Guest Post at Kirb Appeal

The end of the weekend brings the last of my guest posts.  I'm over at Kirb Appeal holding down the fort at Brandywine while Kirby is in New York.   (Well actually I'm on my couch blowing my nose, but pretend would 'ya).

I was pretty mischievous at her place while she was gone, so you might want to make note of that in case you ever think of asking me to house sit for you.

And what does this old cash register have to do with my guest post over at Kirby's?  Absolutely nothing.

Some of the photos I used on her blog have swear words in them (shocking I know) and I didn't want to put that profanity on my own blog, so I'm using my antique candy store cash register as something to look at while you're here.

As I continue to wallow in self pity because I have a head of snot, pop over to KirbAppeal and smart off at Kirby, or me, or both. 

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  1. I left a comment to you on Kirby's blog and then realized that she would read it and not you. Or maybe you will be snooping in her mail too.

    My comment was that your actions seemed fitting for a "valley girl". You haven't lost your touch.

  2. What a gorgeous cash register!!! ( already went to Kirby's and commented last week )
    And did you have to use the " S " word - ugghhh - I HATE that word -
    I'm going to go vomit now -

  3. Catching up on my reading today. (Waaay behind) You've been everywhere but here!! Hope your snotty head is better. :/

  4. Hope you get to feeling better soon, sounds like you got hit pretty hard with this cold...take care all the best

  5. Wa ha!!! Couldn't put the pics on your own blog. giggles.
    I hope you get feeling like yourself really soon!!!

  6. Well hello Bliss! I just spotted your picture! Now when I am out thrifting I will know if I run into you! And I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well!

  7. Cool cash register. Feel better soon.

  8. Does any housework or project work come along with your mischief, if so you are welcome to house sit here.


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