Simple Decorations at the Ranch

Last night I sat down to do a rather lame decorating post and instead spent the whole time on phone help with our cell phone provider who had messed up our account.  I'm over it, as long as my phone works when I check it in a few minutes.

 Now I can get back to the lame decorating post I intended.

Yes, those are plastic ornaments, from a garage sale, under a cheesedome cloche.  I bought them to use outside on my decorated window ledges.

My window ledges have not gotten decorated.

I had excellent organization - cutting the greens and red dog wood branches before the snow flew.

I simplified this year.  Not because I wanted too, out of necessity.  I needed that extra week we usually have between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Brawn is responsible for decorating the top three feet of our tree, so don't judge it.  It's about 15 feet to the tip of it, and I'm not standing on a ladder and leaning into the tree.  You know what would happen.  And saying each year "don't put all the same kind of ornaments next to each other, mix it up",  I guess falls on deaf ears.

I realize vintage measuring apparatus turned into a star are not anything new.  However when our tree top star fell from the sky I had to find something proto while Brawn was up on the top of that ladder.  Hence the big star - it's 17 inches across - but I love it.

I wanted the lights to twist between it, but I dare not ask for too much for the top three feet.

There is nothing else vintage on my tree this year.  We went a different route.  So of course the star is a bit out of place with all the glass bulbs.

These glass bulbs never made it any further than in a pottery bowl on a very dusty willow coffee table.  Festive enough, and fuss free.  They are staying.

We have poinsettias all over the place that have white lights strung through them.  Big punch, pretty impact, and easy.

The nativity has it's prominent place. 

The only thing that involved any effort, I didn't even do!  My daughter wrapped a big picture in the dining room.

Me?.... I stuck an upside down poinsettia arrangement in the light fixture and called it good.  10 second decorating this year.

And I'm really ok with all of it.  I'm putting my effort into the things that matter, like enjoying my family.  Don't get me wrong, I love decorating for Christmas and making it warm and cozy for all who are here, and fussing and making new things, but not at the expense of running myself ragged.

There are only so many hours in a day.

So this year at the ranch, it's plenty Christmasy inside, just simple.  And there is not one thing wrong with that.

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  1. Ya know, I remember when I was little, my mom always decorated the house very simple and it was just fine! Whatever happened to just putting up a Christmas tree, hanging stockings over the fireplace and placing a wreath on the front door? I think society has put on all of the pressure to do more and more. I say just do what feels right for you and your family. Christmas is so much more than just the decorations anyway.

  2. Simple and sweet! I love Christmas like that :)

  3. I am on the same page, Bliss...I got out one box of greens and bottle brush trees and put up a tabletop tree with 20 ornaments I had in my studio! It still looks very cozy and Christmasy. And I don't know about about you...but those lights we put all over the outside of the house every year...aren't happening! TOO. COLD.
    I love your decorations...and that 15 foot tree...all the Christmas decorating you would ever need!

  4. Can I get a hallelujah and an amen! I went along the same lines. In fact, I was so pleased with myself and my lack of cleaning before I decorated that I did a whole "Keeping It Real" christmas house tour. I should have it up by tomorrow. I know you are waiting with baited breath, and now with your simplified Christmas, you will have plenty of time to read my lame post!

  5. I'm all about the simple! After all the craziness of decorating this year, I swore to myself that next year will be EASY. And for the record, I had never seen a tree topper star like that! I think it's pretty awesome, and you get credit for the idea in my book. :)

  6. love that tree topper! it is SO you!

  7. I'm doing simple, too. The most simple Christmas decor in the history of me decorating for the holidays.
    Seems like the right thing to do this year!

  8. Well simple can be perfect!! That is such a cool tree topper! Hope today is going better!

  9. Simple is perfect. Typical I go all out with 3-4 trees. This year just the family tree and a few little norfolk pines. Makes me appreciate the family tree so much more. Gappy holidays!

  10. I agree and have always been this way. When I was little we always were at my grandparents and Christmas eve we would talk grandfather into getting a tree and we decorated it that night. The next morning Santa Claus had arrived. Awesome. Most of the time it is warm in my area and I'm so grateful for not being in the cold. Merry Christmas!

