Sammy in the Rain

Our Memorial weekend is probably going to be a wash out, 
as in rain every day at least off and on.  
Maybe fire up the grill for some fast meat that goes on a bun 
only to whisk it into the house when it's cooked.  
My dad would of grilled, a little rain wouldn't of stopped him.  
He was happy to have the freedom to do it, even in the rain.
Most of the kids are harmless these days - I've had this pitchfork poked in the ground by the mudroom door for about 15 years - back when you did take your life 
into your hands entering a home with 5 (at that time) kids.  
I felt people should be warned.  The kids had the freedom to run, play and be heard.
I have had to touch up the paint a couple times on the wood flag. 

We also have a huge sign Brawn made when our oldest 
and two of his buddies were in the Marines.  
It says.....
"Land of the Free Because of the Brave".
We hang it on a tree by the road (photo another time, it's raining 'ya know!).
Our oldest joined 4 months after 9/11 while he was in college.
He finished his last few months of college, got his degree 
and headed off to do his part.

This weekend I have the freedom to be eating this............

The Grilled Pepper Jack Cheese Sammy

6 months ago I discovered this sandwich at the blog Uncluttered Lifestyle, which caught my eye as that's where I felt I was at with my needed some uncluttering.  Since then I've spent more time hauling junk into my house and learning how to work with it (thanks to all you talented bloggers) 
than I have spent hauling stuff out.  
Every week Iesha inspires me to free myself and unclutter something, 
even if it's just going through a makeup drawer  or junk cabinet.  

But this weekend because of rain, I'm just inspired to eat.

This is my very favorite sammy.  It has deli meat, tomato, grilled onions, 
pepper-jack cheese, tastes great on any interesting bread you enjoy, 
and I add avocado to mine which is sort of like the frosting on the cake for me.  
You can find her recipe here

Remember those lucky ducks Klous and Clyde?  
They are getting really big and don't mind this weather at all.  
My daughter has trained them to come when she calls.  
She also had to build them their own pond.  
When she can train them not to leave duck doo on the patio 
they can swim in the pond back there. 

I guess since we won't be enjoying the patio this weekend 
Klous & Clyde could maybe have the freedom to do so.  
The rain should wash the doo away.

Yes the land of the free because of the brave.  
We don't take any of it for granted at Bliss Ranch.

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  1. Anonymous5/26/2012

    "Yes the land of the free because of the brave." ~ could not have said it better!

    Klous and Clyde are looking mighty fine - doo doo or no doo doo, ducks are just plain adorable.

  2. Love that land of the free because of the brave. So please, please share my very heartfelt thanks with that very brave son of yours ...

    And I think I just fell in love with Klous and Clyde. I may need to build a little pond in my very little back yard and get me some ducks ...

    Have a fabulous weekend stuffing your face with various grilled meat sandwiches!



  3. Very well put! Have an enjoyable weekend! Love the ducks!


  4. I'm with Linda, please tell them thank you from your blog friends for their service! Your kid's sign and ducky doo statement made me laugh... I always enjoy visiting Bliss Ranch for that very reason! I hope you have a blessed weekend, Mrs. Bliss!

  5. Exactly! As the granddaughter and daughter of proud veterans, please give those guys of yours a big hug from me. We can never take our freedom for granted! (Especially the freedom to eat myself into a stupor.)

  6. The sandwidge looks like it tastes divine and the sheds from your previous blog are little bits of heaven, too exquisite.

  7. Aww, love the adorable ducks, and the photo's of the chickens on a previous blog that your son looks after. You and your hubby are such a handsome, wholesome couple and that includes your dog.

  8. this was great Bliss! I have 3 siblings that are now veterans of the Army. I can't believe I am that old :). It's so hard to put into words how much love for the men and women in the service has become a part of our family. Your post was just right! Fun, sweet, not gloomy...but still...oh gosh, I don't know. I'm just trying to say you done good girl. Have a happy weekend!!

  9. the ducks are so cute. :)
    i love your sentiment- i can't imagine sawyer telling me he wants to enlist. i know if it ever happens i want him to follow his heart, but that must be so hard.

  10. The ducks are adorable. Your son was very brave to go serve his country just after 9/11. Please thank him for me!

  11. Sorry you have rain this weekend. We are extremely hot. Love that sign about the kids. That sandwich looks so good. I have started this overweight gal on a diet. Blogging has added inches.

  12. Happy Memorial Day to you, my friend. Thanks to you and your family for supporting your son's service!

  13. Semper your leathernecks...have a great Memorial. Thank yours for their service. I will thank mine(yea)a jarhead...He had a great roll before 9/11 and spent lots of time near the beaches..was in Austraila with the 15thMEU on board USS Pelilu. The morning of 9/11 when man your battle stations was for real.He was part of the first Marines into Afganastan and then when Iraq came around with the first wave of Marines...Sergent saw his service end in a fluek training accident...To all those who have been part of our Military families...happy Memorial day....

  14. I never forget the price others paid for my freedoms! I'm pinning your sign re: beware of children as it's perfect for my daughter's home. She has six! ~ Maureen

  15. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
    Rain makes things even better and that sandwich- oh my.
    We are indeed kindred spirits if you like putting avocado on everything and calling it icing.

