Guest Post at My Life As A Thrifter

Yesterday I had a guest post on a file cabinet makeover with Gail at MyRepurposedLife, and my guesting duties are not over yet, which is timely considering I have a head of alien snot and don't feel like moving off my couch.

Libation Station after a stain wash to tone down the purple
This weekend I'm getting around - on the internet only - and today I have a guest post with Holly at LifeAsAThrifter.  Holly just welcomed a new baby boy, so stop over and pinch his cute cheeks.

While you are there you can see the - up until now, never before seen, BACK side of my dresser bar.

Back when it was purple, yuck
That's right, 7 months later, you can finally see the reveal of the graphic that I painted on the back.  I used the logo from a local beer made at the Schells Brewery here in Minnesota.

And just in case you think I'm getting up off the couch any time soon, I'll have you know I have another guest post for tomorrow.  They just all happened to post within a day of each other.

If my cold ever goes away I'll come back to my own blog.

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  1. Anonymous2/23/2013

    Hope you start feeling better. Snot is one of those guests that linger after all the other guests have left and even after sending them subtle hints that they need to leave, they just don't get the message... That is usually when I start running the garbage disposal at random moments for no reason. Works every time. But I don't know how well it would work for snot....

  2. Hunker down and rest - I hope you feel better soon. I'll hop over and check out your guest post!

  3. feel better! all that getting around will catch up with you.

  4. Sounds like you need to stay home and rest up!
    No spreading those germs all over blogland now ;)

  5. Take care of you self and get better soon.

  6. Sure hope you got some good couch time in and are feeling better!

  7. Get Well!
    I saw your post at MRL-- it was good.
    Going to check this one out now... and hey, I just finished up some art that took me 3 years!
    Love this dresser turned bar cart!

  8. So sorry that you're feeling yucky. Hope you have the energy to plop yourself on the couch tonight and catch the Oscars. I never know the movies nominated (and sometimes have no idea who these celebs are) but my husband and I look forward to the "death roll" -- is that sad (or sick) or what?


  9. Feel better soon! I hear the cold is really bad this year. Hugs

  10. Rest, rest, rest and get yourself a large bell to ring for service!! You could always paint yourself up a Kleenex box cozy too! :)

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your snot; I know a thing or two about alien snot. I'll go check out your work across the blogoverse.

  12. I so hope you feel better soon! I HATE being sick! I love that drink cart and even more now that you share it's backside!

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