  11. As long as I've got music, candles and a tree, I'm happy. Of course I hauled out much more since I'm on vacation this week, but I'll be wishing I decorated less come January 2nd. I was going to make a few gifts, but I'm already feeling stressed, so I've scratched those off my list and a weight has been lifted. Enjoy your HUGE tree in the evening with the lights turned low. Nothing better!

  12. Agreed! I have a wreath on my front door ~ that's it. Not in the spirit at all ~


  13. Very pretty! Love the ornaments under that sweet little cloche!

  14. A tree, some lights and your family, perfect for the perfect Christmas.
    Lacking a large family, I've filled my house with all my Christmas stuff. I know simple is often best, it's just not in my nature !!

  15. Simple is good. I think your touches are beautiful. A relaxed Christmas is where I'm at, and, I'm oh so happy. Filling my time with family and friends.xoxo

  16. simple is good... sometimes we need a reminder.

  17. I'm right there with you, I have no choice but to spruce it up a little here an there. Yours looks cozy and welcoming, perfect for hanging out with family and friends like it should be!

  18. I couldn't agree more. Missing that extra week really put the squeeze on a lot of us. Family is more important than any decoration and it's really what matters.

  19. It's looking very pretty at your place.

  20. More time would definitely have been at the top of my list this year! Your simple decorating is so pretty and I'm all for it! I would kind of like to see a big picture of that tree and some of those twinkly poinsettias.

  21. Agreed. And it still looks very cozy!

  22. Oh Bliss ... that tree just has to be beautiful. Would love to see all of it. I am stalling about putting ours up. Had trouble with the lights last year and really do not have the time nor energy to decorate it. I am all for going the simple and easy route this year.
    Merry Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  23. Well, you've done more than me, we aren't even putting up a tree this year. I put my greens arrangement at the front door, a couple of wreaths up and the lights on the shrubbery, other than that, nothing in the house. But, nobody is coming over, so no need when we are both so busy and hardly in the house.
    But I like your star, love your star! And your cloches, love them too...I can't have enough of them.
    Debbie :)

  24. I can relate. We do have a tendency to run ourselves ragged this time of year. Sometimes simple is just right. Who do we petition to get that extra week back between Thanksgiving & Chrismas? ;)

  25. I can so relate. You just reminded me I forgot to wrap a picture in our kitchen, and I thought I was done.

  26. I woke up this morning and really needed to hear that - very refreshing. I'm tired of decorating. ha. Now I want to bake. But I still have orders to fill. Wow, and shopping to do. Okay, see why I needed this! You always make me laugh.

  27. There's nothing wrong with a few silk poinsettias Or a lot. Sounds like you have your priorities straight.I do all this decorating and nobody sees it but me. Good thing I like it! I think next year I will be one of those who does the decorating before Thanksgiving. Then at least somebody will get to see it.

  28. I love your attitude! I'm looking forward to rest and family time.
    Looks good to me, love your writing, it made me smile :)

  29. I'm simple this year, too. Oh...I mean I'm DECORATING simply. I'm calling it "sleek chic." In reality, it's called "working full time in a job with a long commute."

  30. It looks great and you didn't need to take a month to get it all finished. Yay!

  31. I love it in all its simplicity. I've been fussing around here all week and when I took my pics I was like, huh? It doesn't look I've done much at all!

    And thanks for linking up your amazing star, my friend!!!

    :) Linda

  32. Yay simple! And I've never seen that kind of star before. I must be behind, per usual. I've got you beat tho. I have one indoor decoration and one outdoor. And I've declared this the year of no shopping. Unless it's for me.


  33. That extra week was so missed, I totally agree Bliss. We waited too long to put up the tree. I cut out tons of stuff this year. I have a feeling every year it will get less & less. When I think back to even 10 yrs. ago and all that I use to do. Crazy red. Merry Christmas Bliss!

  34. So glad Brawn came to your rescue and dealt with the top of that huge tree. Otherwise, I might be pinning a pic of a crazed woman trapped underneath a giant tree!

  35. easy to forget this time of year. You obviously made the right decision. I think the decorations you shared are lovely and perfectly festive enough. I am sure the time you are spending with your family is so much more important. And...yes, we all could have used the extra week this year!


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