    White Spray Paint

  16. Well said Bliss and I think we all need a sign like that!

    Oh my how Klous & Clyde have grown! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  17. All of your photos are so lovely. I really love the beware of the kids sign. And your potting shed is beautiful, too. Hope you have a sunny memorial day. It is raining here as I type but I dont think it will last long. We really need some rain so no complaints.

  18. Anonymous5/27/2012

    I love this sign- so cute! Your photos are wonderful! Thank you for your son for helping us stay free! Thank you for your sweet reminder of the true reason we celebrate Memorial Day!

  19. Great post - Happy Memorial Day!

  20. I guess it's an important time in the US - I'm afraid to say that I'd never heard of Memorial Day, but I'm sure you'll have a great celebration whatever the weather !
    Love the 'kids' saying, loved the sandwich, but that was surpassed by my love of your ducks. How adorable. I know I've seen them before, but your amazing photography makes me want some !

  21. Klous & Clyde are too cute! I don't believe I have ever seen a duck up that close before.

    Happy Memorial Day to you! I hope it isn't a total wash...wishing you some sunshine.

  22. Lovely post, Bliss! I've had a mama duck in our front yard shrubs this week...she's scared the living daylights out of me a few times!

  23. Check out my Facebook and see the hail. We were able to go on a motor cycle ride this morning which was fun! Your sammy looks delish and the ducks are adorable!
    Hugs and have a great Memorial Day! Stay dry,

  24. I don't want any ducks in town, but that picture of them- too cute!!! Lovely Memorial Day post and kudos to your son.

    As for the rain....grrrrr. We spent a fortune last year replacing 2 windows upstairs and having many repairs made to stop water from coming in one of our piano windows in the living room. Guess what we woke up to today? Drip, drip, drip onto the piano and the wood floors. Now it's thundering outside announcing the next bout of rain. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. NOT!

    Have a great (hopefully sunny) Memorial Day!

  25. My dad always grilled in the rain too. We've had a lovely weekend, some rain but mostly sunshine...of course we've been working working working like crazy! That sammy looks amazing! Dang girl, I'm getting hungry!

  26. Raining off and on here too, last day of the way too long weekend (remember those preschool years when you *want* school to be in session?)

    So proud of your son and you - mommy of the brave!


  27. Sorry it has been a rainy weekend for you. That sign is cute by your door. That sandwich looks yummy too. We've been having alot of hot humid weather here. Found some relief at the pool and the movie theater.

  28. Great post. Love your "Beware of Kids" sign. I might have to paint something like that for the shop. It's very inspirational.

  29. P.S. I might use your "Land of the free" slogan as well. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  30. I had 5 kids also. Know just what you are saying. The sandwhich looks fab, and yes avocado would be the icing on the cake for me too. Forever grateful to those who have fought and continure to fight for our freedoms. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. We had rain all weekend until today. Sure made everything in the garden look fresh and beautiful.

  31. Great post, Bliss. "Land of the free because of the brave"... I don't think you can say it any better than that. Thanks to you and yours for the sacrifices.

    PS - That sandwich looks delicious!

    PPS - I adore the 'do your ducks are rocking. The do on their heads... not the doo on your porch. ;)

  32. Love the pitchfork....unfortunately mine haven't passed the "dumb" age and it would be too fearful to have that here!I'm a particular fan of the USMC so Hoo Rah to your Marine!
    Sorry about the rain....we had unusually gorgeous weather here so were able to finish all our outdoor projects! yay!!
    But...that sandwich....I'm drooling on my keyboard.....
    Blessings, Lorraine

  33. I made your yum sammy last night! It was so great - thanks for the dinner idea! Hubs and I agree that anytime you can put tomatoes and avocado on anything it makes it better! Hope you had a great holiday! ~L

  34. I haven't even had breakfast and you have me hungry for lunch, that looks so good. I'm sorry you had rain, I won't tell you how increadible our weather was. Enjoy the rest of your week, where did it go?

  35. That looks so incredibly yummy, and great photo of the sandwich too by the way.

  36. I love Iesha's blog too! The sandwich looks amazing although I am not brave enough to eat it right now because I've told my trainer to hurt me if I try to eat bread. But I definitely need a pitchfork sign like yours! Great post!

  37. The Grilled Pepper Jack Cheese Sammy, aww, looks like a sandwich I would love, love, love! I'm so happy I found your blog, Bliss! Also, "Land of the free because of the brave"...truly a profound statement. Enjoyed your post!

  38. Love your pitchfork and the cute sentiment! The ducks are too cute, what a great photo! Glad to have found you, your header photos are beautiful, too!

  39. Cute ducks Bliss! I am always inspired to eat rain or shine! Have a great weekend.

  40. Klous & Clyde better behave or I think you'll wield that pitchfork at them! Then you can create a new sandwich - grilled pepper jack duck sammy!

  41. Oh I love the pitchfork sign. It is so adorable and that sandwich looks so delicious!

  42. That sandwich looks amazing! I am pinning this for my husband because I know he would like it! Happy belated Memorial Day to you! I love your "Home of the Free because of the Brave" Bravo my wonderful Bliss :)


  43. Man that sandwich looks yummy. My son joined the Army while he was a senior in high school. how I wish he had been a senior in college. He graduated and was in the army 3 months later. He's out now and I for one, am grateful.

  44. A sign hangs over my garage that says "the home of the free because of the brave". Tell your kids thanks from me!

  45. Such a fun post! And truly, BECAUSE of the brave, we are free!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  46. Awesome post Bliss :) have a wonderful weekend!


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