    Blessings, Lorraine

  10. You have such a beautiful home and yard!!!! And I want your shed!!!! I want my workshop to LOOK like your shed!!!! Its perfect!!!! Been missing ya. You need to get on Facebook more, so I can make random stupid comments on the things you post. :D Love ya.... Laura

  11. WOW! your yard is stunning!!! so so beautiful!

  12. Oh my freaking goodness...your yard is gorgeous!!! Love the "potting shed" thats what mine looks my head :). Yep, join the club on missing the timing of those dumb hosta's. Oh well, they will waiting.

  13. Loving the absolute beauty of your camouflage. You just "smashed that together" huh? Can you come "smash" something at my house? The entire space is so charming. Lots of pretties to look at too =) We had a Japanese Maple at the last house. They are very popular here in Oregon. Birch are one of my favorite trees. We planted 6 at the last house. No room here, too many trees already! We do the "shed thing" too! lol. We have the house shed, the big shed, the back shed and the garden shed. It's crazy!

  14. You have alot of pretty areas around your yard. I love your sheds! The fact that they are painted wood makes them so cute! Much better than an old metal one. Love all of your hosta too. I have some in my front yard, but would really like to have more.

  15. Bliss- I totally understood about he yards, side yard, back bottom yard (or bottom back yard? too lazy to scroll up). I love it. Although if you ask me to com eover a do any work, or change your playhouse/potting shed/tool storage back into something else, I might fein confusion like the kiddos:)


  16. Okay, Bliss, that mosaic is the cat's meow (weird metaphor, but whatever), and everything else is just gorgeous too! I have major yard (and area) envy!

  17. Once again you have blown me away with your talent and creativity! And what a fabulous yard with so many fabulous finds!



  18. I have been lying low in the blogging world but wanted to pop in and say hi!
    Wow I would love to live in the country again. Your mosaic a/c cover is so cute!
    And I love your "eviction notice" comment. I may have to evict my hubby's clothes from our closet! :)

  19. What a kick a$$ AC cover! I can't believe I've never thought about covering it. Ours is on the side of the house which can be seen from the street. This is an awesome solution! And I would love a 'Getaway' shed where I can hide from all the testosterone!

  20. Your yard is just beautiful and I love your sheds! Can I just tell you how incredible that A/C cover is?

  21. I forgot to add that I am now following you!

  22. can stop by and visit the little pieces of paper that live at the Art House anytime :) Your yard looks amazing and your hostas need to give my hostas a talking to :)


  23. I am in love with all your areas! That potting shed is fabulous - I want to move into it! And the little shed - that big finial on top - I need that (pop it in the mail to me please)!

    I have the same variegated hostas - only two years old so haven't had to discipline them yet.

    And that mosaic air conditioning cover is seriously amazing!
    Go with your bad backyard garden self!

  24. LOVE the idea of the art shed! My hubby had a little cottage style shed built for me last will eventually be a little studio...but right now it just hides my "junk"...someday! Love your home and your little buildings :) Chat soon, Laurel

  25. Can you come over? All my yard areas are in sore need of help. Sore. I love the color on your little shed. And don't even think I missed the part where you nonchalantly mentioned a basketball court. You have a freaking basketball court?!

  26. What a cute potting shed! Your hostas and yard are really pretty.

  27. Beautiful! I love it all and I could use a few large hostas and if you have time whip me up one of those a/c dish screens.
    Thank you :)

  28. OH MY GOODNESS ...I am dying over here!...Love your shed..its wonderful & the colour you painted!..It should be in a magazine! I love your bird houses! We cleaned (in the winter) one of ours out (kinda looked too full) and now the family that used to come back every year comes tweets about but wont nest...who knew! sad..
    Your Hostas are Great! WE have a shadey yard & we have a few varieties...they look great all summer!
    Well your yard is stunning & I like the colour of your pots! fun!

  29. Doing some back reading here...just love what you did with the TV cabinet & the sign! So funny about your cloches I was just telling a fellow seller @ the Market load in last night about how I go to the goodwill & buy those same cheese tray sets for the dome! I have one on the island on top of a ironstone pedestal just big enough for a few I but a few cookies on it my husband just eats all the cookies till they are gone!
    Lots of fun stuff happening over here!

  30. p.s. (tired of me yet??) Thanks for showing your air-conditioning hide away! I wish more people did that! It looks great!

  31. Wow that's a lot of areas! Love the shed, it's so cute. I can't wait to see your new potting bench!! It makes sense to have it out back. WE've been working on all the parts of yard too but we don't have *that*many!

  32. I want to see more!
    I love yard areas that are named.More, more, more please!

    White Spray Paint

  33. Well, that is the prettiest air conditioner hiding panel I have ever seen. Love your shed, too.

  34. It's perfection, Bliss! You are amazing... from the hostas to the screen to the porch and the pots!!! I tried to paint my big planters green...but it was a MASSIVE fail!!!

  35. Anonymous5/25/2012

    You must have been reading my mind because as I was cleaning up the patio today, I kept grumbling to myself about the ugly AC unit and how I should paint it or something. Now you have me thinking! Your yard is awesome - love all the little spaces and details.

  36. Ok, so over the pond, that's not a yard, that's a garden. It may have woods, and fields but it's definately a garden, and a gorgeous one at that.
    Only farmer's, bulder's merchants, motor repair shops etc. have yards !!!
    Love your garden Mrs. B and all the cute sheds, and the mosaic ac cover.

    Oh yes, and I'm with Laura - more, more please !

  37. Bliss I've wondered where on earth you've been and now I know. Just laying low from blogging....which is OK!!! I miss seeing you more often and for the last week have not been recieving posts from a bunch of blogs by email. Yours included. I've missed ya girlfriend! Love your house...inside and out. Your potting shed is a surprize but then you're always surprizing me with your great stuff. Stopped by to say hi! Have a great memorial day! And I know your celebration will be fabulous. Just don't forget the tablecloth (smile). I'll be thinking about you!


  38. I am loving your yard! The mosaic is beautiful Bliss and the Potting Shed is gorgeous... though I think I'd use it for an art house myself!
    I'll be right over, looks like a beautiful place!

  39. I had to laugh when I started reading about all your different "areas" and what you call them. That's what we do at our house, too. Ingenious idea for the unit cover. Everything looks beautiful! (I like your inspiration photos, too!)

  40. The bigger the better on those hostas! They look like they really love those spots b/c they're doin' just fine! :)

  41. Your sheds are so cute! I would love an art shed, too...I bet you will have one soon!

    Linking from The Polo House,
    Ricki Jill

  42. My goodness you must have a lot of acreage!
    I am so impressed and everything looks extremely well maintained to boot! You must never sleep?
    That little garden shed is adorable. I would love to have something like that here. Would love to have a place to keep the mowers too to get them out of the garage.

    Your yard is lovely and I am so thrilled you shared your beautiful estate with us, Bliss.

  43. Love the screen you created for your air conditioning unit. Very creative and pretty!

  44. OMG I about fell over when I saw your mosaic. I really like it A LOT! Was it easy to do? Yours looks FABULOUS! :)

    I'm your newest follower!

  45. Oh I love it! Can I come hang out in your yard..or you can just come over and do mine..:)

  46. What a gorgeous space, I love that air con cover, fantastic idea. xx Nat


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