Christmas in July Link Party


 Christmas in July  

Link Party Announcement...

It's coming and so is the snow. HA!

Is Christmas the furthest thing from your mind right now?  
Has Bliss lost her every-loving-Winter's-finally-gone mind?  
I mean seriously, we still had snow in May for gosh sakes!
But you know me, when I'm invited to a party I go, and I've been invited to spend Christmas in July with Angie @ Knick of Time and Betsy @ My Salvaged Treasures.  So I'm growing out my snowy white beard and fix'n to get my ho, ho, ho going, just to put you in the Christmas mood.
The week of July 15th - 20th you can link up on one blog, be visible on all three.  *IMPORTANT*....... 
If you link up you will seem as crazy as me for thinking of Christmas in July and I won't feel alone, we'll be santas in a box together.

Old and new posts are welcome, but come on, get a jump on December and create ahead of time.  Your project could go viral and be the next big thing by the time the rest of blog land is thinking about Christmas.   Like melted snowman heads........
As I'm loving up your links I'll be pinning them on my Pinterest board and posting them on Facebook as well as bringing the awesome stuff back again in December.  I just won't let a good project, gift idea or food post be forgotten from Christmas in July.
And the best part?  All 3 hosts will share their favorite 3-5 links on July 22 , which just so happens to be my birthday.  Ummm hmmmm.  I'll be Plenty-Nine.  Again.  Or I'm having my 20th anniversary of my 35th birthday.  Then again I'm not so good at math that might be wrong.
Us hostesses would love it if you'd add the button to your sidebar and help spread the wordYou can even refer to me as Crazy Bliss if you want, but be kind to Angie and Betsy.
Here is the button again in case you wanted to take another gander at it.  
When it's hot outside come in to Christmas in July and get your holiday spirit moving.
Projects, gifts or yummies now.... link in a couple weeks.

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  1. You have either1) completely lost your mind or 2) a genius for thinking ahead

  2. seriously? melting snowman heads??? yikes! What a twisted little mind you have...

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Awww Crazy Bliss - I love it! I think you partnered up with Hobby Lobby and that's why they started putting their Christmas stuff out already :) And, we almost share a birthday (7/23).

  4. Oh I can't wait. With the hot summer days we've had recently, I've been feeling nostalgic for winter, snow and Christmas. I can't wait to link up!!!

  5. I like this idea- it will definitely be too hot for me to work on anything outdoors. I'd better put the button up to remind myself.
    I'm in, Crazy Bliss.

  6. Methinks I'm liking this.....I need to come up with a project!

  7. Or you could pretend to have an Aussie know build sand snow men, go to the beach..drink a lot of wine, outdoor carols by candlelight. Fire up the Barbie, because some people do Christmas HOT!!! :) I love it

  8. OK, yup crazy Mrs B, not sure I can cope with the creating something Christmassy myself but I'm sure it'll be a great success !

  9. Does Brawn know that you're "ho-ing"? I will have to think on this.

  10. Sounds fun! Of course, Mel's idea sounds fun too! I'll be there. At your party...not Mel's beach. *sigh*

  11. Well, just on time....I think the stores are already stocking Christmas stuff!!! sheesh......let me know how many ho's you need....I'll see what I can round up......

  12. I cannot bear to think of Christmas and snow right now - but just because I love you - I'll come to your party :)

  13. I caught Hobby Lobby putting out their fall stuff last week. Christmas is soon to follow, I am sure of it. So really, you're just a thinker. :)

  14. Looking forward to partying with you:-)

  15. You get the award for stressing me out about Christmas before June is out! LOL! Just kidding -- sounds like fun... maybe revisiting some Christmas posts will help me survive the 90+ heat and humidity.
    xo Heidi

  16. I'm thinking something in a mason jar ... hmmm ...

    :) Linda

  17. I have my own little project to link up. Yay!


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